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Check out this review of Totally Awesome: The Greatest Cartoons of the Eighties! This review was done by He-Man.Org user Mer-Man's Minion. Thank you to him for taking time to do this review!
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"The 1980s saw an explosion of animated cartoon fare for kids hit television's network and syndicated airwaves. There were two common rituals for those of us who were children in the '80s: getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch our favorite cartoons while we ate our favorite cereal (which we often saw advertised in animated commercials between those favorite cartoons), and arriving home from school on weekday afternoons to turn on our TVs and tune into our favorite Monday-through-Friday syndicated 'toons. As an avid fan of my favorite '80s cartoons to this day, my nostalgic interest piqued when I heard of a new book coming out on this very subject.

Totally Awesome: The Greatest Cartoons of the Eighties by Andrew Farago looks at the cream of the cartoon crop of 1980s animated TV series. It's divided into 14 chapters which are each devoted to one of the top 'toons from that decade (an exception is a chapter on The Disney Afternoon which examines three cartoons included in that specific block). The chapters are nicely chronological, beginning with that world-renowned smash hit which debuted in 1981 and ran for an impressive nine seasons, The Smurfs.

This opening chapter, on The Smurfs, opens with a nice pattern found throughout this book; rather than simply discussing the cartoon from its origin as a series, it goes back to the creation of the characters in their original media (in this case, Belgian comic books going back to the late 1950s). From there it gives an overview of that property to its realization as a cartoon series, with excerpts from interviews of those involved in the process. Each chapter is interwoven with quotes from various personnel including series developers, writers, story editors, voice actors, voice directors, musicians, cartoonists, and producers. There are some golden nuggets of info and memories in these quotes from interviews. For instance, it's amusing to read how inexperienced and unprepared the team behind Inspector Gadget was when getting that series ready for the airwaves. It's interesting to read of Jim Davis's journey to bring Garfield from the newspaper page to the animation stand. And it's touching to read how Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles voice actor Townsend Coleman recalls phoning kids in hospitals using his Michelangelo voice to cheer them up as part of the "Famous Fone Friends" program.

There is also a "combo chapter" that looks at Filmation's He-Man & the Masters of the Universe and the subsequent series She-Ra: Princess of Power. There is backstory on the origin and creation of both series, and the development of their direction. It was Filmation co-founder Lou Scheimer himself who suggested He-Man be done in syndication Monday through Friday, so big fans of He-Man and She-Ra have him to thank for there being such a vast library of episodes (and the animators had him to thank for year-round employment). You'll learn things like whose idea it was to create Orko, who suggested the moralistic tag endings, and details of the Secret of the Sword 1985 film release. There are some nice examples of artwork in this chapter as well, particularly a couple of looks at She-Ra in an earlier development phase where she is masked, and the "wings" on her head point downward instead of the eventual (and much better looking) maskless look with the upward wings.

One thing that seems a little uneven is the disparity in some of the chapter lengths. For instance, the chapters on Muppet Babies and Jem are each 12 pages, while the chapter on Inspector Gadget is eight and ThunderCats is only six. I don't dispute the chapters with 12 or more pages devoted to a series, but as revered a 1980s cartoon as ThunderCats is, I was surprised and disappointed there weren't at least a couple of more pages devoted to its rich legacy and the processes behind the scenes.

Another surprise is the final chapter of the book: a chapter devoted to the 1980s revival of Mighty Mouse. I was a kid in the '80s addicted to cartoons and I don't even remember a Mighty Mouse cartoon back then, so I was unprepared to see a chapter for a cartoon I didn't know in a book touting "the greatest cartoons of the eighties". Parallel to this discovery, I was shocked at an omission that I thought was a sure thing to be included here, but wasn't: Dungeons & Dragons. I can't say one is more deserving over the other since I've never seen Mighty Mouse, but since D&D is still fondly recalled by many former '80s kids, I would have expected to see a chapter for it here.

