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Thread: Underworld - Official Episode Talkback

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    Another EXCELLENT episode!!! MY new favorite ep so far...such intense battle scenes between Skeletor and Randor, He-Man and Man-At-Arms! Skeletor REALLY showed his power fueled by his vengeance for Randor in this one!

    These are the kind of eps that I look forward to most in this awesome new series!

    Keep it up MYP!

    - JoNaThAn
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    and to answer the sorceress question of where was she? She was making me a sandwich of course! What a gal....

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    I found the episode to be FANTASTIC. I'd give it a 9 out of 10. Why only 9? I'll admit it- I thought the underground entrance to Grayskull's looking like the surface entrace was pathetic. Otherwise, SUPERB! IMMENSE character development on the part of Randor. Best part is- we now know He-Man and Skeletor are NOT arch-enemies...RANDOR is Skeletor's arch enemy! I also thought the introduction of those two new races was fantastic. And here's an interesting thought on that: what was the problem that caused the races to become sworn enemies? Did it have ANYTHING to do with Whiplash being a traitor? I think this introduction, and storylines leaves room for GREAT plot development. Overall, an EXCELLENT episode.
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    ummm....hate to burst your bubble, but Randor and Keldor were arch-enemies.

    He-Man and Skeletor are arch-enemies now. And what's wrong with the bottom entrance of Castle Grayskull looking like the top? It's better then some simple doorframe, and perhaps it was the orginal entrance.......the latter wasn't built until the Castle reached up out of the abyss. And I doubt Whiplash's status among his people had anything to do with the current troubles: Whiplash had be exiled to the dark hemisphere years ago with the erection of the Mystic Wall. The episode made it sound like the current troubles were just that: current, as two underground races had once been allies.
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    Haven't seen it yet, being from the UK, but it's great to see they've done an episode which gives Whiplash a big role at last. I was really disappointed with the banal role he'd played in the series up until now, as he was always one of my favorite characters in the old show. Good to see they're working on developing him more.

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    Re: A long-winded response

    Originally posted by Razzbel
    I love the writing! For those that might not know, speliotherms are stalactites and stalacmites. So the spelians are essentially cave dwellers,... and the Calligars, well: from as close as I could tell, a callisaurus is a type of lizard with a very long tail. Like an alligator.
    Just a quick correcton, I misspelled the word. It is SPELEOTHEMS. I have no idea what speliotherms are. Sorry about that.
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    Re: Caught last night's rerun

    Originally posted by scerevisiaety1

    The only thing I don't get is how there is this lower back door to Grayskull. If that was the entrance in the ruined Ancient's city then what is that door up on surface level. Was that door once way up in the sky or was the Ancient's city always underground? Come to that isn't Castle Grayskull surrounded by this abyss? So how can you walk up to an entrance to it underground? Wouldn't you just come out at the rock spire that Grayskull is atop with the abyss in your way?
    I actually thought about this too. I guess the answer is that we have to get over the idea the the abyss is bottomless. Assuming that the tunnels under Greyskull can extend down at least a mile or two, one could assume that the lava beds that our heroes had to cross over on the rock bridges were in fact the bottom of the abyss.

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    Re: Re: Caught last night's rerun

    Originally posted by Lizard-Man
    I actually thought about this too. I guess the answer is that we have to get over the idea the the abyss is bottomless. Assuming that the tunnels under Greyskull can extend down at least a mile or two, one could assume that the lava beds that our heroes had to cross over on the rock bridges were in fact the bottom of the abyss.
    That's what I was thinking too

    Oh no, I hope this doesn't mean the giant fish/crab-thing from Deep End will be returning yet again

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    I loved it! top 3 episode!
    Hey Skeletor returned his sword for an exchange at Wal*Mart!
    Randor kicks butt I apologise for my Randor is evil comments on the Skeletor is evil thread.
    the speleeans are cool.
    The whiplashean/kaligurians are cool but the king was easily defeated by Randor, now they are a weak people.
    Beastman should be punished for not bringing more shadowbeasts, just 2 of them would have won the day.
    whiplash needs a HUGE @ss kicking for NOT TELLING Skeletor the deal with his people.
    finally the Havoc staff is getting more powerful, in turnabout he knocked he-man through a house with a short blast , compare that to the blast in Lessons. and in underworld, it got him from being buried alive and did the Marzo-Shield thing 2 times!

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    I really enjoyed this episode a lot. I was hoping that we'd get some good character development on Randor in this episode, and we did. As for Skeletor running - Why wouldn't he? In Ties That Bind, He-man took out, like, three of those sandworms by himself. How would facing off with only one be tactically smart?

    I also think that the door to Grayskull lead to a bridge over the Abyss - that that door was a kind of antechamber. But that's just me. I loved the kickass swordfight, learning more about Whiplash, the two new races, and the development of the Adam-Randor-He-Man relationship. Awesome episode. Looking forward to what this week will bring!

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    series still on point !!!

    Another solid episode!!! As noted already good fight sequences and 2 cool new races introduced. The story was good but again I really wish the episodes were an hour long. It's a shame these episodes are really good for a 1/2 hour show but if they were an hour how much more kick ass would they be from a storyline and action standpoint. Skelly's sword everyone is asking where did he get another ? Hey as powerful a sorceror and warrior skeletor is I dont think it would be to hard for him to put a magical spell on a sword after Tri-Klops created him another, nothing big there!! I tell you this you usually dont put the words great warrior after you speak of a sorceror but that is what Skeletor is. If it wouldnt be for He-Man I really feel after watching this ep. that Eternia would be in trouble. We also get to see Whiplash doing a little something more than lashing his tail and getting his butt thumped. Also Beastman showing a little intelligence in this ep as well when He-Man tried to trick he and Evil-lyn to follow him. Ending was very abrupt but again this is mainly because of trying to fit everything in a 22 minute block. Overall another good episode with good animation to boot. God I love this series !!!!

