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Thread: Disney's Hunchback is getting a live-action remake

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    Disney's Hunchback is getting a live-action remake

    Another halfassed remake of a Disney film like Beauty and the Beast and the upcoming Lion King, why not just be a separate adaptation of the book just like Jungle Book 2016 was which was less of a remake of the 1967 film despite some homages to it when it was more like the novel than the 1967 film where the 2017 Beauty and the Beast i heard was shot to shot remake of the 1991 film.

    I mean i would welcome a new adaptation of the Prydain novels to separate itself from 1985's The Black Cauldron as i wouldn't call it a remake of that film but a new adaptation of the novels just like Lord of The Rings
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    Oh gosh, NO! Disney really is losing all of its luster for me.
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    Is that for real? I do love Disney movies but I am not a fan of live action remake. I just hope that it will be beautiful.

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    Disney is shining brighter than ever for me, a Hunchback Of Notre Dame live action movie would be awesome. Gal Gadot should play Esmeralda the gypsy.
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