Each chapter has a generous amount of welcome visuals to accompany the stimulating text, ranging from concept drawings to illustrations to cel set-ups and full backgrounds, all paired with captions. All but four of the chapters also have one facsimile reproduction, usually a drawing, model sheet, or an internal memo. Yet curiously, the book doesn't promote these (removable) items as one of its features, and they are not even acknowledged in a caption where they appear in the chapters. They seem to pop up at random and there's no notation about them.

The cover artwork is a fun visual of various 1980s iconic cartoon characters running toward a television set (the characters are rendered in a stylized look on the cover, not their individualized vintage appearances). Before the chapters there is an introduction by Farago---a former '80s kid himself, whose enthusiasm is evident throughout the book---depicting what cartoon television was like at the close of the 1970s and what made the '80s such a special unique time for kids' cartoons. This is followed by a generous forward from voice acting legend Russi Taylor (whom I had the pleasure of meeting once at Disneyland, and she was as sweet as could be). As the voice of Huey, Dewey, Louie, and also Webby on DuckTales, she also shares several warm memories and insights in the chapter on The Disney Afternoon.

Considering how vast the field of 1980s cartoons is, this book is smaller than I expected a book such as this to be. But it should be remembered this isn't just a look at 1980s cartoons, this is a look at "the greatest" 1980s cartoons, so that will naturally pare down the material focused on here to what is considered the top choices from such a huge selection. With the rush everyone seems to be in these days, and shorter attention spans, some may say it's a plus that the book isn't a coffee table volume two or three inches thick. The 160-page length is quite user-friendly to peruse through over a few evenings of warm reminiscing. That said, many of us who love our '80s cartoons really love our '80s cartoons, and we would love more pages. It would be welcome to see the book thicker to offer even more insight into the production of all of these beloved series. It would also be nice to see it expanded to possibly include a few more entries on such beloved classics as Dungeons & Dragons, and, among these largely "boy" properties, at least one or two other entries for great cartoons that were geared to girls in the '80s (possibly My Little Pony & Friends or Rainbow Brite could be contenders).

Overall, for what its title claims, Totally Awesome: The Greatest Cartoons of the Eighties pretty well delivers on its good name. For the most part the chapters have an unquestionable place in this exclusive volume, and reading about the largely-untold history and energetic experience of making these shows for kids back then---even cartoons you may not have watched---makes each chapter entertaining and nostalgic in its own right. If you grew up in the 1980s or have an interest in animation/television history, Farago's book is definitely worth checking out."

Posted by Super7:
"Hi Masters of the Universe Fans and Customers -

We are happy to tell you that the MOTU Classics Wave 1 Figures finally arrived at the Super7 warehouse from our overseas factory. We are even more happy to tell you that orders have already started shipping to those who purchased them.

Thank you all for your patience during the production process for this release. Everyone at Super7 hopes up enjoy the figures!

By the Power of Grayskull!
Team Super7"

Pixel Dan's 2018 Toy Fair walk-through with Super7 February 19, 2018 2:37 am by JVS3

Join Pixel Dan for a walk-through with Super7's Brian Flynn MOTU product line at Toy Fair 2018.
They talk MOTU Classics, vintage 5", ReAction and Keshi!

**Note: there is some adult language in the videoC
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Mega Construx Heroes - Wave 3 news from Toy Fair February 19, 2018 1:21 am by JVS3

Pixel Dan has let fans know that Wave 3 of Mega Construx Heroes from Mattel will contain Evil-Lyn, Man-At-Arms, and Faker! Click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.

Princess of Power KESHI (MUSCLE) coming from Super7 February 18, 2018 3:13 pm by JVS3

Our friends at Toyark.com posted images of the upcoming Princess of Power KESHI (MUSCLE) from Super7!
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Pixel Dan does a quick walk-through. Brian Flynn talks about how they are waiting for fans to get their Wave 1 figures before they show new MOTUC product.
Pixel Dan will have a more detailed walk-through tomorrow.
*note: Dan's camera accidentally flipped the screen, so that's why things are backwards.

