Hello Org family! Next up is a fan favorite figure from another land: Platino is a character created by Top Toys by Dario and Hector Mondrik in 2003 for their "Fuerza-T" line in Argentina. While their line used the vintage MOTU molds, it was about time to get the Fuerza-T crew in the classics style.

I updated the design with modern elements, including a brand new head sculpt, belt, modified cast resin gauntlet from a 200X Fisto, and "9 realms" inserts on his weathered armor to pay homage to the Asgardian gods from his Nordic ancestry.

I also included an alternate He-Man head with sculpted beard to pay homage to the original "He-Man with a beard" design.
I felt like this figure demanded an original packaging with bio written by yours truly to insert him into the MOTUC lore. If you check, I completely changed the way I used to make packagings as the whole back is a newly re-designed piece.