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    Legend of Andromeda

    After the Ancients
    the Wizards of Good
    the Council of Elders
    and the Seven Devils

    I now present an actual story:

    Legend of Andromeda

    Chapter One: Princess of Eternia

    Princess Andromeda didn't like the conferences with the Council of Elders. She didn't like the Council Chamber, she didn't like the Hall of Wisdom and she didn't like the Elders.
    They were not just old – really old, they had counseled her great-grandfather – they were falling apart. Grangor, once the leader of the Green Tiger Tribe, a buff man clad in green fur and wearing a tiger skull for a helmet, was basically a mummy now. And he was missing his head. The tiger skull still was there, floating on a semi-visible ghost head that had replaced the real one.
    Aquarus, the neptunian, had always been grey, but now he had only one hand, this, too, replaced by a spirit-like appendage. And it would go on like that. It was creepy.
    “But how can the Avionians attack fro the sky?”, Andromeda's mother, Queen Xerxa, asked. “I thought they could only glide, not fly. How did they get up there?”
    “I have no answer to that”, Beast Lord admitted. He was probably in the best shape of all the Elders, but his fur had lost all color. “Ever since they got wings from some deal with a powerful spirit, the bird man have never done anything like that. Queen Nimbula must have some powerful ally. I will send out a bird to find out more.”
    His magical control of animals still worked. That was something.
    “But what should we do about Veridas?”, Xerxa asked.
    “We must send food to replace what was stolen”, one of the councils human members said. Well, formerly human. The man was nothing but a ghost now. Andromeda had forgotten his name. She hadn't forgotten his giant eyebrows. “And because the Avionians will surely try to steal it again, we have to send the Heroic Warriors.”
    “It might be a distraction so we leave Eternos undefended”, Grangor warned.
    “Yes. We can't send all of the Warriors. We have to chose wisely.”
    That was Keclar, the council's chairman. An old, bearded man but at least still alive and complete. The only other ones who could say that of themselves were Beast Lord and the only Gar on the council and there species were naturally long-lived.
    “We should send Bandwidth”, Cerator the Caligar suggested. He was basically scaly skin hanging from a skeleton.
    “He is the easiest to keep in contact with over distances and if there is Horde technology involved, he can sense it.”
    “Bandwidth is dead”, the Gar reminded him. “The last one died twenty years ago.”
    “And we still haven't replaced him?”
    “Her. And we can't”, Keclar explained. “The Bandwidth armor is beyond repair by now. The last Bandwidth was … well, the last.”
    The Elders were silent for a moment. Of course they had all known the original Bandwidth. The man who had build his armor from destroyed Horde communication technology while under attack from several battalions of Snake Men.
    For Andromeda that was only a story. She didn't even remember the most recent Bandwidth.
    “What about the Talon Fighter?”, the guy with the giant brows wondered. “It's our fastest vehicle, well defended and can fly high enough that it won't be attacked from above.”
    “That is a good suggestion, but it doesn't answer the question of who to send”, Keclar reminded him. “At least not fully. Of course we have to send either Man-At-Arms or Sky High. No one else can fly this thing.”
    “We need Man-At-Arms here”, Aquarus said.
    “I concur. So Sky High it is. Who else?”
    “Reccula the Bow-Man?”, a human who hadn't spoken so far suggested. “He can shoot Avionians out of the sky before they come close enough to attack.”
    “That's why we need him here”, Grangor replied. “To keep them from the city walls.”
    “What about Bandwidth?”, Cerator asked. “He would be perfect.”
    Half of the council groaned. Who had the bright idea to make a council of old men again?
    “I can go”, Andromeda said.
    “No you can't”, her mother countered.
    “Why not? I can shoot, I can fence, when I use grandma's magic sword I can –”
    “My mother's sword stays in Castle Grayskull where it is safe. And you stay in Eternos. She had siblings who could have inherited the throne. You don't. You have to stay safe.”
    “That didn't stop great-grandma.”
    Andromeda's great-grandmother, the only daughter of the legendary King Grayskull, had never ruled Eternia. She had defended it, leaving the boring work to the council.
    “That is different. At that point it wasn't even really decided how the succession would work. But now we have established a lineage. And breaking it would cause chaos.”
    “Nothing stops you from having another child.”
    Andromeda immediately knew she shouldn't have said that. To have another child, Queen Xerxa would have needed another man. And while it had been nearly ten years since Andromeda's father had died from Dauber venom, she still wasn't ready for that.
    “You go to your room and stay there”, Xerxa said. “Royal order.”
    Andromeda nodded and silently left the room.