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Mondo 1/6 scale MOTU test shots February 16, 2018 11:30 pm by JVS3

Mondo has posted a first-look of He-Man and Skeletor test shots for their upcoming 1/6 scale Masters of the Universe toy line!
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New She-Ra cartoon updates February 16, 2018 9:43 pm by JVS3

Tallstar has been diligently keeping track of mentions, remarks from creators, and other tidbits about the new DreamWorks She-Ra cartoon coming soon from Netflix. We're grateful for all his hard work!

Check out all the info below to find out everything we know about the cartoon so far,
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Anonymous (from curiouscat.me): Besides the Filmation shows have you seen or read other She-Ra or He-Man stuff? Like the 2002 He-Man cartoon, MOTU comics, toy bios, etc... Anyway I'm super excited for the new She-Ra show.
@gullshriek: I'm not really into the he-man side of things outside of skeletor and some scattered villains/minor characters, and as much as I'm interested in Despera the comics don't really look like something I'd enjoy. The colorful and kindhearted (and yes, campy) vibe of the filmation show is what appeals to me. I do like the toys though! I've only just started collecting but I feel like I'm probably on a downward spiral about it. I was born too late to be there for the initial MOTU/POP excitement, so I'm fresh to the franchise; aside from vague cultural background radiation it's been working on the reboot that's really gotten me excited about the other content.
@He_Man_movie:  Interesting answer, so we should not wait for Despara in the new show
@gullshriek:  didn't say that!

@NirvanaMonk116: I don't want to be one of those people who is annoying and harasses you about She-Ra but I have a question. How much longer before we get a teaser poster?
@gullshriek: I don't even know!
@gullshriek: also to be clear this isnt annoying. it's only when people are rude or demanding about things. simple questions are totally fine. I just cant answer much right now!


@Gingerhazing: I put my favorite She-Ra writing music on a Spotify playlist if you're interested:
1. Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
2. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Journey
3. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) - Meat Loaf
4. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
5. The Show Must Go On - Queen
6. It's All Coming Back to Me Now - Celine Dion
7. We Sink - CHVRCHES
8. What's Up? - 4 Non Blondes
9. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston
10. This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
11. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
12. What's It Gonna Be? -Shura
13. The Greatest - Sia, Kendrick Lamar

@gullshriek: she-ra fans saying stuff like they hope we listen to them and change stuff if they dont like it: we've been in production forr I think nearly 2 years? so much stuff is already WELL past decided. we hope you like it, obviously! but it cant turn around if you dont
@gullshriek: there's some special poses, singular drawings, I personally did in early episodes that I wish I could change and I cant cuz its already out the door, no WAY would we be able to, like, rewrite the plot, or change the art style
@gullshriek: cartoons take a huge amount of time to make, and the stuff we're doing right now you probably wont see for years (unfortunately for me because its all great and I want to yell about it)
@gullshriek: anyway I'm sure people will not like it and complain no matter what because its the internet and also a reboot of a beloved franchise. I just hope MOST of you fall in love with it, and nobody throws a tantrum to me in my mentions about stuff I have zero control over

@chezlajo: Secret is finally out! So excited to spread the news of this amazing new She-Ra reboot of female empowerment that I've been working on for over a year. Details to come!
@ande.v2: Omg @betweenvelvetsheets and I were literally just watching this
@chezlajo: haha that's awesome!!! The reboot is super different from the original haha so i hope people still like it :P

@Dihuh: my proudest boarding moment on the show is probably the fact that I inserted a bean bag chair as an integral set piece. I have no regrets
@Dihuh: i have a favorite character on the show and the moment she-ra launches i'm gonna show off all the dumb drawings i have of them

@Gingerhazing: My favorite Masters of the Universe facts:
-Skeletor is He-Man's uncle
-He-Man and She-Ra's mother is an earth astronaut who fell through a wormhole and ended up on Eternia, making them both half earthling
@fencingmonkey: *Orko was originally Gorko but they changed it so they could reverse the animation without the "O" on his shirt looking backwards
*Prince Adam was going to be a scrawny kid but again, resuing animation cels
@Gingerhazing: He was going to be scrawny with a BIG FLOPPY HAT a detail of his early design I will always mourn (Note: Showrunner Noelle Stevenson was looking at an early version of Prince Adam from "The Power and The Honor Foundation Catalog.")

