I want to thank Lazer Force Zodac for inspiring me to make this guy with his recipe he provided on his blog and here on the boards, hence i follow suit in the name and since i cant find a good pic of him on the internet, i am using your from you bio, good sir. Hailing from the POP episode the "Mines of Mondor" this character was seen whipping the slaves sent from Etheria to Mondor into working in the mines there. I view this character as a low ranking Horde officer trying to make his way up the ladder, doing his best to impress his superior officers in what they are looking for in leadership qualities. I took the name and recipe from Lazer Force Zodac, just changed it up a little bit. Recipe- Used a TP heman buck, arms and legs, Hordak boots, mutant leader hands, and Mo-larr loin, strong-or armor, under batros armor (the bat kinda like the a lower ranking horde bat) and a Tyrga whip, and a slush head head.