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Thread: Buzz-Off's Pride - Official Talkback Thread

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    Originally posted by Creep990
    It was boring. I always like the episodes without Skeletor less than the ones with Skeletor and his henchmen. I think this was worsened by the fact that there was no Skeletor last week. They should try to space out the non-Skeletor episodes instead of airing them back to back. I might have enjoyed this episode more if they had done that.
    Thisis a really good coment and gives constructive criticism. If Orko´s garden had been several weeks ago and we´d had Skeletor for a few episodes, would people have enjoyed this slightly more?
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    Couple of things that bothered me about this episode

    Overall Buzz-off's Pride was O.K. However there were a couple of thinks that bothered me about it. First off, why didn't they name one of the giants Megator? That would have rocked and it would have beed a tribute to long time fans.

    I was also confused by the lesson that Buzz-off was supposed to have learned. His pride got the best of him and caused him not to work with the other Masters as a team to defeat the giants. However, at the end of the show he goes off and gets the crystal back by fighting and outsmarting 3 giants by himself?!

    Oh well, I guess not all the episodes can be cool.

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    Originally posted by The Champion of Light
    "Mekanek's Lament" was a superb, all-around episode. A million times better than this Christy Marx garbage.
    Blah. superbly stupid. A wicked villian like Marzo is defeated by a guy with a ten mile long neck getting wrapped around him... That is very unimaginative. Weakeened Mek's character too. I just think they could have done so much better with Marzo and Mek. I loved Mekaneck until that episode. They made him too whiney. And that neck--come on, there's got to be some kind of reasonable limit to the length his neck can extend.

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    Originally posted by gorby
    His pride got the best of him and caused him not to work with the other Masters as a team to defeat the giants. However, at the end of the show he goes off and gets the crystal back by fighting and outsmarting 3 giants by himself?!
    Yeah, that's what I thought too.

    Oh well --- bring on the Snake Men!!

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    Buzz-Off's Pride aka episode for the brain dead fans !!

    All I can say is "OH MY GOD WHAT THE ***** WAS THAT". I usually try to stay more professional than this but that was truely just as bad if not worse than "Mystery of Anwat Gar". I'll have to ponder upon that for awhile.

    What worked...... nothing absolutely nothing. The story was lame, the action ho hum and the animation (which several thought to be good ?) was below average. This episode reeks of crap. Let's see if I can wade through this one here.

    First I like Buzz Off and think he can be a cool character but this episode was not the one to display this. His first fight with the giant was ok but the ending when he grabbed the stone was so lame you would think they could have thought of a more intelligent and interesting way for him to have gotten it back. It just made this show feel like it only had the mentally challenged and brain dead viewers in mind.

    The Masters well they were only backup characters in this one which I do not mind but it lets them off the hook to go about the big grip I have with this episode, the Giants. Is it just me or did this episode rip off the troll under the bridge theme in the beginning. Once I saw that I had a feeling it was going to get worse.

    Giants made this episode feel way to childish and alot of the execution of this show fell flat . I dont know what age bracket they were trying to impress but If Im watching a show that I assume is to be written for people 7 and up I would at least expect something not as mundane and goofy as this. This episode just felt like a filler episode that wasnt even capable of doing it's job.

    They need to get back to what they did with the beginning of this series good stories and good action balanced with each episode feeling like it is broadening the universe of the series. Not to mention keeping up that continuation from ep to ep. Forget this crap with Giants stealing stones we need to get back to what the series is about He-Man vs Skeletor vs Hordak vs King Hiss. Building on that is alot of stories and alot of character building as it is anyway. It's cool to have an episode now and then to give us a "break" but if your going to introduce new characters (evil or good) you better make them interesting and not cop out and make a crappy filler episode or worse ......... "Buzz-Off's Pride".

    The Good:
    Well Buzz Off was in it !!!!!
    The Bad:
    Story, Action, Giants, Animation, etc, etc, etc.

    Score: 3/10 Bad
    I have seen worse in other series but this may be the worst (along with Anwat Gar) new MOTU episode to date.

    God deliver us from the evil of "Buzz Off's Pride" and give us the greatest episode yet with "The Snake Pit" (trying to keep expectations down !!!)

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    Trollan Justice

    The Giants!

    This episode had the POTENTIAL to be great! The giants weren't EVIL enough I tells ya!
    Why did they tell that wagon driver to turn around and leave the bridge? They should have scooped him up and bit him in half!