Listed on David Woo's resume:
Director, "She-Ra"
Season 1, 2017-Present
-  Directed a team of three storyboard artists and trained them.
-  Managed the visual and emotional themes of multiple episodes to build on the overall story arc.
-  Provided design advice and did draw-overs to help improve the design department and overseas animation team.

Insurance and your collection February 16, 2018 4:48 pm by JVS3

Worried about the safety of your collection? Please read the info below from JVS3,
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In the United States, a lot of home owner's policies and also renter's policies offer some basic coverage. But you can also pay your insurance company for extra personal property coverage for specific things, including collectibles. The benefit of paying for this extra coverage is that it typically covers more things (like accidental damage) and often provides lower deductibles in the case of a claim.

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Do yourself a favor and look into coverage for your collectibles. You may not be able to replace some rare items if they are lost, but at least with insurance you can recoup most or all of the money you spent on those cherished collectibles."

Fans of Power episode 117 February 14, 2018 5:22 pm by JVS3

The Fans of Power podcast, featuring Joe Amato and Tyler Baker, is back with episode 117! They cover Prince Adam's fearless friend Cringer in their character discussion, review New Adventures of He-Man episode "Once Upon a Time", and the recent news of a "possible" new MOTU film losing yet another director.
Click here to watch or listen to the episode.
NOTICE: the episode might contain some adult language. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of He-Man.Org.

He-Man / ThunderCats comic original artwork for sale February 13, 2018 5:24 pm by JVS3

If you love the recent He-Man / ThunderCats comic, then this is your chance to own an original piece of Freddie Williams II art from the series!

Here's what Freddie has to say about the art for sale: "I grew up on both He-Man and ThunderCats. They were two of the biggest things in my childhood, so it was a real pleasure and honor to illustrate this series! Even if you aren't interested in purchasing, I'd love for you to take a look at the originals because the ink wash art is super detailed and takes a long time to create. It was a real labor of love! Thanks!"
Click here to see the art he has for sale.

Power-Con 2017 Recap February 12, 2018 11:37 pm by JVS3

Enjoy a taste of what made Power-Con so awesome in 2017! If you love He-Man and She-Ra, then be sure to join us August 25 & 26, 2018 in Torrance, California for an even bigger celebration of Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power!
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

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Masters Mondays bio reveal: Lord Masque February 12, 2018 7:34 pm by JVS3

Here is the first MOTUC Collector's Choice bio reveal: Lord Masque!
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AND don't forget to preorder the 2018 Wave 1 MOTUC (Super7 Wave 2) figures while you still can.
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and click here so you don't miss out on CG Man-E-Faces, Mer-Man, Sorceress, and Tung Lashor!

The MOTUC Collector's Choice bios seemed to disappear in 2016. But in actuality, new bios were written but not released on most of the 2016 cardbacks. So starting this Monday, February 12th, those bios will be released every two weeks here on He-Man.Org thanks to Super7's Masters Mondays.

But, who wrote these bios that continued the MOTUC mythos? That job was taken on by respected fans and Dark Horse book pros Danielle "Penny Dreadful" Gelehrter and Eric "gbagok" Marshall. And with approval from Super7, He-Man.Org has interviewed both of them to find out their thought process behind crafting the on-going Classics canon.

Check out the interview below,
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How did you become the official MOTUC Collector's Choice bio writing team, and how long have you been working in that capacity?

Eric: Val Staples (Power-Con Event Director and He-Man.Org owner) invited me to write the bios for the 2016 Power-Con exclusives back in 2015. Later he asked if I wanted to collaborate with Danielle on 2016 bios, to which I answered emphatically YES! We wrote bios for everything planned for the year, although none of the bios made it onto packaging until the Roton. When Super7 took over, Val asked us to continue.

