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Thread: Orko's Garden - Official Talkback Thread

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    The next time Orko's Garden will be on is Saturday, May 10, at 7:30 PM.

    I've got an episode schedule on my MOTU site, Castle Numbskull, so people can see what's coming up in the forseeable future. I currently have the eps listed through May 31.
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    Thank goodness.

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    It was refreshing to see that the one who screws up in the beginning didnīt get even at the end by saving a day, I mean FOR ONCE!

    Iīm so tired to see the most predictable plot ever recycled over and over again in various series and many times. Makes me wanna yawn. Besides we had that kind of an episode already (Mekaneckīs lament).

    So, I smiled in the end. Orko screwed up and others saved his ass. Gives a realistic touch, in reality its not common at all to everyone get even at the end. Orko will have his moments of glory in future Iīm sure.

    It also annoys me when there is people here who complain always when some character or thing isnīt the exact same as in Classic MOTU (by the way, opens eyes a lot to watch say 5-10 episodes of Classic MOTU now. I did it and, well, have to say that I remembered it to be much better than it was. They were so lame and cheesy that I didnīt enjoy them. Not even near as good as the new series).

    Hey, Evilseed has NOT changed. It appeared for the very first time. This is not a continuity to the old MOTU.

    I took in the first place the attitude that NO character has a history before and its worked out great for me. I donīt have to complain about new appearences and characterizations cause there is no past for me. I like the old topping but the inside is new and exciting. Thats the right pattern, much old but much new also.

    Sure, some characters were IMO better in old MOTU (especially comic which I prefered back in old days) and some where worse. Not all characters can be complicated and cunning and invincible. Now is now. This IS Evilseed, like a fugitive from a mental hospital. I like it. It made me have the feeling of a unique personality in Eternia and thats the most important thing. Not to have characters who are alike.
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    that was fragmented...

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