    Then, when they raided the village, they should have just smashed every building in sight while laughing and then stomping on the poor, fleeing villagers? Why not? They were evil and seemed to enjoy behaving like jerks.

    And what about when the giant knocked Buzz-Off unconscious? He should have tried to squash him to a pulp once he had him defenseless like that!

    Then, they could have done more with He-Man using his incredible strength to beat them up and it would have truly made him seem like the strongest man in the universe (which we need to be reminded of from time to time).

    I know this is a kids cartoon, but if they're going to introduce massive, cruel villains with the strength to bully and destroy anything they please, then why have them hold back?

    Were they misunderstood? 3 giants living alone in a shack (one bed?) who just wanted their fruit to be a bit bigger and could have learned to share the stone with the villagers would have been the pansy, good moral way to tell the story. But 3 giants who delight in picking on weak humans and want to steal the stone to sell it for money? To buy what? 2 extra beds?

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    I finally got around to watching this ep last night, and I don't see where all the harsh critism is coming from. I thought the episode was quite good. My only complaint was that when Buzz-off fought the giants it seemed a little too "Jack and the Beanstalk" I guess.

    And if you caught the episode of Armada that came on after He-man, it makes this episode look Oscar worthy.
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    Alot of you hit on head and very constructively too I might add. I agree it felt way to childish and needed back story on giants at very least.
    Adam and cringer sitting under tree was best part, i agree totally. I dont think anyone realing complaining about needing more action, or even needing skeletor in every episode, just dont insult children and larger grown up fan base with hollow eye candy. Heck adam and cringer talking under the tree for 20 mins would be alot more interesting then this. Though I do admit I liked buzzoff being trapped in cabin with 3 giants swing weapons, it felt like intense video game there for few moments. Dialogue, story, mystery, scenery!

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    It's no wonder most people don't listen to the fan base. Not too long ago, I remember peolpe complaining about HAVING Skeletor in every episode. Now after only two Non Skeletor episode, the side has turned....


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    I really liked this episode! Buzz Off is cool! and that Queenie would make a GREAT figure!
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    I liked this episode alot. IMO it had all the chances to be a great episode, but it lacked some things:

    1) The Masters were too easy on Buzz-Off. I mean lots of people could have died because of him. They should've suspended him or something

    2) Some of the Dialog was bad. Like He-man's line "Masters of the universe fight for justice and love kindness." Blah they should've quoted The Problem with Power or some other great episode instead. Like "Masters have sworn to uphold that which is right and to protect the innocent, today you broke that promise" .

    3) Why did Buzz-off go after the crystal alone? That's just as much about pride as everything else in the episode. He should have submitted to ask help from the other masters.

    Other than that it was nice to see an Eternian city with people in it. And I loved the scenes where Masters helped the villagers. We should see more of rebuilding in general.

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    I found this episode, extremely disappointing. I hope that future episodes will pick the pace back up. I feel this could have been done better, with the elements it had, but fell apart early on. Sadly I must dub it, the worst episode yet.

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    i did not watch this ep, so i guess i did not miss a thing then. from all the bad reviews, i chill then. isn't is showing again this weekend? don't they rerun the previous eps before the new one airs?

    Also i like orko's garden, still HATE orko's voice, HATE HATE HATE! animator's made this new orko wayy to stupid. bring back old orko, he rocked! well he did in the first season.

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    i liked Buzz Off's pride. I would of liked a different approach however. I would of liked to of seen Buzz Off fight normal sized enemies to see what kind of arsenol he has. Then later in time, the giants episode would of been cool.

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    Well, I finally got to watch this episode today.

    It's not the worst episode of this series to date. (That "honor" belongs to Anwat Gar, blegh.) But it's near the bottom of my list, that's for sure.

    Christy Marx and Randy Littlejohn are capable of MUCH, MUCH better than this.

    I did like the "fairy tale" sensibility of it...three giants guarding a bridge, going after a magic stone, with an insect to stop him. I also liked the fact that the giants played off the fact that Buzz-Off is an insect-person (Andreenid) by contrasting the size and making him look like a real bee.

    But aside from that, I really hope we're done with the "magic stone" plots, and the story in this one, while not bad, is not well-paced. Secondly, I know its a kids show, but Buzz-Off comes across as a monumental jerk in this episode, even after he learns his lesson. It's official: Buzz-Off is the designated "jerk" of the Masters of the Universe. Even his name seems to point toward his overall jerk off.

    It's not terrible, but I wasn't impressed, and while I liked the creative energy and the general premise, it wasn't the most compelling half-hour of television. It kinda bored me, more than some of the other episodes this season.

