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Thread: " The Curse of the Spellstone" Official Episode Review Talkback Thread!

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    " The Curse of the Spellstone" Official Episode Review Talkback Thread!

    hey guys, happy sunday.

    This weeks EP is " The Curse of the Spellstone"

    Let's hear all your feedback reviews on this classic episode.

    Thanks and enjoy...


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    well the curse of the spellstone was defenitly an episode where all the good guys were in it from heman to battlecat and cringer.
    for skeletors crew he was in it as well as evillynn and trap jaw as well his his famous robots.
    i liked the episode for its an imagination u see fire men, the horac, the spellstone which works its evil throughout till heman reversed the evil it had done, a new 8 legged creature, and overall new sourandings.

    overall its a fun ep w humer action a fun story.
    its one of my fave eps from the original series and also can sometimes its called a classic ep and i believe it is as well
    overall i gave it a 9 out of 10
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    Wow! A pretty cool episode ... but not the best. In some sections the pace of the story seems quite strange.

    I think the creeping Horak is the most memorable aspect of this episode. The relentless advance of the horak through the palace was quite eery, and the way the toon kept switching between the Royal family racing from the Horak and He-Man fight scenes, the feeling was that the horak was going and going and going and was unstoppable.

    I just know I will have nightmares about the horak for years.

    Evil Lyn did quite well in this episode, with her idea for the use of the Spellstone and her success in turning the people against the king and family. Looking back now at the end of the episode, I think it strange that the people rebelled - even despite the storms.

    But I guess scepticism to new technology is not new - we see it today with genetic modification of plants.

    Skeletor also does well this episode, with seemingly trap after trap for He-Man and his friends.

    It was also good to see Skeletor fight with his half of the power sword for the first time. I hope we see more of this in future ... but it would be good if Skeletor was a better fighter. One swing of his sword and He-Man had one.

    Overall, a good action episode, but not the best.

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    Excellent! From Evil-Lyn swaying the crowd to the brief He-Man and Skeletor sword fight to the Horak.... Groovy!

    And I love the cameo by "Eldor."
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    This is without a doubt one of my fav. early episodes of MOTU! The Spellstone is awesom... and I love the way the ep. comes together. The Creeping Horack wants to kill the royal family... kill? Ahhh, yes! The Fire People rock too. I really can't say anything bad about it. I also love Evil-Lyn in this one too.... deliciously evil!

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    Chris here...

    "The Curse of the Spellstone" I always think of as a good, solid episode that helped to shape the type of action-adventure show that the original MOTU was. It's got all the elements - excitement, adventure, great villains and great heroism from He-Man. Lovely stuff!

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    I love "The Curse of the Spellstone". Even though Iīve only seen it dubbed Finnish, itīs great.

    Showing Fire Men fleshes out the different people that live in Eternia, and Horac has a past so itīs just something that is for the moment.

    This episode has the feeling of the somewhat barbarian world He-Man had in him during few early episodes, that which drew me into He-Man in the first place.
    The ensemble of warriors is something I wish had seen more: He-Man, Battlecat, Stratos, Ram Man, Man-At-Arms and Teela, each bringing something to the table, making them a unique group.
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    "The Curse of the Spellstone" is an enjoyable, early episode of the series.

    It is rather typical of the early episodes in that it is very action-heavy, and features a large number of the regular characters, including nearly all of the original Heroic Warriors, bar the little-used Man-E-Faces.

    The Creeping Horak is an interesting concept, and, like many elements of the early episodes, feels like it really has a history to it (unlike such concepts in later episodes, which often felt two-dimensional and mere plot devices, with no history to them).

    The episode gives Evil-Lyn an early chance to shine, as she disguises herself and tricks the peasants and turns them against the Royal Palace.

    It is also the first time we see the designs for the two male villagers (a young one, and an older, bearded one), that were re-used MANY times.

    The Fire People are well executed, and add to the feeling of so many different races inhabiting Planet Eternia.

    I'm not sure how I rate this episode. It's a good one, but at the same time, gets a bit lost amongst the early, action-heavy, lots-of-characters heavy, "diabolical Skeletor plot" episodes. I think if it had come a little later, when the plots had started to diversify a bit, I would have appreciated it even more. As it is, I consider it to be a good episode which I give 8.5/10.
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    Well the first few times I saw this I wasn't much for it it took a while but I now aprreciate the ep. It is really very good.

    We get a nice new device...the said Spellstone, a threat to the palace with the Creeping Horak and Evil-Lyn gets to do some stuff.

    Action heavy, up start citizens, Man-at-Arms is missing gloves in a few shots and Skeletor runs of. All in all another day in the life of an Eternian

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    This is my second favourite episode, after She-Demon of Phantos. Evil-Lyn is so cool in this episode..

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    I like thois episode. It not my favourite but I do like it as, like with a lot of the early episodes, they had a real proper Masters of the Unviverse vibe to it.
    Plus it has one of the few (if not the only) sword fight between He-man and Skeletor.
    There's alos a lovley animation sequence where Teela is nealy snagged by the Horlac. She's just nicely darwn there I think.
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