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    Question for everyone

    So a friend and I have, for the last six years, been designing wargames. We both enjoy combat games, the challenge of them, the tactics. And for four of those years, we've been designing a tactical wargame based on the Generation one Transformers, the ones from the eighties. It's been fairly successful, and really a lot of fun.

    Now, I'm a big fan of masters, and in looking up the various boardgames and tabletops devoted to MOTU, I haven't seen any that really play up the combat aspect, the sword and fantasy of the setting. So, I was thinking I'd make one. The basic game would be the same system we have developed for transformers with some needed tweaks for Masters, and to give the game that fantasy air that most of the early mini-comics and toys had before the cartoon. We would mostly be basing the content of the game around those, the cartoon and it's plot-lines wouldn't be used. It would also be developed with an eye towards potential crossovers with other eighties properties down the line, Thundercats obviously, but I was also thinking about the Galaxy Rangers and Silverhawks, maybe others. These would take the form of expansions to the basic game. It goes without saying but I will anyway, this would be a totally free Print'n'play game; I would be doing this for the sheer joy of doing it, and hopefully do justice to the property.

    So, in saying that, my question is, would there be any interest in this? I'm going to make it regardless, but I'm really interested in what other people think.
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    I can say i´m not a gamer at all and i never played a war game for various reasons.

    I do like the early mini comic narrative though and the movie Conan or the Hercules movies from the 50s and 60s were favorites of mine when i was growing up.

    I think people would like that such of game.
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