Plasmar Crossbow

Mekanek boots

Cy-chop belt

BG teela legs

Clawful small claw x2

Grizzlor boots

Strong-or Loin/shorts x 2

Black loin cloth short

Carnivous hands

Grizzlor loin cloth

Triklops head (visor not needed)

Tru He-man boots

Marlane Riffles

200x Cyclone head

Cychop or roboto... (craked ok.. as longs as its not crazy) chest stubb

Figure and Buck wants

Skelecon loose complete

Ram man buck..(red or orange)


MOC FIGURES(trade only)

Goatman MOC-

Horde Wraith MOC


Mutant Leader x a lot
DKR Superman
DKR Batman Head(black ver motuc buck style)
Count Marzo
Snout spout (sm tear)
Royal guard snakeman(no helmet)
Royal guard Guru
Mo-larr x a lot
Faceless one
TP He-man
Slush head x2
Old Dekker
Horde prime Uk
King Hisss
Clamp Champ
Wwe Ultimate Warrior(red white blue face)
Various wwe Heads

Various Power Swords and hand weapons.. just ask!!!

Vintage Blackstar head
ML Terrax head and axe hasbro
ML Sasquatch(TOYBIZ
ML Black Widow(toybiz)


He-man 2.0

TRU Zodak
Bg teela(slit up the side
200x stratos (CUTup the side)

MOTUC WEAPONS & body parts Etc HAVES:

Anti Eternia He-man Hair piece

BG teela Bra
BG Teela boots

Beastman filmation Armor

Carnivous shoulder pads(detached from armor)
Carnivous shield
carnivous sword

Catra cape
Catra boots
Catra sword
Catra whip

Clamp Champ weapons
Clamp Champ armor
Clamp Champ boots
Clamp Champ legs

Cy-chop shoulders

Dekker Chest clothing

Dragstor Crossbow

DKR Batman(motuc buck) upper calves
DKR Batman chest stubb..no arms shoulders or leg stubbs
DKR Batman Capes (motuc buck) (Black)

Goat man staff (Staff of Avion)
Goat man shins

Geldor Axe
Geldor armor

He-man 2.0(Filmation) boots
He-man 2.0(Filmation) Loin cloth
He-man 2.0(Filmation) Power sword

FF He-man armor
FF Heman Shield
FF he-man weapon

He-ro cape(removed from armor)

Hordak legs
Hordak Shoulder w bicep
Hordak left forarm w hand
Hordak cape w OUT collar
Hordak cape w collar
Hordak feet clear blue casted by Karaknull

Horde Prime Helmet
Horde prime hood
Horde prime crossbow

King Hiss helmet(sans head)

Marzo sword( broken tip)
Marzo sword x
Marzo Medallionx2
Marzo boots
Marzo Capex2

Merman shins

Mighty Spector Cosmic key forearm
Mighty Spector chest w neck peg removed kinda ruff

MO-Larr Jacket
MO-Larr Dentist tools

Dc Multiverse Mutant leader- feet, legs

Modulok Green legs

Plundor Buck(no loin or boots)

Randor legs(1st ver)

Royal guard shield

Sea Hawk Shirt
Sea Hawk Legs

Superman(DKR MOTUC) Cape

Slushhead gun x2
slushhead tentacles set
slushhead shins

Squeeze chest /waist w leg nubs attached
Squeeze thighs

Skeletor shoulders

TC Skelly claws
TC Skelly armor
TC skelly boots

Sorceress Wings (vintage colors)

NA he man harness

Whiplash tail

Whiplash armor(no back pegs)

Vykron helmet no hair

Have more... just ask...

weapons pack stuff

Whiplash weapon

Clawful mace



200x haves

Skeletor sword x 2
he-man hair piece
shield striker he-man shield
whiplash weaponx2
skystrike stratos wings and controls(hollowed out wrist cuffs for motuc)
200x trap jaw arm,claw
catapult and ram from BATTLE-STATION