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    Originally posted by LORD FALLEN ELDOR
    She said "only I" she risked teela finding out about her destiny when the sorceress could have just told MAA to give blood and spun it so Duncan was none the wiser. so if MAA is her father, then why did the sorceress "risk all" for NOTHING! Oh that's right, because it wasn't MAA
    Teela doesn't have to have the same blood type as her father for MAA to be her father. Remember there is blood type A, B, AB, and O. Blood type O is universal and can be given to any blood type. AB is a universal recipient. Lets say the parents are one being of blood type A and one of blood type B, this means the child they had can be A, B, AB or O. Lets say Teela is A, now if Sorceress is A, she can give blood to her daughter, but not the father since B cannot give to A. But with eternia having a good knowledge of science and being able to give transfusions, they probably know of many donors, so Sorceress' claim to be the only one to give her blood is not valid unless there is something special about her blood. She said it herself, she is not human, so naturally there is something in her and Teela's blood no on else has. It doesn't mean that her father was not amongst them, it just means Teela and her are genetically different from human eternians.

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    I have another theory...

    The Sorceress is a magical being, so her blood has a taint of magic to it. Teela doesn't know it, but her blood has the same magic taint.

    Because of the taint, the Sorceress is the only person who's blood is compatable with her daughter's (regardless of their actual type), and thus she is the only one who can be a donor for her.

    - Maximus

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    Wait a minute... that part DID make sense!
    (No, this isn't about Teela. Don't worry.)

    One of the slime skeletons attacked in the direction of the large furnace. (Why there was a burning furnace in the middle of the village, I don't know.) It caused a fire, and the skeleton proceeded to smash the ground with the same hand. This left the fragile green residue pottery that He-Man noticed before the battle was over. Meanwhile, the skeleton regrew its hand.

    So He-Man wasn't making a wild guess based on the properties of pottery. He WATCHED the slime get baked until it was brittle, and he correctly reasoned that the rest of the skeletons were just as fragile.

    One mystery down.

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