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Thread: Week 9: 10/29/03 - "The Caregiver" Official Classic Episode Review Talkback!

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    Week 9: 10/29/03 - "The Caregiver" Official Classic Episode Review Talkback!

    It's that time again.... but first: last time.

    WOW! I never knew starting/partaking in a revolution would be this heavy.... then again I just don't know. Anyway, although this really has nothing to do with the reviews I need to incoporate a little "shameless" promotion for a website I'm creating in support of She-Ra's return. Here are some links you can check out if you haven't already:

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    And now... on to the review!

    I really didn't plan on introducing any season 2 eps. for awhile but this one was a special request from a special guy... Alex/Scorpia. He says it's "averagish" and I feel that to an extent. I really love this one though. Chakra is a loveable character... Madame Razz's suspicion is something they all should have had in "Reunions" for Adora but at least they got this right! I really liked Glimmer in this episode too. My only regret is not being able to see any flashbacks of young Adora and Chakra... oh well, can't have it all!

    Episode 77 - The Caregiver

    Adora's caregiver, Chakra, decides to leave the Horde and join the Rebellion alongside her beloved Adora. Hordak takes advantage of the situation by giving Chakra a "special" locket as a gift for her "service." Chakra accepts unbeknownst to her that the locket allows Hordak to spy on the Rebels and know all of their plans. When an ambush gets Bow and Glimmer captured, Madame Razz suspects Chakra as a traitor. Now She-Ra must step in and "join the party" to make light of the situation.

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    Can't believe this hasn't had any replies as yet - having said that, I guess I deserve a telling-off for nominating and then neglecting it! :embarrassed:

    I do honestly feel "The Caregiver" is the prime example of an average episode - but it had so much potential. So few episodes actually reference Adora's past and this is one of the only ones to actually explore it. And yet it disappoints from the word 'go'.

    Chakra's an interesting character - it bemuses me as to why she's worked for the Horde for all these years - perhaps she too was under a spell of Shadow Weaver's. She leaves so she can be with Adora - probably the best-known rebel - and yet she expects Hordak to be understanding. First mistake. Second was accepting a gift from him.

    The magic locket scenario is very reminiscent of "Birds of a Feather", which I prefer in terms of storytelling and direction. It provides the basis of the plot - the Horde are spying on the Rebels through Chakra, causing Madame Razz to think that Chakra is the spy herself. I think Madame is badly characterised here - she's far too quick to assume, whereas normally she'd give the person a chance, much like She-Ra. It migt have been nice to see her show a bit of jealousy towards Chakra's relationship with Adora, as Madame Razz practically adopted her when she left the Horde.

    Like so many He-Man and, especially, She-Ra episodes it's a capture-and-rescue plot, but J. Brynne Stevens doesn't pull it off, IMO. If Larry DiTillio or Bob Forward had been writing it, I'm sure it would've been a masterpiece. However, they didn't, so it isn't.

    The bottom line with "The Caregiver" isn't that it's another average episode - it's that it's an average episode with such wasted potential.
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    I feel you Alex! I think that "Caregiver" is a lot like "Gateway to Trouble" a good episode... but so much more could've went on. It would've been a killer didn't have a capture/rescue plot as its safety net....incorporate flashbacks....

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