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Thread: WTT: for William stout skeletor, he-man and god skeletor

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    WTT: for William stout skeletor, he-man and god skeletor

    Hello all. Been a while.

    I missed out on the preorder and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a trade for these figures.

    I have some four horsemen figures for trade and many loose motuc including the snake men 2 pack, webstor, buzz off, roboto and sky high.

    Lmk if interested. Will PM pics. Thanks for reading.
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    You can still order these from BBTS with a bit of a markup, but you won't have to pay til they ship:
    Positive Transactions:

    As buyer: boggs32, PaTrIcKfOgArTy, Dorko2, Shecky, Shenlon (2),
    Son of Keldor

    As seller: mikethedrummer, slgcmg, kngfu
    DJjoker182, bobtheodd, mahuti, FAKER II, General Hawk 7

    EBay: StLouisStallions

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