Danielle: To add to what Eric said, Val (via his company MVCreations) secured the job with Mattel and asked if I wanted to co-write the official Classics bios with Eric. As a longtime fan of Eric's amazing Unofficial Bios, I was very excited by the idea of working with him! Due to the relatively late start with Mattel, and the changeover from Mattel to Super7, most of our 2016 bios didn't get released on the packaging, except for shortened versions of Roton and Skelcon.

Will you talk about your backgrounds with regard to writing, as well as your backgrounds as fans?

Eric: I've been a fan since my grandmother gave me the toys for my birthday in 1983. As for writing, I obtained a BA in creative writing a long time ago, and I've been writing the Unofficial bios on the fan forum for a while. We both worked on the World Compendium for Dark Horse, which was handy for the bios as well.

Danielle: I've been hooked ever since I saw the Castle Grayskull commercial and the box art in 1982. My first figure was Faker in 1983, and I've been part of the online fandom since its inception in the mid 90s. As far as writing goes, I have a BA in Writing and Literature as well as a Master's Degree in English. By day, I work as a university writing and lit. professor. My short story "The Writing Workshop" was published in The Bridge literature journal, and I won a fiction award for that piece. I've also written for a couple of magazines and newspapers, and worked on several of the Dark Horse books.

What was your goal with the bios, and how did you work to tie it into the existing canon?

Eric: I think we wanted to continue what Classics had started, combining as many previous canons as possible under a single umbrella. There were a lot of obscure sources that the bios hadn't used yet and that we wanted to include.

Danielle: In addition to writing about the individual characters, we wanted to address some of the dangling plot threads and unexplored eras. Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich put together a huge storyline which took place over eons. He left us with a big sandbox to play in. We're having fun looking at ways to tie things together and fill in some gaps, if it makes sense to do so within a specific character's bio. We try to employ material from the many existing canons whenever we can.

Why a continuation of the story vs. a straight reboot?

Eric: If Super7 is going to make figures of characters who are new to Classics, we didn't want to entangle them into an all new canon, leaving the previous 200+ figures' roles in question.

Danielle: There was a brief discussion about doing a reboot when it came to the Ultimates bios, but the consensus was to continue things from where they left off. Classics is so far in at this point that it just made sense to keep the ball rolling and see what we could do with it. Plus, Scott helped build the Classics canon for seven years and we wanted to respect that.

How much information do you get about the upcoming figures when you write the bios (accessories lists, design style, etc)?

Eric: All we know are the names. We did know about the color schemes for the Power-Con figures.

Danielle: When it came to Karg, we knew for awhile that he was going to be the MOTU Magazine version. His bio characterization couldn't be an exact copy of how he was portrayed in the film.

How far in advance do you write the bios?

Eric: I guess it varies because we wrote the bios for 2017 Power-Con about six to eight months in advance, well after most of the others. Yet people saw those Power-Con bios before most of everything except for the Ultimates and the two partial 2016 bios.

Danielle: As Eric said, it really depends. It can be a lengthy process because we revise and rewrite many of them, and we shoot ideas back and forth. There were three totally different versions of Plasmar's bio. A lot of ideas were tossed around tossed around for that guy when he went through some name and armor changes.

What's the writing process like? Who writes which bios?

Danielle: Val gets the list of characters and sends it to us, and then Eric and I take turns choosing, sort of like picking teams on the playground. When one of us finishes a draft, we send it along via group message. Sometimes, we'll make suggestions or pass ideas to each other. In between bio writing sessions, Eric and I like to brainstorm character and story ideas. Val oversees everything, in a "Lee Nordling"-esque capacity, but he lets us do our thing.

Eric: Yeah, it's really very open and loose, though we do talk about what we'd like to do before we know who will get a bio. Then we often revise, revise, revise. I think we had the most rewrites on the He-Man dopplegangers. Anti-Eternia He-Man and Faker were more challenging than a lot of others.

Do characters mentioned in the bios foreshadow upcoming figures from Super7?

Eric: Ah, if only we had that power!

