So this is my take on a slime pit heman. I didnt want a repainted heman again, got plenty of those (faker, anti eternia heman, negative heman) so i thought i kinda of combine him with a character Gbabok created named Oozor. If i were to make a bio for him, it would go along the lines of after heman was put in the slime pit, his power was sapped and stored in the slime, which Modulak recognized and in an experiment with a gladiator he plucked from Horde World,Left him in the slime for weeks,absorbing as much of the slimes remnant power of heman, as well as the mind sapping power of making him a mindless slave. Kinda like the Melog for heman.Recipe: i used a demoman buck thighs,hands and biceps, vikor forearms, clamp champ loin, horde arm band and grizzlor boots. The head comes from and the horde symbol was from somethng shaved of some armor i got somewhere. The shoulder pad was from a fodder lot and the mace comes from mythic legions skeleton. I used 3d fabric paint to give him the slime running down.

slime pit heman.jpg