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Thread: SKELETOR, modern cinema-styled figure with fur cloak and armor

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    SKELETOR, modern cinema-styled figure with fur cloak and armor

    "The sorcerer Keldor like his father before him wished for ultimate power and would do virtually anything to achieve it. In an attempt to best his brother Randor in a duel for their father's Book of Legacies, Keldor's spell was reflected back upon him. With the spell slowly transmuting his flesh to bone Keldor escaped to his mentor Hordak's lair begging for aid. Hordak was able to stop the transformation from progressing but the damage that had been done was permanent leaving Keldor with a skeletal head. Now dubbing his apprentice 'Skeletor', the tyrant Hordak placed him in a position of authority over his armies fitting for one with such a frighting visage!"

    With a Masters of the Universe movie on the horizon (maybe?) I really wanted to update the look of the character Skeletor. Multiple statues, artwork, and various figure styles like the 200X and Classics were my inspiration here and I hope to have combined those looks into the ultimate Movie Skeletor! He was created by using an armored Kratos body, MotUC Skeletor face/hands/armor sections, 200X feet/waist armor,LotR armor, Kylo Ren head, and a Destiny cloak. The cloak is removable and he comes with his classic Havoc Staff and Power Sword. Vasrious skulls, chains, and other details were added and he was airbrushed for a perfect finish. Standing 8" tall this Skeletor is truly the fearsome nemesis that He-Man deserves!

    For more pics head to his page here: Modern movie style Skeletor

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    NICE!!!! Really great work!
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    looks great nice job

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