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Thread: Pink Chimera

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    Pink Chimera

    Chimera- the race of beings that Count Marzo has chosen be his servents and foot soldiers in the battlefield. Their innate magical abilities and brute strength make them perfect candidates to due the Counts bidding. The pink chimera had immense strength and the ability to call wolfbats to his aid at his beckoned call.Recipe: I used a Batros buck, arms with plundor biceps, and legs, Plundor boots, and demoman loin and shirt. Head is from eternal customs shapeways shop.


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    Awesome as always! Although, I do offer a small critique...I think it might look better if the head sat lower on the neck peg. As it looks now, sitting higher on the neck makes the face seem a little thinner than he looks in the animated image. I'm not sure if Eternal Custom's head made it hard for that to happen, but the heads I've gotten from his shop usually have a pretty big hole to place on the neck, so sitting lower might be possible. Of course, if you like him like that, he still looks great!
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