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MOTU: The Power Of He-Man - Intellevision
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 1983
Platform: Intellevision

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INTELLIVISION Mattel Electronics MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE The Power of He-Man Cartridge Instructions (for 1 player) For color TV viewing only. Masters of the Universe, He-Man, Skeletor, Wind Raider and Castle Grayskull are trademarks owned and under license from Mattel, Inc.copyright 1983. [Cover Picture of He-Man, poised for action with a glowing sword.] [Screen Shot of He-Man on the Wind Raider, shooting lasers at fireballs. In the background are mountains and trees. At the bottom of the screen is Skeletor.] The Adventure: He-Man leaps into his Wind Raider and takes off. You have 5 chances with which to fly him to the edge of the wilderness realm of Skeletor, 30 miles away. There is limited fuel for the perilous journey through swarms of fireballs. If your fuel runs low or you're hit by a fireball, you lose a chance. You can duck, dodge or blast away the fireballs with the bombs and cannon on board the Wind Raider, but if you use up all of your chances the chase is over. If you make the 30 miles, He-Man leaps from the Wind Raider to continue the pursuit of Skeletor on foot, through mountains, forests and finally Castle Grayskull itself. He-Man must ward off the lightning-balls, power bolts and magic swords of Skeletor, who fights for time to cast the magic cyclone spell which can carry He-Man away. If He-Man gets to Skeletor in time, they draw their swords and duel until Skeletor runs away to fight again...but first you have to catch him! GETTING STARTED Slide the Power of He-Man keypad overlay(s) into the Hand Controller(s). Insert the game in the Game Console cartridge slot. (See Owner's Manual for equipment connection details). Turn the ON/OFF switch ON. 30 seconds after the title screen comes on, a demonstration of each of the 2 phases of the game will appear, with 30 seconds between them. You'll see how fast and furious the game can get at the higher skill levels. OR -- Whenever you're ready, you can change to the skill level screen by pressing the disc, or any key on the controller keypad. You can now press: 1 for "practice" 2 for "novice" 3 for "challenger" 4 for "master" Then press ENTER and the game will start immediately with PHASE 1. THE CONTROLS [Diagram of an Intellivision controller, with a Masters of the Universe overlay inserted.] Keys 1-4 choose the skill level Top Side Buttons Fire Cannon/Raise Shield Bottom Side Buttons Bomb Release/Raise Shield Enter Button Enters a new game DISC moves Wind Raider/He-Man USING THE DISC Phase 1 - Wind Raider: Use the hand controller disc to move the Wind Raider up or down and turn it right or left, as the ground rushes beneath it. Press the disc in the direction you want the Wind Raider to move. Hold the disc down and move the thumb around its edges to allow quick response to the action. Phase 2 - He-Man: Use the hand controller disc to control the direction He-Man runs. USING THE SIDE ACTION BUTTONS Phase 1 - Wind Raider: Press either upper side button to rapid-fire the cannon. The gun will continue firing as long as the button is held down. Press either lower side button to drop bombs. Just touch it for single release or hold it down for a volley. Phase 2 - He-Man: Press any side button to raise the shield of He-Man. Raising the shield halts He-Man's forward motion until the side button is released. PHASE 1 - WIND RAIDER! Basic Maneuvering and Combat Strategy: Before you can rack up big scores, you must get the knack of piloting the WIND RAIDER 30 miles to the right, with as few collisions and as much fuel left as possible. Make quick left turns to zap a fireball for points, but any time spent moving left has to be made up moving right. Time equals fuel and fuel remaining equals points. Run low, and the game is over. First try a straight, low level run. Get the feel of firing the cannon and releasing the bombs. You can drop bombs on the fireballs or on the ground in front of Skeletor, which causes him to trip into the crater. The first time you play the game, at practice skill level, try keeping the Wind Raider level at the bottom of the screen. You'll probably make the 30 miles, but not likely