Danielle: A mention in a bio does not necessarily mean the figure is coming. For instance, He-Ra is mentioned in the Serpentine King Hssss bio and Queen Balina is mentioned in Lodar's bio, but figures of those characters are not currently planned, as far as we know.

Eric: And that's a good example where it made sense to name drop Balina, the queen of Targa in Filmation, in a bio for Lodar, who ruled Targa in the mini-comics. Not that a random name drop is the worst thing in the world either.

Were there any bios you wrote that were never released?

Eric: We've mentioned we wrote bios for 2016. They were for figures, vehicles, and more, but I think only the Roton and Skelcon bios were partially included. We also wrote a lot of bios for things that didn't have bios before but were released in the Classics line.

Danielle: I believe there are 23 fully approved, but unreleased (or partially released), bios. Brief summaries of most 2016 bios wound up in the Dark Horse Character Guide & World Compendium because they were supposed to have been released by then. The "bios for things that didn't have them before" are still completely unseen. They include bios for artifacts like the Book of Living Spells and Keldor's Dual Bladed Sword, as well as bios for characters like Imp, Broom, Delora, etc. These bios have all been approved by Mattel, and will be coming in Super7's Masters Mondays bio posts on He-Man.Org.

Can you talk about the Reawakening, and your decision to bring previously deceased characters like Skeletor and Stratos back to life?

Eric: Well we knew Skeletor could not stay dead. Even the movie didn't really kill him off if you watched to the end credits (before Marvel made that mandatory). But notice nothing says the Reawakening is permanent. It's a chance to continue featuring dead characters in the ongoing narrative, but there is most likely a price for it too.

Danielle: The last in-canon Classics story we saw before taking over writing duties was minicomic #8. At that point in the story, many iconic characters were dead and Castle Grayskull was destroyed. We asked ourselves, "what happens after that?" When we were given the Ultimates figures with the directive that we should continue the Classics story from where it left off, things fell into place pretty quickly.

The Reawakening is sort of like the "post-Son of He-Man" era, where things have started to come full circle. If you think of the Third Ultimate Battleground as this near-apocalyptic occurrence, it makes sense to rebuild, both literally and symbolically. It's a story cycle where things are heading back to more familiar territory. In some ways, it's a return to "where it all started," but we have the old and new characters on the table now.

With regard to the Reawakening itself, the idea of character resurrection is a staple of fantasy fiction. We're dealing with magic and mysticism. As Eric points out, there will most likely be a price involved. Because this was an act of forbidden sorcery, one of the upcoming bios refers to the need to "purify" the Reawakening. At the end of the day, a mass resurrection event enabled us to revive beloved characters. This allows us to write about their continued adventures.

What are some of your favorite things about writing the bios?

Eric: Working with Danielle is great! I couldn't ask for a better collaborator! And to be playing with something we've all loved since childhood is such a treat. I'm very grateful.

Danielle: It's been wonderful working with Eric! I'm always super excited whenever he sends me one of his bio drafts to read. As a lifelong fan, it's honestly a dream come true to be working on MOTU/POP/NA in a creative capacity. I'm certainly thankful for the opportunity to be part of this and am having a complete blast!

What are some challenges you face in writing the bios?

Eric: It's always tricky to keep straight which story elements and details we've discussed are now part of the canon and which ideas we saved for later. With several bios still in the vault, I have to check the notes often. Danielle's memory is way sharper than mine!

Danielle: There are so many existing bios, and there are so many plot, character, and timeline threads in Classics that it can be very difficult keeping track of things. We have to tread carefully and double check facts so that we don't contradict anything that's been established.

The Filmation design was used for the Hawke figure, yet the bio says she is Stratos' sister. Why not go with a straight Filmation bio for her?

Eric: I think we both prefer Delora as Stratos' wife rather than his sister, so that made it easy to use 200x as the model for Hawke's bio.

Danielle: Plus, at the time, we were only given a name. We had no idea which version of Hawke was going to be made. After some back and forth, and observation of fan discussions over the years, it was clear that the name "Hawke" was most often associated with Stratos' sister, and the name "Delora" was most often associated with his wife. Thus, we went with the 200x comic idea that Hawke is the sister and we kept Delora as the wife, since she's his wife in at least three other canons. Hawke's Filmation story does get a definite nod in the bio, though.

