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Thread: MOTU Comic #3 - Official Talk Back *SPOILER WARNING*

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    Think the Sorceress told He-Man to go on his own, because she was influenced by the crystal? Hmmmmm

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    Issue 3 was a good issue. There was action and lust. He-Man got beat up a little! Its awl good. The rest of the Masters are comin to save his sorry butt. I for one am glad to see He-Man taking a decapitating swing at Tri-Klops. I dont think he was under the influence of that crystal at all. He had just gotten stabbed by an enemy, what is he suppose to do? beg for mercy? I dont think so. He is holding that sword for a reason. And I loved the fact that it didnt go through, That is the whole point to the armor. Why would he wear it if it didnt work? I think people get way to outta wack about the whole "heman wont cut anybody open" thing. I hope he uses that sword for its intended purposes, and I hope he pulls out his battle axe and swings it around a little. I like the whole barbaric take on heman so I am for the violence!

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    Originally posted by RichardX1
    Well, that totally s any chance for She-Ra.
    Not really....they didn't say the Sword of Protection has to be handed down the same way, did they? There might be a different set of rules for that sword. Or maybe a loophole like the evil Adora isn't the "true" Adora..meaning of course, that she's sorta brainwashed...(and in a way she was since she was raised by the Horde, right?..)....but when she realizes what she's done, she TRULY becomes She-Ra..the one the sword is meant for. And only then , could the sword's full power be unlocked by her.

    Maybe something like that could work, if they ever wanted to do a new She-Ra cartoon/comic book.

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    Just a quick message to say that I loved the loin-cloth joke - Evil-Lyn's a dirty-minded so-and-so!
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    Chris here...

    I finally managed to get hold of my copy of #3 yesterday, and I have to say that I very much enjoyed it! The scene with Orko and Man-at-Arms was my personal favourite, funnily enough - it just reminded me very much of the old Filmation cartoon!

    I'll possibly post up a more in-depth review a bit later on when I've got more time - for now I'll just say good job, guys!

    Take care...
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    I just got a chance to read issue number three myself. I've often complained that Orko and Evil-Lyn seemed to be the main characters of the comic, and that I didn't like it. Well this comic changed all that. With an awesome focus-switch to He-Man, a ROCKIN' battle scene, and finally...FINALLY a real appearance by Skeletor... A great comic.

    I too believe that MOTU should have fighting. I mean, isn't that the whole point? Fighting over control of Eternia/Grayskull? Fighting shouldn't be the sole focus, but it should be where our focus naturally drifts to... Once we get attached to these characters, we should see them fight, and we should feel concern for them when they get hit, but ultimately, we should feel good when the day is saved. That's my take on the whole violence thing.

    I wanted to say something but I forgot what it was... I think it was pretty darn profound too. Oh well, I should save it because this thread is old and nobody will reply to me anyway.

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    I still have to get Issues #3 AND 4!

    And I probably won't be able to either for a bit longer.... Damn.
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