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Thread: Catslyn's Shorties

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    Fusion Blaster
    that was liquid Awesome Cats...

    just one hundred percent liquid awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusion Blaster
    that was liquid Awesome Cats...

    just one hundred percent liquid awesome.

    Awwww, shucks...

    *scuffs foot in dirt*

    I'm glad everyone enjoyed it so much. Well, back to working on Best Forgotten for me so I can repost the first part and add the new stuff.


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    I go on vacation and catsy starts posting again, the hell!?

    Nice story, now get back to my favorites.

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    Extended Family - I know this is a short story, but if you ever decide to write a longer fic about this, I will definitely read it. Wonderous possibilties there, especially since I love both Duncan and the Sorceress.

    It's very interesting and different to see the Sorceress so weepy and fragile, so close to cracking. Good thing Duncan's there, or who knows what'd happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by catslyn
    The Master hurried after her, growing more and more alarmed by every sign of her anguish. What could possibly cause her to react this way? Surely – it can’t be something wrong with Teela! I’d know! Unless she’s had a vision of something to come. No, not that. Elders, please, not my daughter…
    Love that part.
    When she regained control, far sooner than could possibly be healthy for her
    Love this section. That control is something that really interests me about the new Sorceress. You could write a fic all about that.

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    I never thought of doing any more of Extended Family, but it's an intriguing idea. I just might do another story at the very least.

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    Well, kind of strange that my first post in this forum would be in a thread where the author is described as bad, sick and brilliant, but oh well. Besides, those are just a few of the traits normally found in great writers.
    Catslyn, I love all these shorties, as you call them. They're all over the place, in a nice way, and they're very well written. I hope you find the time to write more...a lot more.
    I have comments about your other stories, but I'll get to them eventually.

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