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Thread: "Eternal Darkness" Official Classic episode Review Thread!

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    "Eternal Darkness" Official Classic episode Review Thread!

    EP # 42 "Eternal Darkness"

    Darkdream, an evil being who can control people's dreams has been freed from the seal in which he was imprisoned and is now using his powers to once again give the people of eternia terrible nightmares. With his allies evil-lyn and an evil magician Trebor, darkdream plans to bring eternal darkness to eternia so he can roam freely and bring in his reign of terror once again.

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    Definately one of my faves.Although the animation wasn't to good Darkdream was an interesting character.Ans the darkness was shown ver well.I'd give the ep an 8.
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    this is one of my faves and also a classic ep
    i love how another powerful evil element was introduced in this ep the name was darkdream. i wonder if they thought of shadowweavers design from darkdream since they r similar.
    anyway this story had a great plot, the animation i feel was pretty well down w the charachters and also how they made eternia dark for the second half of the ep, especially when they were at greyskull.
    all in all a wonderful ep however we dont see skeletor but we do see his right hand evillynn in this ep and she does her part but heman saved the day from the moon.
    great i love it what do u guys think?
    btw i give this ep a 9
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    this was a very good episode! Dark Dream turned out to be a cool villian. I loved the darkness in this episode and the ending was great when He-Man saved the day! I give this episode an 8 rating.
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    getting back to the first season guys, so lets get your review
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    Darkdream was a very solid villian. Evil-Lyn's involvement with him was interesting, and good for the character, as it effectively set her apart from Skeletor.

    The episode wasn't particularly memorable for me, but it had good drama and was a good episode. Definitely worth watching again.
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    "Eternal Darkness" is an enjoyable first season, non-Skeletor episode.

    At the beginning, with their bad dreams and realisation that Darkdream is back, it really feels as if the Heroic Warriors have come up against him before. To the extent that, to the more casual viewer, this might seem like an actual sequel to an earlier story. (In fact it is the first time we have seen or heard of Darkdream).

    This episode includes one of the very few times we see Man-At-Arms without his helmet, and Teela without her hair-band (although her hair remains exactly the same!)

    Darkdream is an interesting and well designed character. His animation isn't overly great, but wasn't the worse seen in the series either.
    Tabor doesn't feel much more than a generic one-spot villain, though.
    It's nice to see Evil-Lyn working away from Skeletor, even if it's not one of her best episodes.

    One line I really like is how Orko mentions how "the explosions" in the Crimson Valley have been keeping him awake, revealing how Orko has advanced hearing (something that, unless I'm mistaken, wasn't mentioned ever again in the series).

    The plot starts off really well, with Darkdream coming across as really menacing and feeling as if he is really a serious threat to the Heroic Warriors. Things begin to lose their way slightly in mid-Act Two, but not as seriously as in some other episodes.

    The darkness of Act Two is animated well, with just the right amount of brightness to see what's going on, while still making it feel like night-time.

    The only real sour note is at the climax, where He-Man fills a boulder with Nodroxyn (the strongest explosive on Eternia) and throws it at the moon, where it explodes and causes the moon to shift, bringing the sunlight back. To me it felt a bit far fetched, and I would've liked a more credible solution. (And even then, it's not the worst case of far fetched He-Man acts in the series!)

    The only other thing I have a small niggle about is the begging, with Adam and Cringer running from the monsters in their nightmare. With the blurred edges of the screen, it's quickly apparent that it is a dream, but the scene drags on a bit too long, and left me wishing the story proper would get going! That's only a minor niggle though.

    As said, Darkdream was an interesting villain, and deserved a sequel IMO. It would have been interesting to see how the 200x Mike Young series interpreted him.

    I wouldn't class "Eternal Darkness" as a series classic, but it's a reasonable 'in-between' episode. Overall, I'll give it 7/10.
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    Eternal Darness is one of the most underrated episode in the entire series!! I love it.

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    One thing I truly enjoyed about it was the fact that Adam got to take a little credit for one of He-Man's actions. When he saved Teela. You never really get to see that often.
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    This is a fantastic episode, a fave and classic for sure.

    It has a great opening with all the hero's having nightmares and I like how this new character invokes fear in them all with them having faced him before. I like the different story, the no Skeletor and a cool twist with everything going dark. Also Adam's transformation is in front of Grayskull

    It is a well written, action packed ep that deserves a place at the top.

    Also of note: this is the first time we see Man at Arms without his hat on. The Second time being The Return of Granamyr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian_He-Man
    Darkdream was a very solid villian. Evil-Lyn's involvement with him was interesting, and good for the character, as it effectively set her apart from Skeletor.
    It made me wonder if she had some unrevealed connection to Darkdream, maybe from before he was sealed away. Especially when he threatened to get rid of her wand by throwing it back into the swamp or pit (or wherever it came from, I forget the dialogue exactly)...

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