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Thread: Super7 He-Man and Skeletor "Giganten" 2-Pack

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    Super7 He-Man and Skeletor "Giganten" 2-Pack

    I proposed this draft to Super7 back in July 2018, then again in December 2018 without getting any response so I decided to publish this here. The idea was to have a reissue of the "Giganten" (Giants) 2-pack which was quite popular in Europe and is a much sought-after collectible today. I know of German, French and Dutch variants. There may have been more.

    My redesign keeps the form factor of the She-Ra + Hordak Reaction 2-pack while using existing He-Man and Skeletor Reaction figures.

    What do you think? Maybe we can pitch this draft to Super7 together if it’s cool enough.

    This draft published under fair-use (nonprofit educational) using publicly available material.

    Also, see you on May 4th at LOS AMIGOS (



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    Steig ein in die Welt der Giganten means ´Enter the world of giants´ in German.
    I wonder why does the packaging include German taglines.
    Try to reach inside of me, try to drain my energy
    Let me show you just what I'm made of
    Simple curiosity trying to take a bite of me
    Let me show you just what I'm made of now...

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