Hello fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers!

Since the other thread is for all lines, not just MOTU (and many of you never visit Misc.), thought I'd mention we've now received our allotment of the new Super7 Filmation Club Grayskull, Classics and Ultimates. As the remaining stock are going up at our website as I post this for in-stock purchase, I now have an extra Teela from both the Ultimates and Club Grayskull, Filmation MAA and Ultimates Ram Man - all new, mint in sealed box. I will trade for (in order of want): Filmation Skeletor (need not be moc, but complete mint with box is a must--and no re-casts), Filmation He-Man (same), or Filmation Trapjaw. We also need several original MOTUC from the first couple years waves, Panthor, and various other collector lines like Mezco, etc. Interested? Hit me up and we'll hammer out something. To avoid PM pileup, please contact me at my personal email: dccollectibles@live.com or from the link below. You can also email the shop if that works better for you.

Denny Crane

Link to the other thread with our contact info: