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    Boweena is a character that appeared in the second season of Heman. She was a memeber of the Tree People of the Crystal Forest and primary bodyguard of the Starchild, and from what i read in the episode review guide, she was meant to be a recurring character on that season but that never happened. Recipe: Used a bubble power shera buck, and legs with frosta arms, and angella head. I removed the symbol from her dress and gave her a Helms deep Legolas cape which has an awesome quiver on it. Gave her a green arrow hat and a bow bow with the horse head cut off.

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    One question:
    Wouldn't it be good if MOTUC releases Boweena?
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    Nice work! The boots and belt came out great! The 2nd pic is funny because Starchild.. I've been considering how to best do a custom Starchild.

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