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Thread: Island - Official Talkback Thread

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    Come now it wasn't that bad. We at least got to see Teela all scared and ****.


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    Um, someone please sum up the ending for me... i glanced away for a few seconds and suddenly Dekker says "I have an idea," and the credits roll.. Huh?

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    .........Well that episode was extremely lacking... I mean it was cool we got to see this mentor of Duncan's & find out a little bit more about Clawful's race (no offical name for them yet though), but other then it wasn't thee best episode to date.

    Yeah, kinda crappy ending too.

    And you're right Tallstar, they do look like walking lampshades, . I thought it was originally some sorta giant sea-person waring a blanket over his head. Instead it was some sorta crab/jelly fish.

    thew40: LOL, yeah I'm surprised he even goes near the ocean anymore.


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    .... I'm stunned.

    Folks, hear my words: Siren's Song is no longer my Most Hated Episode Ever.

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    Wow, it is possible for there to be an episode with a lamer story and ending than Mekaneck's Lament.

    What a horrible episode. But I can deal with it. I've like all of the others (except Mek's Lament).

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    I didn't catch most of it, but I thought it was a pretty good episode, it at least held my interest. Hopefully they are getting the hint that characters staring at each other doesn't make a good story. Also poor teela was a really really ugly child!

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    That's all I have to say.

    We were spoiled by SNAKE PIT last week.

    Still, I think it was...well...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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    This episode is a great example of why we need to vote for more story in the poll rather than more action. This episode was so filled with mindless action, it failed to be as good as it potentially could have been. The idea of meeting Man-at-Arms' mentor is great, except that we learned nothing about him what-so-ever ! We need more story!
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    Officially one of my favs.

    I admit it freely -- I laughed and I almost cried.

    Hey Mike Young!!!

    VERY NICE scene with Teela and Man-At-Arms a'dying.

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    Well, hopefully in the next two weeks we have Stinkor and Webstor to look forward too.
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    Yes, even worse than Deep End....
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    I liked this episode. The Decker and Clawful Cousin Characres are cool as hell. For those who didn't like it well at least it's still better than the steaming pile airng afterwards
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    Funniest episode ever. I laughed my butt off the entire time, except for when Duncan was gonna die, but other than that, it was really good. A nice little light-hearted episode.

    Loved that ending. Something about Clawful and Skeletor standing out in the middle of the ocean for hours on end is just damn funny.

    Something that MAA said that facsinated me, though. "I know sometimes I'm hard on you, but that's because . . . much is expected." Could he somehow be telling her that Sorceress is her mother? Regarding Teela someday taking up her mothers mantle? Just a nugget of speculation.

    Good episode. Nothing to write home about, granted, but it wasn't too bad. There have been worse!

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    I hate to ask, but what was it all about? What was Dekker doing on the Island? Why did the Masters show up? What was the deal with the crab people? Did they want to eat the Masters? Why was Teela scared and ****? Why did they show her as a teen? What was the point of it?

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    Well lets see what the score is:

    out of the last 4 episodes we've had 1 incredible work of art

    and 3 piles of CRAP!!!!!!!!!

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    Well, another 'just there' episode. I actually was able to sit through this one for some reason. Must have been the good music and animation, the only good things that came out of it. I seriously hope that a lot of people have voted for the episodes to have more story, because this episode is a great example of how this new series is only focusing on fighting and actiong.

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    OMG THANK GOD IT ENDED!!!! This episode gave me headache. I will not be seeing this episode again. I give it a 1/10 YUK!
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    Originally posted by Fearless_Photog
    This episode is a great example of why we need to vote for more story in the poll rather than more action.
    ::nods:: Aye. Point me in the direction of this poll & I'll vote away!


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    Come on now guys, it wasn't all that bad. Buzz Off's Pride still sucks more than this one.
    I think we got a little more insight to Teela's character. That alone made it kind of cool.
    And if youre gonna diss it, give some reasons like Shadow did.

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    I liked the episode. Was cool seeing Klawful's family and race. Great character devolpement on Man-at-Arms and Teela. That was a sad moment between the two.

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    I dozed off during the show....and dreamed that teela was kissing my neck. What did I miss? "LAUGHS"

    O.k. So I did watch it....But It sucked!

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    i kinda like clawful's red cousin better than clawful...he even has control over those oversized jellyfish....who else is in favor of clawful's cousin overthrowing clawful for the evil enemy's crab position in skeletor's checkbook?....i like him a lot better than clawful...i would have liked to see this cousin as the new clawful....he looks, and sounds a lot cooler than clawful....with clawful im ready to see him crawl out of the new york city sewers...he sounds like a hired hand of the mob

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    Originally posted by Teela's Master
    Hey Shadow, thanks so very much again for the stills. I hate not being able to watch He-Man. Now can someone tell me what the episode was all about?
    Clawful's cousin overhears dekker(MAA mentor) saying that MAA is coming to visit. He signals skeletor of this and skeletor tells him to set up a trap to catch MAA. The cousin captures dekker as bait and then MAA and teela. Lots of fighting. He-man finally shows up. They beat up the bad guys. MAA got sting by one of those poisonious squids during the fight. They go get milk from some tree and give it to him. He's all better. The end.

    Worst episode by FAR. Only introduced MAA mentor and clawful's cousin and race. Nothing as far as story arc goes. Very, very bad. Must go claw my eyes out now(ha, claw, crabs, get it? no.)

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    Artimus Gigan
    What is the point of everything?!

    I tell you this show needs to be an hour, or atleast a 2-parter!

    They could have ended it with MAA being poisioned then some flashbacks then the last scene before the credits is He-Man swimming off to search for the antidote!

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    It was good, yet it left me wanting for more. I wonder what Dek's idea was. Maybe we'll find out next week. Same He-Man time, same He-Man station.
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