The other henchmen seen in the Golden Book "Secret of the Dragon Egg", I feel that Howlor would have gained the same status as Goat Man if the author had given him a name in the story but that is neither here nor there at this point. King Tamusk gave this guy a new breath of life by designing him for his part 3 of the Future of MOTUC article for the Fwoosh, and I am doing my part in creating a custom that will holds his design as close as possible using existing parts of the MOTUC library of parts. Recipe:Custom Head was done by the talented Ryan Lunt using , what else but his buddy Goat Man as a base, Stratos buck, legs, left hand and biceps, Carnivus feet, forearms, and right hand, HH Loin, Clamps champ armor with backpack removed, and mutant leader spiked bracelets. Weapon is a fodder whip i found.