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Thread: Fan Q&A 3.16 - Ask your questions here

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    Fan Q&A 3.16 - Ask your questions here

    Welcome to the fan Q&A with Super7!
    For guests and lurkers reading this thread, you must be a registered user on He-Man.Org to post, and you must follow the rules posted here in the Q&A thread. We looking forward to seeing your questions!

    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know; the Fan Q&A:
    • Each user is limited to 1 question per Q&A.
    • Posts that repeat questions from other Q&As or from earlier in this thread, or posts that contain multiple questions, will be deleted. So check to see if your question has been asked and help everyone out!
    • This is for question submission only; not discussion. Please save that for discussion threads, and Q&A answer threads.
    • We will start a new Q&A thread when it is time for more questions, approximately every month. So please don't start new Q&A threads.
    • Please keep your question as short and to the point as possible.
    • Please do not attach photos. Any linked/attached photos will be removed.
    • Please avoid questions about the future release of a specific, previously unreleased character(s), unless it's something we already know is coming / in the works / been discussed by Super7.
      Otherwise, you can use specific characters as an example for a general question, but please don't make them the subject of the question. For example: "Will new characters have wings? Hunga the Harpy and winged Skelcons are examples of characters that need them."

    A random fan will be selected to pick 5 questions to submit to Super7. Please do not take offense to your question not being submitted.
    Also, we also edit questions to make them more concise, to be more specific, etc. Please take no offense to this either, as it's only meant to help.

    Click here for a master list of all previous Q&A sessions with Super7.
    Click here for a master list of all previous Q&A sessions with Mattycollector.


    This past round of questions were selected by Sebastiaan.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!!!

    1. Sebastiaan: If you have a 2019 SDCC MOTUC exclusive, will you consider repeating what you did at SDCC last year with laughing Prince Adam by making it available to other fans who are unable to attend the event?

    2. jzachery: To elaborate further on the question from the last Q&A, fans are asking for fully painted faces on both Collector's Choice and Club Grayskull, not just the head cast in flesh tones with details painted on. If you cannot do completely painted faces, is there a way to tone down the shine on the plastic used on the figures?

    3. mjw41: The MOTUC fan base for years has been begging for an on-model Filmation Sword of Power for He-Man. The Club Grayskull wave 3 She-Ra looks to be coming with an on-model Filmation Sword of Protection and upcoming the Club Grayskull wave 4 Prince Adam looks to be coming with an on-model Filmation Sword of Power in transformation with lightning effects attached. Can we expect Super7 to give us an on-model Filmation Sword of Power without any attached effects that we can use with He-Man?

    4. Wakko: Up until the release of Dree Elle & Uncle Montork, and now with Kittrina, Club Grayskull had been reserved for Filmation re-designs of figures that had already been released in Collector's Choice. What are the rules going forward for MOTUC figures? Are all Filmation characters going to appear in Club Grayskull including previously unreleased characters, or will we go back to first getting "classicized" versions of Filmation characters in Collector's Choice like in prior years?

    5. facet: When Super7 put out the Curse of the Three Terrors cartoon episode, near the end King Heltor materializes and we see his feet, hands, and loincloth. Does a picture exist of what King Heltor looks like in his entirety and, if so, may we see it?
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2019!
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    Since Club Grayskull Wave 4 Kittrina does not come with the Grimalkin Statue Will Super7 include The Grimalkin with another Club Grayskull Character in 2019?
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    With the 30th anniversary of the New Adventures of He-Man this year, will Super7 be doing anything in celebration of it this year such as releasing new figures or merchandise based off the toyline or cartoon?

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    What is the reason for the new elbow swivels on She-Ra and Sorceress and can it be expected as a new template for female figures? This differs greatly from Teela yet Kittrina seems to have the same previous version of the elbow swivels.

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    A growing trend among your many MOTU lines (CC, CG, Reaction, 5.5") has been to release She-Ra and then a lot of Horde members. When can we expect you to begin fleshing out the Great Rebellion?
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    Just like Mattel in the 80's, could Super7 adopt the same sales model regarding future Collector's Choice waves?
    Waves including: figures, mounts, vehicles etc? Thank you.
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    Are there plans to expand the ReAction line with beasts or vehicles? The universe cries out for a Tauntaun-style Battle Cat.

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    Have you taken into consideration doing a Horde version of skeletor? A Horde version could be the most frightening version of skeletor yet.

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    Wave 4 of Club Grayskull features six figures instead of the normal four. Is this going to be the pattern going forward for Club Grayskull and Collectors Choice? or will future waves normally be made up of four figures? Thanks.

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    Will Club Grayskull expand into featuring characters or variants that never made it to the Filmation cartoon (like Ninjor or Dragon Blaster Skeletor) done in the Filmation style?
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    You’re vintage 5-inch line is great, I’m excited about all the upcoming characters revealed, so far.

    The focus seems to be on Filmation style versions of all the characters, with a few Characters from the cartoon series mixed in that never had a figure in the 80’s (Shadow Weaver, Evilseed, etc). Will you only be doing Filmation style characters, moving forward - Or will you have additional characters done in a more traditional style, like He-Ro and Eldor? And what ever happened to those “never produced” MOTU pieces that were found in an auction - are those ever going to see the light of day?

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    Given there have been Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain figure stands released for their respective factions, has there been any consideration into producing other themed stands for other factions such as the Evil Horde and the Great Rebellion?

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    Would it be possible for S7 to start casting MOTUC weapons in the color of the plastic that the handles are made of, and then paint the blade/axe/gun ect. instead? Mattel's releases also suffered from this, when the figure holds the weapon on display for too long that paint from the handles tends to stick to the inside of the hand and comes off of the weapon if removed. I think it would truly be a perk for us long time displayers/collectors!
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    Given that the original Filmation He-Man released by Mattel had a sword scabbard attached to his harness via a swivel that allowed us to place it any position we wanted (left shoulder, right shoulder, center, whatever), why was the decision made to take this feature away for the "Ultimate" release of the figure? I'm sure you've already heard 1,000 times by now that the figure has a defect in that the scabbard is immovably attached in the incorrect position to He-Man's left shoulder (instead of his Filmation accurate right shoulder so he can draw his sword with his right hand) but why make this change to begin with? The scabbard swivel was a feature in the original figure and by choosing to remove a feature for the "Ultimate" (supposedly better) version of the same figure you created a defect in both Ultimate He-Man and Holiday He-Man. Shouldn't "Ultimate" editions add features, not take them away?

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    One of the best features of MOTU classics was the ability to swap the heads. This isn't something that most of your figures can do. Can we return to a design that allows all the figures the ability to swap heads?

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