    Score: 8/10 very good, Skeletor and the introduction of the 2 new races plus cool fight scenes push this one way over an average episode!!

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    Oh wow.

    I missed the opening five minutes, but for the first time since the premiere, I think it matters.

    Again, I say wow.

    Thank you, everyone involved with the new series. This is the episode I've been waiting for since I saw the premiere. Solid script, perfect characters, and animation that gave me goosebumps. Good introduction to two new species (well, kind of new, in the case of Whiplash's people). I'm actually looking forward to the follow-up with these storylines. I can't tell you how much I'm in love with Randor just now, and Adam, while being his usual irritating self, wasn't grating this outing, so yay! The ep reminded me a lot of the premiere, and also of Samurai Jack --- heavily action-based scenes, punctuated by visually stunning moments. What dialogue there was made me happy, but man, the moment with Randor's face in the sword ... *does Dance of Animated Joy* The entire episode was about moments for me. Adam, halfway across the bridge and under attack, his father calling out for him, not knowing if he's about to be slaughtered.

    Excellent Skeletor/Randor interaction. I think I prefer seeing them fight rather than Bonehead and Muscles, because there's such a sense of history bubbling between the characters. Again and again, wow. Whoda thunk a male-bonding ep would make my lil ol' feminist heart go pitter-pat? Kudos again to the production crew.

    Now, all I want for Christmas is for the show's quality to stay at this level. Pretty please?

    A very happy ...

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    Something just occurred to me that explained why I liked this ep so much, aside from the details that others have pointed out (the sword fights, the lack of filler character appearances, etc).

    It actually ties into why I voted for the old theme over the new. Up until recently, the new series seems to have favored action over adventure in its storylines - look at "Ties that Bind," which was crammed with action scenes (that weren't always necessary). I remember the old series as more adventure-oriented; sure, there was plenty of action, but it was secondary and only when it was relevant to the plot.

    "Underworld", to me, seemed to capture the "adventure" side of the series fairly well. The episode went seven minutes - a third of its running time - without any sword battles, but those seven minutes weren't boring at all due to everything we were discovering: the Speleans, Randor's history with them, the new and beautifully done backgrounds of Subternia itself, a bit of Whiplash's history and a glimpse at his race (and again, it's nice to see that he ISN'T a lone mutant).

    Of course, there was plenty of action, but that's what the episode was building up to, and it was integral to the plot, rather than just feeling thrown in there. And some of the clever touches to the action scenes - the Randor/Skeletor rivalry, Evil-Lyn's diversion tactics, Beast Man NOT falling for a diversion, He-Man's entrance - kept them from feeling like throwaway scenes (as some action scenes have).

    Point is, some episodes make us forget just how huge and varied Eternia must be - it's an entire PLANET, after all - and when episodes dwell on the same handful of places, it makes Eternia seem a lot smaller than it is. When we get a glimpse of places beyond Grayskull and the Palace and Snake Mountain, it's a reminder that there's an entirely new planet here for us to discover, something that I never forgot in the old series.

    Just a thought.

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    Yeah...solid of my favorites thus far. Everything was perfect...the dialog in particular was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Extremely well done.

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    Waitasec. "City of the Ancients"... These wouldn't be the same Ancients as the Faceless One, would they?

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    And now, an incredibly long distance bump for the purpose of nitpicking.

    * Skeletor claimed early on that he had made attempts at Grayskull "by land, by sea, and by air". Did he ever make an attempt by sea? I have difficulty picturing an attack by sea on such a landlocked castle. The closest thing we had to sea attacks were in "The Deep End" (which was not an actual Skeletor attack; it took place before he even knew Grayskull was worth attacking) and "The Mystery of Anwat Gar" (which was the episode after this one).

    * When Randor intercepted Skeletor's group in that one lava cavern, Skeletor was leading the way. Strange, that. I thought he didn't know his way around, which was why Whiplash should have been leading (as he was for EVERY OTHER such scene), rather than being the last one in the line. Were they headed back from a dead end?

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    Underworld is certainly my favorite episode so far!! It was nice to see Skeletor using his swords again.. and the hatred he has for King Randor. And it's always nice to see King Randor fighting.. that's something that was certainly missing from the old series. I wondering if He-Man's battle axe will ever make an appearance in this cartoon, though.
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    well i just saw "underworld" on YTV and it was a great episode!!! i'm not sure if it was the loooooonnnngggg wait for a new ep, or if it was that damn good, but i sure loved it especially when skelly and randor were battling

    can't wait for next week!!!
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    yea it was a pretty good ep. i do wish, however, this wasnt the first one to start off the new eps on YTV. i wish we got to see syclone or two bad before this one
    but next week we will be lucky cuz syclone makes his appearance

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    Originally posted by skinnypuppy
    yea it was a pretty good ep. i do wish, however, this wasnt the first one to start off the new eps on YTV. i wish we got to see syclone or two bad before this one
    but next week we will be lucky cuz syclone makes his appearance know I was thinking the same thing before seeing Underworld. Granted there was a long wait for new YTV episodes, but Underworld paid off ten times bigger than I expected.
    This was an amazing episode, the kind I prayed for in the old show growing up. Characterization, drama instead of cheesy humour, killer fight scenes (that weren't pointless) and dialogue that will stick with me for a while. Skeletor showed he had a backbone to match the skull and can hold his own physically as well as magically.
    I'm eager for the next two episodes as well, but Underworld is hovering at the top of my fav episodes list so far.

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