Title says it all. Over the last several years, I've had a reputation on the forums for willing to offer up parted out pieces/weapons/accessories from figures for folks who wanted a piece here or there without spending too much on Matty, most notably individual pieces from Modulok and Multi-Bot. For this particular instance as it pertains to the Sorceress, I know several people want to "upgrade" the Classics version with pieces from the Grayskull version. If anyone is interested, the options would be as follows:

*Sorceress buck with either set of wings (no heads/Zoar)
*Sorceress with either set of wings and either head (Teela-Na or Kudok Ungol)
*Sorceress Open Wings
*Sorceress Closed Wings
*Teela-Na Head (ie. regular Sorceress)
*Kudok Ungol Head
*Zoar with perch

If anyone would be interested in this, let me know via PM, pist, or email at redemptionnewera@aol.com with what you would want.