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    Questions for collectors

    Did you ever save up or deprive yourself of something to make a MOTU purchase and, if so, what did you deprive yourself of? What is the single most expensive MOTU item you own? How long ago did you purchase it? Has it increased in value since you purchased it? special is it to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heeeere's Olesker! View Post
    Did you ever save up or deprive yourself of something to make a MOTU purchase and, if so, what did you deprive yourself of? What is the single most expensive MOTU item you own? How long ago did you purchase it? Has it increased in value since you purchased it? special is it to you?
    I go without many other things to support buying MOTU toys, but the toys bring me joy despite flaws they have. I have a small room dedicated to them and I walk through at some point everyday because my mind just stops with all the noise of everyday life for those moments.

    The single highest priced item I have purchased is Castle Grayskull in classics. It has increased in value and when people come over others see it and you can tell it brings back good memories for them.

    I spent a bundle on a Masters of the Universe VS SnakeMen carded Beast Man with the correct name. I purchased it before a surgery 2 years ago from another fan in Germany to give me something to look forward to.

    I guess one thing I wish I could do that I have to choose between is coming to Power-con VS buying the exclusives or the next wave of toys that get produced. I actually thought about not buying the movie figures so I could try to come to Power-con this year.
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    My collecting is mainly focused on MOTUC and CGC graded comics these days. Lately I've had to cut down on the graded comics because of the upcoming MOTUC.
    The most I spent on a MOTUC was an AFA 9.25 of Battle Armor Faker vs. Bizarro 2-pack, but I actually did a partial trade on that one to dull the pain!
    I purchased it about a year and a half ago. Not sure if it's increased in value as I've never seen another one for sale! It's pretty special to me, but not any more than the rest of my MOTUC collection. I love my MOC gold belt Stratos. I also love my Castle Grayskull and my AFA 9.25 Moss Man with flocked ears. Love my small collection of test shots. I love all of it!
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    Deprive myself for MOTU?
    A lot.... on many things haha

    Single most expensive is MOTUC Shadow Weaver.

    But the Club Grayskull line is tough to collect price wise, buying it as set, but this is the MOTU line I wanted and I'm happy with it.

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    I have been collecting since the beginning so I never really had to drop too much on a single purchase, other than Castle Grayskull, Roton, or Point Dread + Talon Fighter. The most I have been paying really is for PowerCon Exclusives and the combined payment for the S7 waves.
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    I started collecting MOTUC in 2013. Hurricane Hordak was my first "experiment" with the MOTUC toy line. I had known about it since 2010 but I had this stupid idea that they just wanted to play off the vintage line and make money off of that. I'm not really sure what I was thinking. Anyway, 2013 rolls around and I see Hurricane Hordak for an "okay" price so I purchase it off of Amazon believe it or not. That was it. When I got him in hand, I opened him up and I was instantly hooked to MOTU again (The vintage set was my absolute favorite collection as a kid, I also collected the 200X line and now MOTUC). I subscribed to every MOTU "Club" they had after that but I had a problem... I really didn't have the money for any of it, I had a wife and 3 young kids and we only lived off my income. It was rough for us for the next couple years until the line ended. I actually lost out on half of the Club 200X line because I didn't have enough money on my card. Mattel did that pre-charge thing and only charged when the product shipped instead of just taking the money at the time of purchase. My money wasn't necessarily still there when the products shipped. Also, when the last shipment of Club Eternia was to be shipped back in 2015, I almost lost out on it because of how much it was. I figured it out but it wasn't easy. I didn't want to miss out on the last shipment because there were a lot of vintage figures in that one. Overall, it really was not a good decision to collect them but I don't regret it, either. I wouldn't have any collections if I had priority first thinking. I will say though that I was happy the Classics line came to an end. Not because I didn't like the figures but so my bank account could rest a little. So to answer the topic question, I gave up a lot. Many top priority things came after my collection. My wife wasn't happy about it and I really couldn't blame her.

    I'm trying to think of the most expensive MOTU thing I own. I'm going to guess it's the Battle Ram. That 200X Man-at-Arms figure really jacked that price up. It's probably this ridiculous price now days. I wanted Castle Grayskull but never got it and now I'll never have it.

