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    How does "Hot Comics" stay in Business?

    I used to "shop" at the New Hope (or "No Hope") branch back in '94 when McFarlane Spawn figures were becoming the rage alongside the 5" X-Men line.

    It was near impossible to make a fair trade with the owner (at the time) as she would always try and screw you over in some way. As an example - When the Batman Poison Ivy Animated figure was hot - and reselling for $30+ .. she would offer you $7!

    It's cool to go into that store now - for nostalgic value.. but that's about it. The older figures that are there - and there are many - are priced as they were way back when they were "hot" (and before eBay became all the rage). I just shake my head looking at the price tags thinking: "crack don't smoke itself".

    It is a really cool store that has a lot of older items that are neat to see. But the prices they have on some of the older "junk" is ridiculous. Unfortunately, you could get most of that stuff for half the price it's maked at - on eBay.

    Like I said - I don't know how it stays in business (especially if it's owned by the same lady and if she is still screwing over the customers in trades and such).
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