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Thread: What top coat/finish should you use on paint?

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    What top coat/finish should you use on paint?

    I have some Tamiya flat coat and some pledge future which gives a high gloss shine. Neither of them match the kind of satin finish that the figures have on skin tones. Any ideas on what works best to match that coat? I also have an air brush if that helps.
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    I use Liquitex acrylic varnish for sealing, a mix of the Matte and Semigloss. Buy them at Michaels and use the 40-50% off coupon as they're $16 a bottle but worth it as they are archival sealer and the stuff professionals use on sculptures and paintings. Mix 50/50 semigloss and matte, thin it with a small amount of water and you'll have the same finish.
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    I don't use anything and have no problems. I do use testors dull coat on gloss painted parts.

    As for tamiya flat that was mentioned up there. It is not a top coat to dull it down. It will leave a chalky coating because that is not how it was designed or intended to do, like testors dull coat was and works. The flat from tamiya is to mix in their paints that are gloss. You have to figure out the right amount needed. To make it flat. Testors dull coat does not work on tamiya paints. It will reactivate the tamiya paint and get dsrker.

    It's all about clean dry surfaces and the correct top brand paints. My customs I have shown here are pretty damn sick. None of them have any paint peeling or chipping problems and no sealer. .

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    Use the exact same paint as used by the Four Horsemen - Cel vinyl Cartoon Colour.

    It's amazing and doesn't need any top coat.

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