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July 5, 2015 6:52 pm by JVS3
He-Man movie update

More He-Man movie news from DeVon Franklin, President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment, a first-look production company with Sony Pictures Entertainment, who says on Twitter "we're giving a new script to the studio in a few weeks. Trust me this movie will happen 1 way or another."
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Latest News
July 3, 2015 12:58 pm by JVS3
There will be seven different shirt designs available for sale from Super 7 at this year's SDCC! Check out the images below, and click here to join the discussion on the Org forums. More
July 3, 2015 11:03 am by JVS3
Skeletor, Beast Man, Tri-Klops and Mer-Man using vintage box art! $10.00 each or $40.00 for the set all at Super 7 during SDCC! Join the discussion on the Org forums. More
July 2, 2015 3:57 pm by Busta Toons
The latest video has been uploaded to the OFFICIAL He-Man and the Masters of the Universe YouTube channel! Head on over to the channel and check out Bird-Man?!And if you haven't already, subscribe to the channel!Discuss it with other fans on the Org forums! More
July 2, 2015 1:15 am by JVS3
Super7 and Bob Dinkelman present the Chia Pet Moss Man!Watch it grow! Eternia's Heroic friend of the forest comes cast in terra cotta with official Chia Pet grow kit! Available only at the SDCC 2015 Skeletor's Lair Pop-Up Shop for $29.99 eachJoin the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums, and check out... More
July 1, 2015 7:11 am by Jukka
Latest issue #7 of He-Man The Eternity War from DC Comics is out now!Journey back to Skeletor's first days as a member of the evil Horde, tasked with crushing the great rebellion on planet Etheria. Will Skeletor's past provide the key to defeating Hordak in the present?See what other fans on Org forums... More
June 30, 2015 9:04 pm by JVS3
Renown artist Amanda Visell has handcrafted a limited run of resin Skeletor and He-Man sculptures. They will be available only at Super 7's Skeletor's Lair at SDCC. Retail $100 each. Join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums! More
June 30, 2015 8:42 pm by Jukka
Issue #7 of He-Man The Eternity War from DC Comics comes out tomorrow July 1st.Check below Preview pages!See what the other fans have to say on the Org forums!  More
June 30, 2015 8:26 pm by JVS3
Images and details below. Join the discussion on the He-Man.org forums!These test-shot variants are being released by Super 7$95.00 eachlimit one set per personMasters of the Universe Giant Size He-Man Test ShotThe Giant Sized He-Man figure is cast in unpainted mixed-color injected plastic parts, recreating... More
June 30, 2015 6:38 pm by JVS3
From Sideshow: Sideshow is very excited to announce that we’ll be producing Masters of the Universe Statues, beginning with He-Man and Skeletor! Those attending San Diego Comic-Con will have the power to see the first statue from this brand new line in person.Join the discussion on the He-Man.Org... More
June 30, 2015 2:29 am by JVS3
Funko has a cool exclusive shirt at this year's SDCC! Check out the image below. And join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums! More
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