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Thread: "Rise of the Snake Men" #2 (of 3) Talkback

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    I finally got mine today.
    I liked Evil-Lyn's chess line too.
    I can't wait until the comic splits from the cartoon.

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    I was impressed. The slight revisions you made to the event placement and pacing makes the story work better. At least, that's my opinion. Not to mention...the cover for issue #2 is friggin GREAT. The art and colors are fantastic. I would love to see it released as a poster, it'd look great on my office wall.

    Score another point for Val & the crew, I can't wait for issue 3, and then the ongoing series.

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    I haven't seen the cartoon yet but I did notice how Khan has sleep spray instead of acid spit. And man... just cause the Soceress has a dream everyone just runs up to Snake Mountain to side with Skeletor? I wish they had shown more proof or something to make everyone believe the Sorceress that quickly. I know she's trustable.. but all she has to say is 'I dreamed the sky was falling' and she'd bring the planet to a panic. I also assume that Skeletor's skeleton army is only in the comic cause he never had them in the show. The fight between He Man and Zodak was cool. I'm surprised Mer Man didn't shatter and that Skeletor DID get turned to stone. I wish Tung Lashor was shown off a bit more since he was always my fave. At least everyone reacted to He Man's new look.

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    Originally posted by Coola Yagami
    I haven't seen the cartoon yet but I did notice how Khan has sleep spray instead of acid spit.
    He has both, just like in the classic comics and toon.

    The sleep sprays comes from slits in his hood. Venom/acid is spit from his mouth.
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    i thought this comic was excellent , but i never saw the episode like this , so i cant compare them , i really liked how each snakeman took on 2 of skellys warriors in that one panel , makes them seem tough and fast , anyway thats my 2 cents

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    Loved it! Good read, I was a little disapponted in how easily Skeletor "fell" to Snake Face. I'm sure he'll show the true extent of his powers soon enough, but I just thought Skeletor should've at lest been the one lone evil warrior that Hsss and his men couldn't quite conquer. I can't wait for the next issue.

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    Just putting my two cents in.
    I didn't like the art work. Or rather the way Skeletor was drawn.

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    That cover is amazing. I picked up issue 2 yesterday, but didn't get to it til today. Also, I just got my Zodak figure in the mail tonight, so after I set up my 1982 lineup display [cast using relaunch figures] I just had a grin from ear to ear while reading.

    GREAT adaptation of the show, reminds me of comic adaptations of the movies where some things are better portrayed in the comic than in the movie and vice versa.
    I definitely feel I got my money's worth, and am looking forward to the next issue.
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    Not a bad issue, I definatly prefered the cartoons events and dialogue tho.
    Val's dialoge for me is a little too heavy and generic. I don't get a sense of character when I read it.
    Apart from Zodaks (very lame) "what have I done?" line, the he-man / zodak battle is better in the comic. But king hiss' appearance lacked the punch of the cartoon.

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    I finally got the issue, but I didn't get three

    the comic was great! the only thing i actually liked better in the cartoon was skeletor's confrontation with King hiss. the fleshing out of zodak was a LOT better the cartoon handled it! the dialogue was great the art was action packed. keep up the solid work

    Oh one thing, if it wasn't for that little editors note I wouldn't have understood the "not again" line from man at arms, it would have been better if it was the same type of rock monster.

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