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Thread: MOTU Edit collection for Fire Pro Wrestling World

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    MOTU Edit collection for Fire Pro Wrestling World

    I wasn't sure whether to classify this as ART or MEDIA.

    To celebrate my recently acquired love of MotU and longstanding love of the Fire Pro Wrestling series, I've been making a large assortment of characters in the game's create-a-wrestler suite (steam version only,) collected here along with some playset-themed ring mats courtesy of my friend ExxMortis.

    (I would post pictures in the thread instead of making you click through, but I haven't picked up on inline image posting courtesy)

    Now, the character creation capabilities are pretty robust in some ways but pretty limited in others, so I had to get WEIRD with it for some characters. Plus, there's almost absolutely no asymmetry. Sooo if you see one that truly, truly looks "off" to you, just think of it as a really interesting bootleg figure

    Every character has multiple costumes when available (up to 4,) going across different media, continuities, concept art, etc.


    Also, a list of finisher names, since I didn't include them in the Steam posts. Full character summaries to come soon (I actually put a lot of thought into this!)
    • He-Man: Grayskull Drop
    • Ram Man: Ram Slammer/Ram Jam (it keeps changing)
      • Leech: Suction Cup Slam
      • Stratos: Avion Calling (sorry I couldn't resist)
      • Trapjaw: Jaw Scrapper
      • Faker: Imposterizor
      • Beastman: Beast Man Slam
      • Skeletor: Havoc Hammer
      • Hordak: Hordebreaker
      • Man-At-Arms: Talon Driver
      • Catra: Catra's Cradle
      • Teela: Point Dread Plunge
      • Man-E-Faces: Head Turner
      • Kobra Khan: Kobra Klutch
      • Extendar: Apex Guillotine
      • She-Ra: Crystal Clash
      • Starla: Polaris Pin
      • Jewelstar: Stardust Rush
      • King Hisss: Reticulating Suplex
      • Bow: Bow-and-Arrow Stretch
      • Loo-Kee: (honestly this was a joke character, oops)
      • Jitsu: Cavalry Cutter
      • Strongarm: Strongarm's Law
      • Stinkor: Stink and Destroy
      • Scareglow: Phantom Limb Breaker
      • Moss Man: Evergreen Powerbomb
      • Tallstar: Cygnus Stretch
      • Glimmer: Glitterbomb
      • Snout Spout: Redliner
      • General Sunder: Frightmare Combo
      • Rattlor: Snakebite
      • Ninjor: Shadow Kick
      • Rio Blast: Buntline Special
      • Tytor: Tytanic Slam
      • Fisto: Giant Knuckle
      • Clamp Champ: Royal Guard Crush
      • Entrapta: Split End
      • Orko: Trollan Death Drop
      • Sy-Klone: Tornado Pin
      • Spikor: Spikor Splash
      • Retro Marzo: (no finisher, he's a manager)
      • Whiplash: Torque Kick
      • Scorpia: Deathstalker
      • Webstor: Widowmaker
      • Wrap Trap: Curse of Khartan
      • Clawful: Shell Cracker
      • Blast Attak: Short Fuse
      • Sssqueeze: Rib Sssnapper
      • Huntara: Bloodmoon
      • Dragstor: Salt Flat Scramble

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    What? MOTU characters have been turned into wrestlers? Magnificent.
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    Just updated the collection with JITSU/CHOPPER (3 costumes,) GENERAL SUNDER/SUNDAR (4 costumes,) EXTENDAR (4 costumes including Leo Toys palettes) and STRONGARM, BLAST ATTAK, HUNTARA, TYTUS, and vintage manager-only Filmation Count Marzo.

    2019-02-08 23_16_25-FireProWrestlingWorld.jpg

    (I also uploaded WEBSTOR but forgot to take screenshots, d'oh...)

    I've also attached a few screenshots to the OP to give a better preview of what this thread is about, while I work on a costume/finisher guide so you don't have to click 40 links to see everything I've done.

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    Sorry to double-post, but I'm bumping this thread! And this time, I have images of all of the costumes I've created in the OP. Sorry, but I'll have to write up summaries of everyone I've made in a later post.

    Full disclosure, I got into MotU because of the Netflix She-Ra series (plus Pixel Dan videos, plus vague memories of nostalgia-humor websites from the mid '00s, plus my cousins' figure collections when I was a kid) but I've eaten up most of the existing media and have tried to make every character make as much sense as possible.

    I have plenty of folks in the pipeline, but here's a sneak preview of some of who MIGHT be next!

    (but seriously in addition to finishing the head sculpts, I need to vet the AI to make sure I'm even kinda happy with it)

    (but if anyone has a good finisher name for Mekaneck or vintage Seahawk, I'm all ears.)


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