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Thread: Fan Q&A 3.7 - Ask your questions here!

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    Fan Q&A 3.7 - Ask your questions here!

    Welcome to the fan Q&A with Super7!
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    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know; the Fan Q&A:
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    A random fan will be selected to pick 5 questions to submit to Super7. Please do not take offense to your question not being submitted.
    Also, we also edit questions to make them more concise, to be more specific, etc. Please take no offense to this either, as it's only meant to help.

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    This past round of questions were selected by mjw41.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!!!

    1. King Tamusk: In an interview with Pixel Dan at SDCC 2017, Brian Flynn said that he obtained some tooled factory templates for toy pieces that were never used but intended for the 80s MOTU line. When will these be revealed to fans?

    2. jzachery: Will there be a MOTUC Collector's Choice or Club Grayskull SDCC exclusive this year?

    3. Niki: In Supercast episode 9, Brian Flynn said the production on Wave 3 isn't far enough along to reveal samples. So since you will wait to show them, would you tell us the names of what characters we can expect?

    4. marndt8448: The Wave 1 female figures turned out to be shorter than the prototypes. Was this an intentional decision, or was this an accidental byproduct of something that occurred during production that will be corrected for future female figures?

    5. mjw41: There has been a heavier-than-usual number of reports of QC issues with the Wave 1 figures including things like worker fingerprints in paint apps, loose joints, joints that are stuck in place, heads that break off at the neck peg, two of the same appendages instead of opposing appendages (eg: two left feet), etc. Is Super7 going to address these issues with the factory so they are drastically reduced or even eliminated for Wave 2 and beyond?
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    Do figures with intricate, Classics-style detailing (like Quakke) cost more to tool and produce than simplified designs like Hawke, and will that influence the makeup of future CC waves?
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    How could Club Grayskull be evolving over time? We've seen new characters
    breaking their way through as Power Con exclusives quite recently. Could that trend
    becoming some more general pattern going forward?
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    Any plans on re-releasing Club Grayskull He-Man and Skeletor?
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    In the last Q & A when asked why the two females Teela & Hawke were so short you gave the following explanation

    "Typically in making molds from prototype there is a slight shrinkage in the process. The figures are slightly shorter than the original because of this. Additionally, because the resin prototypes shown are very fragile and moved around during travel and set-up, they often break and have to be repaired on site, resulting in the figure shown being not exactly the true proportions."

    None of the male characters from MOTUC wave one seemed to suffer from any mold shrinkage or breakage of their resin sculpt in transit because they are the same hight as their sculpt, in fact Lodar is the tallest of wave one MOTUC's.

    Going forward Will Super7 make sure the females stay true to the hight they are sculpted? Customers don't want a short females in the line for Sorceress Or Granita or any female for that matter, does Super 7 realize Their Filmation Teela is much Smaller than the Mattel Filmation Evil-Lyn figure. Also can Super7 and Four Horsemen do away with those butt cheek sculpted legs? They were good for Teela but customers would rather have leg swivel like you give the male characters and Mattel gave their females Leg Swivel and were able to keep their MOTUC females the hight like the Four Horsemen sculpt.
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    Any plans to continue the Motu Giants?

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    When Dylamug was revealed it was said he wasn´t finished yet and will get more detailed. The picture of that same un-detailed version is used to promote him and we never heard anything about that again.
    Did you guys simply decided you keep him the way he was or is he reworked on but still not ready to be shown?
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    With Hasbro recently showing that Crowd Funding campaigns can work for through its "Haslab" site is this an option that can be done with Vehicles and Playsets? Their recent Sail Barge campaign was a major success selling more than 2000 more then what was needed. If fans new the actual minimum number needed they may come out in support easier.

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    Most of the male figures released by Mattel had removable armor. While this sometimes created some aesthetic issues, such as the armor looking a bit bloated, it also allowed for easy part swapping, which many fans appreciate. Will you continue to keep armor on all future figures glued in place, or allow it to be removed if it doesn't ruin the look on some figures?

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    Have you considered some type of payment plan? It would be quite beneficial for those that don’t always have money upfront and/or don’t want their money tied up in pre-ordered figures for such a long span. Thanks.
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    Will you ever consider doing additional mini subscriptions like Mattel had done before to complete or enhance specific groups of characters like NA or even Filmation She-Ra POP characters (I know we are already 2 down on that front but an extra sub could increase those numbers drastically because you have such a huge roster to still work through on the MOTU side).

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    In the past 12 months, many customers have endured unacceptably long wait times and delays to solve customer service problems - ranging anywhere from two weeks to two months, and often requiring multiple emails to obtain a first reply. What steps are being taken to improve customer service response times at Super 7?

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    Why does it take some much time to have Something to tell about Snake Mountain ?

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    Based on the sales of wave 2, what does the future look like in terms of longevity of the line? Can we maintain production if things don’t improve?

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    For the Classics (aka Collector's Choice) line, how swiftly do you want to release the outstanding minicomic, comic and 200X figures (including variants) compared with the Filmation cartoon originals?
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    can we have the tri-clops loincloth style on all the club grayskull figures? that is the style we should have on CG.

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    Since the lines beginning was based on removable heads and other parts that made this a collector line. As reports in wave 1 most of the neck pegs were inadequate to preform head swapping and lots of them broke, stretched (Tri-Klops). Going forward will there be more testing to assure that the heads are removable and that they have the adequate articulation for looking up and down as well as side to side with out breaking/stretching the peg when being removed? I think maybe removing and placing different heads on the final ready for production figure 40 or so times would be a good test to see if it will hold up.
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