    On the way to the palace, she thought about the situation. She could fight. She had trained with the Heroic Warriors. She had learned to use modern weapons as well as the strange ancient contraptions the Evil Horde had brought to Eternia about a century ago. But she had never been in a serious fight, except in the wild dreams she used to have. She had never been allowed to face any danger.
    Even her name suggested that.
    It had been Veena, her great-great-grandmother, who first told the story of Perseus and Andromeda. The story of a princess, who had been chained to a rock as sacrifice to a sea monster, and a demigod who saved her, killing the monster by turning it to stone.
    Veena herself had never been chained to a rock and her husband D'Vann, who was later called King Grayskull, never had to save her from a monster. Instead, they had taken on monsters and villains together.
    Their daughter was a heroine, too, she killed the traitor Adi and freed the City of Targa from the masked usurper Lodar.
    Her daughter, He-Ra, fought the Dogs of War and the Horde Wraith and took the Staff of Ka from the serpent king Hiss.
    He-Ra's daughter Xerxa, though, Andromeda's mother … she had never fought. Just ruled. And she expected the same from her daughter.
    So she had named her after the woman who, faced with a sea monster, had been in chains and unable to fight back.

    Nimbula, queen of Avion, bit into the fruit.
    “It's terrible”, she judged.
    “The humans like it and that is all that matters”, the Gar who stood before her said. “And we didn't just steal fruit. We stole the whole harvest of Veridas. And my son and your warriors are already on the way to plunder the next village. Eternos has too many people to feed them all on its own. It needs those villages.”
    “I hope your plan works. I'm risking a lot by picking a fight with the kingdom of Eternia. If we lose,
    my subjects will scream for my head.”
    “Oh, it will work. And then they will wish they had never challenged the Fighting Foe Men. They will wish they had never heard of … the Ditztroyer!”
    Nimbula wondered if anyone had ever told Dittaz how silly his nickname sounded. Well, as long as he was useful to her, she wouldn't be the one to destroy his illusions.

    Still sunk in her thoughts, Andromeda reached her room. She opened the door and entered, closed the door behind her and turned the key. She didn't want to be disturbed. She went to her bed and sat down.
    Only now, she registered that she wasn't alone. There was a great white stag standing in the middle of her bedroom.
    Normally, she would have wondered how an animal like that had made it into the room, but in this case it was pretty obvious since the door to the balcony was open and the stag had a pair of white feathered wings.
    “Good to see you, Andromeda”, the stag said. “I might need your help with something.”
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    Chapter Two: Fairy Queen

    In the light of two full moons, the small winged people were putting the carved stone slab on top of the two columns that where build on both sides of strange, flickering rift in the air, creating something like a free-standing gate.
    “You are sure you want to do this?”, Pegasos, the winged golden-brown horse asked.
    Queen Brightstar, who answered, was human-sized but had the same feathered wings as the smaller light fairies.
    “It will destroy the rift to the Spirit World.”
    “Yes. But we can't live in the Spirit World. We have to go somewhere else. We already had this talk.”
    “I know. I just want to be sure.”
    “I am sure.”
    The winged woman started emitting a glow, a bright aura. She put her hands on one column of the gate and the aura spread to it. The rift changed. First it seemed to close, but then, right in the middle, it started to swirl. The swirl grew until it filled the gate and turned into a bright light.
    “The Dimensional Gate works.”
    “But where does it lead?”, the pegasus asked.
    Brightstar didn't answer because she didn't know. The gate used the Spirit World to connect all places in the universe where live existed. She was sure she could control it to a certain extent, but to do that, she had to map its connections.
    “I have no idea”, she finally admitted. “Someone has to go in and find out.”
    “I'm not going”, Pegasos insisted.
    “I will”, Brightstar decided.
    “No, you won't. We can't send the queen to an unknown place.”
    “But I can't send someone else either. I'm supposed to protect them.”
    “I'll go.”
    Brightstar looked down to a small woman with purple skin and white hair. A Twigget.
    Twiggets were, of course, part of the Fair Folk, too, so technically, this girl was one of her subjects. Even though the Twiggets usually hid in the woods and didn't care about her orders.
    “Why do you want to go?”, Pegasos asked, not trusting the person who had suddenly appeared in their midst. “The Twiggets won't leave, too, will they?”
    “No, we can't. We are bound to the Whisper Trees. We can't live to far away from them.”
    “Couldn't you take a seedling with you?”, Brighstar asked.
    “That's not how Whisper Trees work. When a new on splits off from the parent, it is already higher than your gate.”
    “So, why do you want to help?”, Pegasos inquired.
    “Just so … when the Magma Warriors come and burn down the woods, there are fewer fairies to die.”
    Brightstar nodded.
    “You may go. But first, tell me your name, Twigget.”
    “I am Spring, daughter of the river and the sand.”
    “So go, Spring. And come back well.”
    The Twigget nodded and, without hesitation, stepped through the glow.
    Pegasos looked around the gate.
    “So far it works. She is not on the other side.”
    “I should have told her, when to come back”, Queen Brightstar realized. “Now we never know if something happened or if she is just not done exploring.”
    “Let us just wait an hour”, Pegasos suggested. “Then we can decide what to do.”

