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    Second Chance at Love -- the actual story

    This story is set in the original He-Man cartoon and takes place after the events of all the episodes including the Christmas special. While part of this story will take place on Eternia and part on Etheria, I should note that my representation of both worlds is a good deal more serious than the actual cartoons, especially POP. I have tried to stay as true to canon as possible, but some minor changes may be noted for the sake of realism. Anyway, this is a romance – do not expect adventure, though I don’t promise that there won’t be any. Adam/Teela fans should enjoy this, even if they don’t particularly care for the old show or She-Ra. I try to fill in the blanks as I go for those who didn’t watch POP as well as MOTU.
    Anyway, on with the show and I hope you all enjoy this.

    Adam yawned, stretched his neck, stretched his shoulders and leaned back against his favorite fishing tree with a contented sigh. Finally, I can relax. Finally. Cringer immediately flopped down beside him and fell instantly asleep. Within no time the great green and gold tiger was chasing dream butterflies. Go get ‘em boy. The prince yawned again, closed his eyes and joined his furry friend in somnolence.

    He was certain that he couldn’t have been napping for more than a few minutes when a strident voice pulled him from lumber. “Adam!” Teela yelled, practically shouting directly into his ear. “For heaven’s sake, it’s the middle of the day!”

    Adam sighed wearily and forced his tired eyes to open. “I had noticed, Teela. You see, the funny thing is that the middle of the day is when people usually take naps.”

    Teela snorted, placed her hands on her hips and said, “Yes, but first you have to do something to earn the nap. Now get up. It’s time for our afternoon practice and I am certainly not going to carry you back to the palace.”

    The prince glared up at his oldest friend and playmate, suddenly feeling less than friendly. “And if I don’t?”

    His bodyguard folded her arms across her chest and stared at him, giving every indication that she was prepared to remain in that position for the rest of the day if necessary. Great. Adam groaned internally. Just once, I’d like to be able to tell her that I already did my practice for the day with Skeletor. Just once.

    Standing slowly in order to hide some of the stiffness in his muscles, Adam said only, “Fine. I’ll meet you there.”

    “Oh no,” Teela said, still glaring at him. “I know that trick. The minute my back is turned you’ll disappear again. So you either come with me or I follow you.”

    Insulted and more than a little hurt by Teela’s hostility, Adam squared his shoulders and marched for the home, leaving Cringer to finish his nap in peace. By the time the palace walls came into view, the prince could feel his shoulders beginning to droop. I swear, I think I strained something when I threw that cart at Beastman. I better have Man-At-Arms take a look at me later.

    When they reached the royal family's private practice yard, Teela immediately chose a weapon and shield for her prince, without consulting him, and tossed them at him. Adam caught them deftly enough, but his arm protested the weight of the shield sending small tendrils of fire shooting down his spine. Maybe I should just walk away, he thought lethargically. It’s not like she could have a lower opinion of me than she already does.

    Mentally steeling himself against the pain that he knew was coming, Adam watched as Teela turned her back to him in order to choose her own armaments for their practice bout. His eyes lingered on her roan hair and he wondered yet again what it would be like to run his hands through those glorious locks, to pulls the pins and let it fall loose down her back, to – STOP IT! Adam rubbed his forehead, trying desperately to shake off the dream-like images that assailed him. Just stop it. She deserves better than to have you pawing over her in your mind like some randy courtier. She’s a seasoned warrior, Man-At-Arms’ daughter and your oldest friend, so just keep yourself in check. He turned his eyes away, staring at the enclosure wall. Besides, even if she were the illiterate child of a cobbler, you still wouldn’t have the right to undress –


    The prince returned his gaze to his sparring partner, startled out of his introspection. “What?” he asked, uncertain whether she had said anything else while he stood there, daydreaming. “Yes, Teela.”

    Teela sighed, clearly exasperated with him. “Pay attention. I could have taken your head off just now and you would never have noticed.

    “Sorry.” He raised his sword and shield into position, but before Teela could make her first lunge at him, a familiar voice cut through the tense silence.

    “Adam, Teela, I think you’d better skip the practice for today,” Man-At-Arms said cheerfully. “We have guests.”

    The combatants turned in unison. “Adora!” the prince cried, amazed to see his twin sister standing beside Duncan, a huge grin on her face. They had the same brilliant blue eyes, the same golden hair and the same unshatterable bond. He barely had time to drop his training sword and shield unceremoniously to the ground before he found himself enveloped in an energetic hug. “Ooof,” he said, only half joking, as she hit him like a small, cuddly comet. He began, automatically, to swing her around but hastily aborted the gesture when his shoulder and arm muscles began to scream at him. Luckily, only Adora was close enough to hear his tiny gasp of pain.

    “It’s so good to see you,” he said, before she could ask any questions he’d have trouble answering in front of Teela. “I’ve missed you tremendously.”

    She pulled back just enough to look into his care-worn eyes. “And I’ve missed you, Adam. Dreadfully.” She smiled gently, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and, miraculously, he felt some of the metaphysical weight on his shoulders slide away. I’m not alone anymore. The next person that spoke shocked him so badly that he squeezed his sister until she squeaked and squirmed free of his grasp.

    “It’s lovely to see such a close family,” she said a warm and extremely feminine voice. “But you’ve hogged him long enough, Adora.” Castaspella, the radiantly beautiful queen of Mystacore stepped forward and smiled shyly up at him. “Would it be terribly inappropriate, do you think, for me to ask for a hug as well, Prince Adam?” She placed her hands decorously behind her back and shifted her stance ever so slightly. “I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the proper Eternian etiquette and I wouldn’t want to start a scandal."
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