    Hope that tonight's "Snake Pit" is much, much better.

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    Just saw Buzz-offs pride

    Ive been out of my time zone for a couple weeks and I missed Buzzoffs pride last week. Upon just watching it how can anyone call this 'Sirens Song' or worse?
    The Masters were actually taunted and challenged, frustrated and Buzz-off was swatted more that once. Like a story you might here the masters telling about one of thier adventures on a camp-out.Of course Buzz-off might resent the more humiliating parts.
    And the tension between Ram-man and Buzz-off is still smouldering! Maybe this episode should be placed before Sirens Song arcwise.
    My only gripe with this episode was animation. Is it just me or does anyone else worry that soon an ep. will be done entirely in action lines?
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    Re: Just saw Buzz-offs pride

    the crystal was the thing that the village grow crops. the giants wanted to steal the crystal, so that the people would give the giants money in hopes that they would return the crystal.

    here's my question: why would the giants need money? wouldn't they just try to steal anything that they wanted? they try to steal the crystal afterall, but they don't want to try to steal money? huh?

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    Well Buzz-Off's Pride goes down as the first episode I had ever missed, so I just saw it today as well.
    I liked it. I always liked the fairy tales about giants that this episode mirrors. My only gripes are:
    (1)the crystal/whatever makes plants grow to tremendous size, so wouldn't a certain gardening Master come in handy here. Heck, Mossman would have schooled these giants good, probably why he was absent I guess.
    (2) I too was a little disappointed that Buzz-Off still went off on his own to regain the crystal even after he was supposed to realized his mistake. And the Masters were way to easy on him. A little suspension could have even explained why he may not appear in future episodes.

    A major plus to this episode was the use of existing characters rather than the constan barrage of new faces we've been handed since the new eps started up again. Develop the existing characters more before moving on to the new guys! Please

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    Originally posted by Whiplashed
    A major plus to this episode was the use of existing characters rather than the constan barrage of new faces we've been handed since the new eps started up again. Develop the existing characters more before moving on to the new guys! Please
    You know, you put your finger on something important here. These eps are toy commercials, yes. That's an accepted fact. But since they have a limited number of eps - 28 as opposed to the 65 for the '80s MOTU series - they have to cram all of the merchandisable guys into less space. That leads to more "character of the day" eps and fewer eps in which they use the characters as a team and develop the existing characters... or introduce new characters who are intended to add to the stories rather than to be put in blister packs.
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    Thank goodness.

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    I just got to see this episode today. The first one I ever missed, thank you for repeats It really wasnt as bad as alot of people here were saying it was. I think it was a decent stand alone episode that fleshed out Buzz-Off and his people a little better.

    Now onto the Snake Pit and Zodac, hmmmm only some 30 odd minutes to go ......

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    King Krypton
    Silly me, when I first heard the title "Buzz-Off's Pride," I thought it was going to be an episode about his people (a "pride" of bees). I had no idea it was going to be about him having a hissy fit because a trio of dopey giants slapped him around.

    A magic crystal that accelerates plant growth? Not a bad idea, could be used as a weapon in the wrong hands. Giants as bad guys? Good idea, Horsedrawn carriages on Eternia? Great. Alas, the giants were morons, the crystal served no purpose, and Buzz-Off lost a lot of his nobility in my eyes.

    Chalk this one up as "potential wasted."

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    lladnar the so-so

    Re: Re: Just saw Buzz-offs pride

    Originally posted by baneling
    the crystal was the thing that the village grow crops. the giants wanted to steal the crystal, so that the people would give the giants money in hopes that they would return the crystal.

    here's my question: why would the giants need money? wouldn't they just try to steal anything that they wanted? they try to steal the crystal afterall, but they don't want to try to steal money? huh?
    they never said "money", they said they would be "paid" to give back the crystal. it's never mentioned what exactly they were wanting to be paid, but "payment" can be anything, not just money.
    i missed this episode last week also, so i got to watch it today. despite the bad reviews in this thread, i thought it was fine. yes, it did have inconsistencies, but those inconsistencies were nominal. the biggest inconsistency was having buzz off go after the giants alone, seconds after he is chewed out for going off alone before.

    the art was good again, i probably wouldn't have caught the 3 digit, 4 digit, 5 digit hand changes if someone hadn't mentioned it here. the dong woo studio seems to do really well with body movement, i wonder if they rotoscope alot. and the scenery and backgrounds are unbelievable.
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