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Thread: Rambo V: Last Blood coming this fall

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    Rambo V: Last Blood coming this fall

    The final chapter of the Rambo franchise has finished filming and aiming for a fall release!

    I'm skeptical about this as i'm a fan of the franchise since i was 4 when i saw First Blood on TV and Rambo First Blood part 2 on VHS as i had some rambo stuff as a kid even saw the cartoon which i cannot believe they made kids merchandise and a cartoon based on an r-rated adult oriented franchise and saw Rambo III in theaters when i was 6 years old, even enjoyed the last film.

    I felt things went full circle after Rambo 4 but Stallone lately has been getting in abysmal stuff like Escape Plan 2 which was a giant turd of a film where the first one was a timewaster and i enjoyed his performance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. But hope this one is a timewaster and not some halfassed attempt to just kill off the character for good at the end when the character afterwards should retire for good considering the title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HarryCanyon View Post
    The final chapter of the Rambo franchise has finished filming
    Is there seriously anything funnier then this?

    In all seriousness man don't take it personal. It's just that such a statement is TRULY hard to EVER believe when it comes to Stallone or almost any movie/franchise these days. They ALWAYS find a way to bring stuff back. Heck, even if Rambo dies in this and is body is literally blown to pieces I'd have to question if it was actually him or the poor guy standing next to him.

    Never say never........

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