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Thread: Questions that s7 need to address before the sales window closes for the next wave

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash View Post
    I'd really like to know when my figures are going to arrive before I think about the next wave

    Yes, this. I have no figures, no shipping notice, nothing. They need to extend the deadline for wave 2 because I'm not going to order them while I'm still waiting for the first wave and I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat.
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    12) Why did Super 7 change the size of the neck pegs making it impossible to parts swap heads with Mattel's MOTUC line? And will Super 7 return to the Mattel style neck peg?

    13) Why has Super 7 glued the armor in place, when it has clearly been designed to be removable? And will future waves indeed have removable armor?

    14) Will Super 7 extend the sale date, as many customers have still not received their Wave 1 orders and many people want time to consider after these questions are addressed and answered.

    Super 7 MUST answer these questions in a public forum to get me to purchase Wave 2.

    I can tell Brian right now, he will only gain sales by answering these. Choosing to ignore them will only cost him sales.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fright Zone View Post
    Yes, this. I have no figures, no shipping notice, nothing. They need to extend the deadline for wave 2 because I'm not going to order them while I'm still waiting for the first wave and I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat.
    Yup... add me to that boat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Staff Of Ka View Post
    Now that my figures have arrived and I can assess them myself, Im actually impressed with most .....but I really think we all need some solid answers from Brian and S7.

    1) what guarantee can customers get that The Sorceress and Granita will not have incorrect hip pegs, warped shins, over dremmeled heads, warped chins, and height reductions from the prototypes that we've been shown?

    2) will there be better quality control in place to ensure that the paint slop, missing accessories and lack of care when packaging the first wave and their inserts will not happen again?

    3) will a stronger neck peg be implemented?

    4) are better quality plastics (non waxy/shiny) being explored?

    5) why was Hawke sent out to customers when you were fully aware that the dremelling had pushed out and warped the head, ruining her face and making her head sit too low on the peg? This was obviously faulty, why was the issue not fixed and the head recast rather than sending it out anyway and expecting customers to just suck it up?

    6) what is the definitive delivery date for the next wave?

    7) knowing that a lot of Teela figures were sent out to customers with the wrong pegs why were the factory not ordered to compensate the situation by replacing the error stock with correct stock/or further figures put into production to provide you with customer service stock for replacements? Again why is it down to the customers to pay for the error?

    8.) what is the procedure for returning faulty items? Will you provide a prepaid return label? If faults are the manufacturers fault why is it down to the customer to swallow expensive return costs (especially for international customers) to return an item that your company sent out faulty?

    9) many customers are finding issues that are only discoverable once they have removed the figure from the packaging (locked limbs, immovable parts, paint splash, scrapes and scuffing in the plastic, snapping neck pegs, snapping limb pegs, missing accessories etc) yet your CS staff says it will only refund or replace unopened items? Faulty is faulty, unopened or not, please can you address this issue?

    10) the preorder for the next wave shows the Sorceress and Granita as the expected height, however Teela and Hawke were also shown at this height and both suffered a huge reduction in height to a ridiculous level, will the Sorceress and Granita be the same height we've been shown or will they too be shrunk?

    11) Both Dylamug and Man-e-faces have rotating faces, what measures will you implement to ensure that these rotating elements don’t suffer the same problem that Triklops has?

    Dang, your questions are pretty flawlessly worded. Mind you I do not agree that some (or many for myself) have to be answered, but it is interesting and insightful (not to mention unsurprising) to see what issues you personally feel need to be addressed.

    Personally I feel most of these questions we already know the answers to, or could reasonably extrapolate from past experiences. Also, as I said I do not really need to know most of these, but a few I could be curious about.

    Mostly I'm just super impressed how articulate and politely framed these questions are. Unfortunately based on, well not recent actually, but especially recent crassly stated comments it is refreshing to see someone do it well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodac View Post
    I'd like the armor to be removable, on the cc figures at the very least.
    I'd like the armour removable as well, but it's not a deal breaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel-T View Post
    As a future potential customer I would very much like to see Super 7 answer these questions. I would see it as a sign of respect for their customers as the concerns have been raised by a number of their customers and those concerns should be addressed in a positive way.
    I feel that has already been done for most of these questions, but I appreciate your concerns. I personally am glad that they have been addressing in a mostly positive way a rash of mostly rude negative expressions of what should be civilized discourse. Hence why I like how this OP presented his concerns. It is refreshing.

    Brian said he was ready for the rabid fandom but a too-large number of overwrought and intensely negative people are starting to put cracks in him. I hope more can be as eloquent as the above.

    Side note, just because someone has concerns and feels negatively about something does not mean they are rude. It is in the way they present their ideas that make it decent and more importantly (for them) effective.

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    I'm directing you all to to the pre-order discussion, just to keep things all in one place for the pre-order info.
    Super7 answered some of your questions from this thread.

    Click here to check them out!
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