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Intellivision: Masters of the Universe 2 (Unreleas
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Country: USA
Producer: Mattel
Language: English
Year: 1983
Platform: Intellevision

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Screen Shot
Screen Shot


Before the elimination of Mattel's electronics department, a second Masters of the Universe game was planned, but little work was done on it. A playable prototype is, however, available on the Intellivision Lives CD, but it is essentially an easter egg. You will have to search the CD for a Masters.bin file. You will mainly walk around alone, but you will occasionally be able to punch a bad guy. The screens developed for Masters of the Universe II, He-Man fighting bad guys on a multi-level 3-D game field with moving walls, didn't go to waste (you might say); they were recycled into the INTV Corp. release, Diner, a sequel to BurgerTime.
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