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Thread: Need Power-Con 2019 exclusives? - I'm taking pre-orders for Non-Attendees

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    Need Power-Con 2019 exclusives? - I'm taking pre-orders for Non-Attendees

    Long time follower of the forum and long time fan but first time poster.

    I am a volunteer at Power-Con who works in Registration, and also helps taking care of any Customer Service shipping needs that the convention might have.

    For the past three years I have bought most of the remaining convention Customer Service stock to resell on eBay (luge311) and have over 5000 positive feedback's (I have extensive experience shipping exclusives). I will once again be attending the convention this year and thought that I would offer my shipping services for any Non-Attendees.

    Steps to pre-order:
    1. Contact me through Private Message here on the boards
    2. Place your convention pre-order with me, then pay via PayPal (for goods n services please add an additional 3.5%; for friends and family no extra is required)
    3. I will place place a pre-order for you

    Payment for Shipping: this will be collected as we get closer to the convention after I know the size and weight of the exclusives.

    Domestic (USA) pre-orders: these will be shipped from the convention with all orders being shipped by Sunday evening of the convention.
    International pre-orders: please contact me to discuss shipping options based on what is being ordered. Your shipping rate will still contain the same handling and packing fees listed below.

    Extra charges:
    Handling fee: I charge $5 per individual exclusive regardless of what the item is, or how many items you pre-order (example: any three exclusives will be $15 on top of quoted shipping rates).
    Packing Material: There will be a $5 charge per order for packing materials on top of the handling fee and shipping rate.
    Shipping Rate: I do not mark up shipping rates. For USA domestic orders, I will charge you exactly what FedEx Ground is charging me for your package plus the set handling fee and packing material fee as stated above.

    Please send me a Private Message with any questions or to set up a pre-order. I will collect and place pre-orders as they are received until the end of the Attendee pre-order window, or until exclusives sell out (which is a big "if" but it could happen).

    - - - Updated - - -

    I will also be offering the newly listed Earl Norem wrapping paper for pre-order to non-attendees. This item will have to be a separate order as well as a separately shipped item due to the unusual size. This item will be shipped in a tube and not a box like the other exclusives will be shipped in. There will be a 3.5% paypal fee as well as a $5 per item handling fee and a $5 packing material fee on top of the shipping rate fee.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Note: I am a full time firefighter that works a 48hr on 96hr off schedule so if it takes me a little while to respond please know that i am not ignoring you and that I will respond as quickly as I can based on my ability and availability.
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    As bat4life1 and Shecky's spots fill up, I can vouch for luge311 for those Non-Attendees looking for an Attendee who can help them out.
    luge311 has helped us out at Power-Con for a couple of years, and even handled some of the CS needs of Non-Attendees when they ordered direct from Power-Con.
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2019!
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    I sent a private message.
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    Thanks for offering. I sent you a PM.
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    Thanks for offering I also sent you a private message.

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    As of 3/16 I still have spots open to take orders so please feel free to reach out to me.

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    I just sent you the paypal payment for the order we discussed:

    1x Collector’s Choice Slamurai & Snake Troopers 3-Pack: $165.00 each
    1x Collector’s Choice Horde Zombie He-Man: $55.00 each

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