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    I gave up smoking and drinking for my collection, not that I was ever a heavy drinker, but I did love to smoke. I was living in Australia at the time and at $20+ per pack, collecting MOTUC actually ended up being cheaper.

    I have a strict $75, including shipping, max for any figure (excluding vehicles and lay sets), but I did end up shelling out, 2 Anti-Eternia HM, 1 CG He Man for my first Shadow Weaver and $150 for the second one. The first one I thought had been lost by the postal services, but it did turn up 8 months later after touring the world.

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    Never really save up or divert funds just for MOTU.

    Single most expensive MOTU item I own? First, it is MOTUC -- as the only real MOTU I collect or have an interest in. Second it was purchasing a MOTUC Fisto on the secondary market, not long ago.

    However, as primarily a Transformers collector, it remains that MOTUC has never come anywhere close to the most expensive TF collection-pieces I've acquired -- or even the average per-figure-of-desire cost, for that matter. (It is TF collecting that I am more likely to save up or juggle budget priorities around for)

    Anyhow, I dig the MOTUC Fisto because it is among the very few cool compelling/interesting hero-character designs, in my opinion (half of why I prefer villains in MOTUC is because, as a whole, they tend to simply look cooler to my eye). What's more, I really like the 200x flair you can add to Fisto with the included accessories.

    Second to Fisto in terms of cost and favor was a MOTUC Shadow Weaver. Another very compelling figure in terms of design and concept.

    I never had any interest in Castle Grayskull, nor do I have interest in Snake Mountain. Mainly on account of space, and, again because TF wins out in the space-wars of my allotted collection-display space, ha.

    Nothing I've wanted or bought in MOTUC has cracked a grand (yet); barely near half that, really. Fairly few TF pieces routinely cross near or over 1k, so, yeah. Those are the ones where budget games occasionally come into play.
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    Jack, I notice a couple of things about these questions:

    1. With very little rewording, these same questions could be asked of fans and followers and hobbyists of other, very diverse interests. Some people devote lots of time and money to sports teams and music artists. Some like the Three Stooges a lot. Some are Trekkies. American Civil War buffs. Comics fans. Anime enthusiasts. Some like to go to clubs and meet new people, some like to hang out with long-time friends. Some paint or write fiction for their own enjoyment. There are even some model train builders and stamp collectors still. And some of us buy toys we like. All of these leisure activities and expenses cost money and time, but they choose to accept that cost since they're what people like to do, each according to their specific personality.

    2. One way to read your questions is to infer a value judgment on specifically MOTU figure collectors. I'll give an example of a way to interpret the questions below, but first I'll state that it's not that I'm taking offense on that, because (a) for as long as you've been on this board, your geniune interest and warm heart has always come across in your participation here, and (b) speaking for myself, I know toy collecting carries a social stigma but one must be thick-skinned enough to not care what some non-toy-collectors may think, or else one would just get out of the hobby. Having said that, now here's a way somebody could read the questions you posed:

    "Don't you think you've misspent your money on He-Man toys because of other things you've missed out on? You should reconsider the big purchase in your collection, shouldn't you?"

    I say this not to criticize, but to geniunely help you because I think that's the spirit in which you started this thread -- your questions are meant well, I truly believe. But I don't think the hobby of MOTU collecting is in so much of a special class apart from other hobbies that also cost money. Don't you have a hobby? Couldn't you have used the money and/or time spent on that hobby to do other things? Yes, I could have spent the $250 plus tax and shipping (as I recall) on something else. I don't know what. It was something I could comfortably afford and I never considered what other thing I needed or wanted to spend that dough on instead. It's Castle Grayskull and owning it makes me happy; had I bought something else, I'd have missed out on that. I think that's the takeaway for your questions at large: like any other hobby, the people who like something buy it or spend money on it because it makes them happy.

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    If I need He Man $$ I move something from my Hot Toys collection - Avengers or Star Wars. He is top of the list.