    On top of a lone mountain stood a gloomy fortress, shaped like a dragon's skull from whose open mouth ran a stream of lava. The river of lava meandered through the landscape before cooling down and finally stopping.
    One gesture from Volcana and the landscape melted down into a plane surface. A second one and new forms rose. Three mountains, the middle one to steep to ever climb, connected by bridges to the other two. On top of the middle mountain, a small fortress and a village surrounding it.
    “Mystacor”, the queen of the Magma Warriors spoke to herself.
    Volcana stood in a round opening in the lava floor that formed a map of the land, so that she could comfortably study it. The queen was tall and seemed to be made of smooth obsidian, but of course that was just a hull. The actual Volcana was a powerful spirit of fire, powerful enough to shed this form and take a new one at any time. Not that there was a reason for that. Obsidian was fine.
    A knock drew Volcana's attention to the door. Two of the few human Magma Warriors stood there.
    On was Lavor, a young man with long, blonde hair, who made Volcana seriously consider taking a flesh body. The other was older and known only as Volcano Mage.
    “You have news?”, Volcana asked.
    “Good news”, Lavor revealed.
    “Bad news”, said the Volcano Mage.
    “The bad news first.”
    “The rift is gone.”
    That was unexpected. All the spirits had come from the rift. The spirits of flora and fauna had made bodies of flesh and would, had become mortals creatures, multiplied and died. The spirits of earth and fire had made bodies of magma and stayed immortal. The mortals couldn't go back to the spirit realm, not for long. But Volcana could have gone. Now she couldn't anymore.
    There was no reason to go. They were winning. Conquering the planet. But still … not having the option to go home felt weird. And not in a good way.
    “How did that happen?”
    “I don't know. The rift was on fairy territory. But I send Tar-A to find out.”
    The Volcano Mage was clever. He knew that Volcana agreed with that decision and liked it, when he showed initiative.
    “Now the good news.”
    “My mother is coming around”, Lavor told. “Mystacor is nearly ours.”
    That was indeed very good. The Mages of Mystacor were the most powerful humans on the continent, if not the planet. They would make great allies. But …
    “What about your brother?”, Volcana asked. “You can't tell me that he agrees to join us, too.”
    “No. But he will not be a problem. I have already arranged his demise.”
    “Good. Then we can concentrate our forces on the fairies. But before we attack either the Fairy Hill or the Whispering Woods, we have to know what happened to the rift.”
    “Tar-A will not need long”, the Volcano Mage assured his queen.

    The hour was nearly over, when Spring came back.
    “What did you find?”, asked Queen Brightstar. “Can we live there? Can you tell where it is?”
    “The same dimension”, Spring answered. “But clearly a different galaxy. And yes, you could live their. But I made contact with the natives and they say, they may be able to help us survive here instead.”
    “What kind of natives?”, Pegasos wanted to know.
    “Horses, I would say. Well, not quite. They have this horn on the forehead, just one … oh, you will see, she is coming.”
    Indeed an new figure stepped through the glowing portal.
    At first, Brightstar agreed that it was a horse with a horn. A small horse, like a pony, with a coat like dark silver and mane and tail white as snow. A red cloth, like saddlecloth, was covering the back and the flanks.
    A closer look, however, revealed cloven hooves, like a deer's, and a long, muscular tail under the tailhair. Except for the shape of the head, the creature did not really look like a horse.
    “Queen Brightstar, I presume?”
    The horned animal's voice sounded no different from a humanoid's and clearly female.
    “Indeed”, the queen answered. “And who, exactly, presumes that?”
    “Angella of the Moonfall Herd from the Planet of Unicorns.”
    “Unicorns … I can't say I have heard of that before.”
    “There are many different kinds on our planet. But we all have a single horn, right on the forehead. Hence the name.”
    “And who are you in this context?”, Pegasos asked with his usual distrust.
    The unicorn, Angella, seemed surprised.
    “A talking horse? Well, this is a foreign planet …”
    “A fairy creature, part horse”, Queen Brightstar corrected. “Ordinary horses don't talk on this planet either.”
    “Spring told me, that you are Fair Folk, but I would never have thought that would extend to your steeds.”
    “Now she calls me a steed”, Pegasos complained.
    “How is it going?”
    A second unicorn, this one green, had just come through the Dimensional Gate without anyone really noticing.
    “They seem harmless enough”, Angella told. “You can come.”
    The green unicorn left.
    “And now I am harmless”, commented Pegasos. “What comes next? Peaceful grass-eater?”
    The green unicorn returned, followed by two more unicorns. Another three came after them.
    “I still don't understand what you are offering”, Brightstar admitted. “How can you help us survive the Magma Warrior's attacks?”
    Angellas horn started glowing and something resembling a glass ball the size of a child's head materialized in front of her.
    “With this. A Moonstone.”

    Nobody around the gate, fairy or unicorn, noticed the puddle of black goo that was hiding in the shadows. Tar-A, however, saw and heard everything. She send a part of her to report to the Volcano Mage while the main body stayed around. There was still a lot to find out.

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