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Thread: Anyone seen or heard from Maxx?

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    Anyone seen or heard from Maxx?

    I am bit worried what happened to Maxx. I have been in correspondence with him over few years, but I have not been able to contact him now for around 5 months. His email basically goes unanswered, and I have noticed no activity here or facebook either.

    I would like to know if he is okey, and if possible, get contact again. PMs to me are fine about subject too.

    I hope it is alright to post here, as I did not quite know where to post it, but this is artist related at least.


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    Sorry no help here but on here he always popped up from time to time and than vanished to return again.

    He had that christmas calendar than the updates for the audio cassette comics and than he didnīt show for some time to return with a cool new picture.

    I wasnīt worried but you are right i havenīt seen him for a while.
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