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Thread: Want to trade for Battle Beasts

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    Want to trade for Battle Beasts

    Hi! Short version - I'm looking to trade for Battle Beasts. I want to make one set. They do NOT need weapons (although weapons are welcome) they do NOT need rubs (again, they are welcome). They do need to have pretty good paint. I don't need doubles necessarily, but as it may help me make trades, I will take doubles if you have them. Interested in trades for one or one hundred at a time, whatever we can agree to. Also interested in the chariots and playsets, as well as a poster.

    I have a wide variety of toy and non-toy items for trade, but I do not have Battle Beasts or much in the way of He-Man toys (although I do have some non-toy He-Man items).

    Basically I just ask that if you have Battle Beasts and are willing to possibly trade them let me know and I'll see if we can work something out.

    Right now as I type this I have exactly one, the mole, with a theoretical giraffe in the mail or soon to be in the mail. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    Want to trade for Battle Beasts. Show me what you've got!!!!

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