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    I collect MOTUC and Mythic Legions. Iím not a completionist for either, but I have about 99% of the MOTUC line. I just buy whatever Mythic Legions tickle my bits. I go hot and cold on MLs, which is cool because the market for them is hot. So one day when I realize ďoh gosh, I have 15 identical skeletons with different hatsĒ, I can sell some of them off and make enough to get my MOTU fix.

    I donít really save out, but Iím a little quick to bust out the plastic...which isnít the most responsible thing in the world.

    My top 3 most expensive items are probably not surprising. In order of expense: 1) Castle Grayskull, which I bought new 2) Shadow Weaver, 3) Scareglow & Beast Man. The figures were bought on the secondary market MOC, which I opened because there are no sacred cows!!

    I guess in terms of depriving myself....Iíve wanted to put together a new PC rig for the last 3 years and havenít had the cash laying around to do it. Maybe I could have if I didnít buy figures or sold more off. The thing about selling off MOTU is that the ones Iím not particularly attached to are ones that nobody is particularly attached to. You canít really give away many of the sci-fi figures. And I donít know if my custom work is worth very much.

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    Well... I stopped buying some Transformers and LEGO sets to use those funds to buy MOTU stuff. So basically giving up the purchase of toys for other toys.

    The single most expensive item I bought MOTU-wise was probably Classics Point Dread w/ Talon Fighter. Not sure if it has gone up in price. Possibly?

    I was not really a MOTU collector when I was a kid - on the other hand I've always had LEGO. But, it's special to me because it's the only large vehicle / playset thing I own (unless you include my modern Transformers Metroplex and Trypticon figures... but they are "figures", not really playsets even though they do transform into battle stations...).

    Classics Fisto is also special to me because I think the figure is kinda cool, and luckily I was able to get it loose for "cheap" years ago (i.e. below 100USD).

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    Did you ever save up or deprive yourself of something to make a MOTU purchase and, if so, what did you deprive yourself of?

    1. The thing I always tell my wife () but which she absolutely agrees, is that my hobby of collecting has never deprived us of anything necessary. We've never not been able to pay a bill, gone without any necessities, have always been able to have money in our savings accounts, and have been able to care for our daughter well. Have I given up other hobby related stuff? Yeah. From time to time I'll see off parts of my collection that I no longer have interest in to focus on others that I do. Now when Snake Mountain was first released I did decide to start up a little side savings account just for fun. The Snake Mountain fund has ballooned over the years and turned into a nice little emergency fun in and of itself while still having the Snake Mountain money available to me when needed).

    What is the single most expensive MOTU item you own? How long ago did you purchase it? Has it increased in value since you purchased it? special is it to you?

    2. At this point it probably is still the MOTUC Castle Grayskull. I preordered it when it was released. It came out in 2014, right? I remember arriving homw form work and my wife had the box in the kitchen. The box was so huge and my daughter, 1 at the time, was really fascinated by it. Since then MOTU has really become one of the biggest bonding points with my daughter. Other than the DC Comics (which get too violent for her!) I love MOTU because I can share all of it with her. It's fun to tell her stories, watch the shows together,play with the toys, and just enjoy the imagination and world building. Of course, now I have a giant picture of a purple Castle Grayskull with She-Ra, He-Man, and the Sorceress standing outside of it hanging in my office. It was a gift from my daughter and it's incredibly special, too!
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    Never had to deprive myself of anything so far but when Snake Mountain is released that will change. Was gonna take a small vacation but eh choices ya know. I'd rather wait till next year fo the vacation and buy Snake Mountain now. Fortunately with this giant purple cherry on this giant MOTUC cake... the party is almost over for me. There is not really any other must have figures save for maybe Malaktha, Kothos, and Hunga... just really vehicles and playsets would make me bite and whatever filmation figures they throw at me. But not the females since they obviously can't do them correctly.
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    THere's always a shifting of priorities; for me, it's usually passing on some other toy or collectible. Not just specifically for MOTUC, mind you, but toys in general. What I will say is that MOTUC is one of the last things I would pass on; I'd skip a lot of other properties to keep up with He-Man (one of my two favorite properties of all time).

    Biggest thing from MOTUC is Grayskull (until the Snake Mountain pre-order comes up).
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