a very high score. To go for a higher score, maneuver about the screen. Make quick turns to zap fireballs. Swoop up and down to shoot at or evade them. [Close-up of Wind Raider Screen, Scoring Format: A number beside a heart symbol on the bottom left corner represents Chances Remaining, then Miles Remaining with an "M", Fuel Remaining is a number beside a gas can symbol. The two numbers on the lower right corner are Number of Fireballs Hit, and Number of Times Skeletor has been Hit.] DETAILS: When the fuel remaining is less than the number of miles, you lose one chance and start again. Crashing into a fireball costs one chance. When you're within 5 miles of touchdown, the mileage display starts flashing. Red Fireballs require 1 bullet or bomb to destroy. White fireballs take six, changing color with each successive hit. When the Wind Raider lands, the different components of your score are listed, then totalled. If you have any chances remaining, play resumes at Phase 2. PHASE 2 - GROUND ATTACK Basic Maneuvering and Combat Strategy: He-Man must catch Skeletor 3 times -- through mountains, forest and finally in Castle Grayskull. He-Man maneuvers against a hail of lightning balls and power-bolts hurled by Skeletor. If you fail to raise his shield in time, each hit pushes him back. There is a time limit in which to get across all 3 screens. It's 90 seconds at the lowest skill level and 120 seconds on the more advanced levels. A warning horn sounds the last 10 seconds. If you don't get He-Man across in time, he's carried off in the magic cyclone spell of Skeletor. When you make it across a screen, He-Man duels with Skeletor and chases him to the next screen. At the higher skill levels the shield is less effective and maneuvering becomes more important. If you make it through all 3 ground screens, He-Man leaps back into the Wind Raider and takes off again. The chase begins at a higher skill level. [Ground Screen Action Figures: He-Man with Shield Up, He- Man Caught in a Spell, Lightning Spell, Power Bolt, Magic Sword] Details: On the ground screens, seconds remaining tick off at the lower left. The score appears at lower right. Above that is the number of chances remaining. You earn a 10,000 point bonus for crossing the screen without raising the shield. To buy more time, go after the magic swords. You gain at least 5 extra seconds. The number increases with the skill level. Valuable bonus points are scored for each magic sword taken by He-Man. Red lightning-balls can knock you all the way back. Purple lightning-balls and green power-bolts temporarily destroy your shield. You may have to reverse course quickly if you can't raise the shield in time. As you gain more skill, the options will increase. POINT VALUES WIND RAIDER SCREEN: Fireball shot down or bombed 500 Skeletor falls in crater 1,000 Each gallon of fuel remaining when Wind Raider lands 1,000 GROUND SCREENS: Mountain Forest Castle Screen Screen Grayskull Lightning-ball or power-bolt hits shield 50 50 50 He-Man reaches Skeletor 10,000 15,000 20,000 Magic Sword 1,000 1,500 2,000 BONUSES: EXTRA CHANCES, TIME AND POINTS: Each 100,000 points you score, He-Man gets another chance. Catching the drifting magic sword is worth 5 extra seconds at the lowest skill level, more at higher skill levels. If you cross any screen without raising the shield, it's worth a 10,000 point bonus. You get 200 bonus points for each second remaining after crossing the Castle Screen. The time bonus increases to 400 points per second at higher skill levels. SOME TIPS Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man is an action packed, fast-paced game which requires practice and patience. Start slow and try to keep the action going as long as possible. Avoid spending time and fuel on fancy maneuvering, at least until the basic moves -- firing, bombing, turning, shield-raising, broken-field running and other evasions -- become more natural and rapid, as they will with practice. To get an idea of what is possible for YOU to do, be sure to watch the demonstration which follows the title screen. VARIATIONS You can play alone, or 2 can alternate and compare scores. It's also fun for 2 to use both controllers at the same time, either working together or dividing up the battle tasks. In any case, the name of the game is "HAVE FUN!"

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