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Thread: Join Us! Help create a MOTU RPG Maker 2003 Game

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    Join Us! Help create a MOTU RPG Maker 2003 Game

    I posted a few weeks back to see what sort of interest there would be in the community to create a RPG Maker 2003 MOTU Game. There does seem to be a decent amount of fans that would be willing to help make this project a reality. For too long there hasn't been a decent MOTU video game that fans could really sink their teeth into. Professionally developed games, like the one for the gameboy advance have fallen short and the one scheduled for the ps2 has been plagued with delays. Here's our chance to step up and make a MOTU game worthy of actually playing.

    The RPG Maker 2003 is a innovative toolset that we could use to finally make this plan into a realtiy. The thrust of the gameplay is rather Final Fantasyesque, but there are more possibilities if we can get the proper volunteers. By drawing on talent from, I think it's possible to create the artwork and animation necessary to make a viable game. Initially, we'll focus on making a demo, but hopefully if successful, we can make a longer game that incorporates all of the MOTU universe. Apparently there is a way to make the game multiplayered and later on we might want to explore that avenue further.

    Some of you, such as Lee were instantly interested and have helped lay the ground work for a demo. Specifically Lee has been creating world character spirits, while I have done some landscape artwork. We still need volunteers to help create some of the animation, face sprites and enemy battle sprites. Programmers are also needed, though the level of programming within RPG maker is limited. In addition, if anyone is interested in making MIDI music, we can also incorporate it into the game. Any work that is done will be credited fully and all help is certainly appreciated.

    Anyone interested in helping can email me at or pm me via You could also respond to this thread and I'll get back to you ASAP. With the necessary volunteers, I think we can make an awesome game. Thanks.
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