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Thread: What top coat/finish should you use on paint?

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    What top coat/finish should you use on paint?

    I have some Tamiya flat coat and some pledge future which gives a high gloss shine. Neither of them match the kind of satin finish that the figures have on skin tones. Any ideas on what works best to match that coat? I also have an air brush if that helps.
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    I use Liquitex acrylic varnish for sealing, a mix of the Matte and Semigloss. Buy them at Michaels and use the 40-50% off coupon as they're $16 a bottle but worth it as they are archival sealer and the stuff professionals use on sculptures and paintings. Mix 50/50 semigloss and matte, thin it with a small amount of water and you'll have the same finish.
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