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Thread: Galaxy Warriors & Turly Gang 3d Printed Heads and Weapons

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    Galaxy Warriors & Turly Gang 3d Printed Heads and Weapons

    I've undertaken a project of updating many of the Galaxy Warriors/Fighters/Turly Gang/etc base concepts into new, 3d printed parts compatible with modern toylines, like Mega Construx, Battle Tribes, and Funko 5.5" (DC Primal Age, etc).

    First batch of test prints are in, and so we've got these items up in my Shapeways store. Everything from the Galaxy Hole can be found here.

    Starting big, there's Ygg/Disgustor, shown here on a DC Primal Age Mr. Freeze body:

    Raw print in White Versatile Plastic:

    Hand Painted:

    Next Down in Size, are the test prints of Sahak and Spikes, shown on a Battle Tribes body. These prints are in the yellow dyed Versatile Plastic from Shapeways:

    Next, the Mega Construx scale items, including Baltard (printed in smooth fine detail plastic) and weapons & shields, in white versatile, hand painted:

    Each head is available in all three formats, and in addition to those shown here, we've also got the type-1 Turlys, with more to be released in the coming days. The latest releases are available here.

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    Super cool all your work.

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    Thanks, glad you like!

    Got some new headsculpts for you all, (new character sculpts, feedback certainly welcome) available in Mega-Construx, Battle Tribes and 5.5" (Funko, MOTU) scales!

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