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Masters of the Universe: The Ilearth Stone
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Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 1987
Platform: C64/128

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Having successfully transferred from a popular cartoon series to an even more popular range of toys, Masters Of The Universe and their stalwart leader He-Man, have now surfaced on the 64, courtesy of US Gold. Formerly appearing as an adventure game (reviewed in ZZAP! issue 24), Masters Of The Universe now takes the form of a platform game cum arcade adventure, incorporating both scrolling and flip-screen graphics. Filling the role of He-Man, you do battle against Skeletor, the evil Lord of Destruction (and would-be ruler of Eternia). Having discovered the 'Ilearth Stone', Skeletor has harnessed its magical power to banish the Sorceress and take over Castle Greyskull. He is now building up his army of Clone warriors in order to attack the Palace. Orko, He-Man's magician friend, has become imprisoned by one of his own spells, and currently lies helpless, somewhere within the fortress. He-Man must enter Castle Greyskull, free Orko and present him with the correct ingredients to enable the sorcerer to turn He-Man's Sword of Power into an 'Atom Smasher.' Only then can He-Man destroy the Ilearth Stone, and rid the land of Skeletor once and for all! He-Man initially appears in Castle Greyskull. Running the gauntlet of Skeletor's Clones, he seeks out Orko who is hidden in one of the towers. Attacking Clones are despatched with a deft blow from He-Man's sword, but as he progresses further into Skeletor's domain, this task needs more than just a sharp edge. The sword of Power is strengthened by collecting magic icons which enable it to fire bolts of energy, killing the clones from a distance. He-Man follows a treacherous path through the castle, leaping from ledge to ledge and using platforms and spinning elevators to negotiate the rooms and passages. The ingredients necessary for Orko's spell are gathered from around the castle and its grounds. The recipe is very specific, and if the wrong items are used the spell will not work. The screen displays He-Man and his surroundings, with a status panel appearing beneath. Information regarding the strength of his sword and body shield is provided, along with a graphic representation of the items collected for Orko's spell. If the power of He-Man's body shield is reduced to zero, any further contact with Skeletor's henchmen proves fatal - and He-Man only has four attempts to complete his task.
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