Eric: Right, the Filmation version isn't totally irreconcilable with 200x since she does see the error of her ways at the end of "Betrayal of Stratos". It's interesting to see some of the heroes making mistakes that big while still being redeemable.

Now that fans have seen some of your bios and reacted to them, what are you most happy about and what would you maybe want to change or tweak if you could?

Eric: There are always ideas you get when it's too late, but mostly I've been very grateful for the good responses I've seen.

Danielle: Like Eric, I'm really grateful for the responses, both positive and critical. A dad posted that his kids played with Terroar and used his screaming power in their play. They had fun making him "roar" to knock other figures over. That made my day. As for things I'd change, I would probably streamline my Ultimates bios a bit more. Eric's are amazing, but I went a little overboard. I felt like, "I need to honor the character and address what became of them in the Classics canon in case this is the last bio the character ever gets!"

Eric: No, you're doing great! I think we always have to be careful to not forget the bios are about the characters at hand, not about the larger narrative. If a name drop makes sense we can use it, but we don't want that to distract from the figure that comes with the bio. And then we have to struggle with that word count as well!

Danielle: Yeah, that bloody word count! It's a challenge sometimes because you have to let go of details that might otherwise have made it into the bio. And Eric nailed it regarding the idea that the bios are about the characters at hand. If it makes sense to tie that character into a previously established story thread, then we may try it out and see how it goes. The character itself must always be the main focus though.

Have you created any new characters for the bios?

Danielle: We stick with existing characters as much as possible, but yes, we've created a few new characters or fleshed out older character names when it made sense to do so. We've worked with the wonderful Axel Giménez on design ideas for a couple of these, and he drew up fantastic concepts for them. Typically though, new characters are there to enhance and flesh out the story of the figure in the package. The figure is always the central focus. That said, Masters of the Universe is a saga that spans eons, so there's certainly room for a new character introduction if it makes sense and adds something of value to the story.

Eric: You know it feels like we're creating new characters just by writing bios for characters who haven't been in official canon before. To give the first official history to Fang-Or or Wrap Trap is amazing, a real treat! As far as name-dropping new characters, actually most are based on unused concepts like from 200x or the Create a Character contest. If we make up someone totally new it's usually because it uniquely supports the subject of the bio and no existing character was well-suited for the part. Someone like Wrap Trap's doomed love interest, for example, had to be new because there wasn't an established character who we thought it appropriate to kill off like that.

Danielle: Exactly. That's a good example of a new character being brought in to enhance and flesh out Wrap Trap's story, which itself draws inspiration from archetypes in mummy tales and films. If an established character is a better fit for a role in a bio, then we work them in.

What bios are you hoping to write some day?

Eric: Any of the "new" characters will be great to write or even just to read because they have so little official canon associated with them. I'm always eager to write more about Keldor's family as well.

Danielle: I'd love a chance to tackle some of the obscure characters in the mythos such as Minox, Shezar, Joya and others. Of course, that'll depend on whether those characters get figures in the line. And we'd love to write a bio for She-Ra! We have some definite plans for her character.

Will there also be Filmation-specific bios for Club Grayskull? Who will be writing those?

Eric: There will be!

Danielle: Definitely. And James Eatock just recently revealed he is the author. Given his knowledge of Filmation He-Man and She-Ra, and his past working on official projects, he is the perfect choice for the job!

Do you have anything you'd like to hint about to fans regarding potential upcoming bios?

Eric: There are some very fun name drops coming. Some gaps in the timeline may be filled in a little more, but we're not at liberty to discuss unpublished or potential story ideas.

Danielle: Filling in timeline gaps would be great, for sure! Otherwise, to quote our predecessor, "Keep reading the bios!" *ducks barrage of eggs and rotten vegetables* ;-)

David S. Goyer passes on directing He-Man movie February 9, 2018 5:02 pm by JVS3

Variety reports that David S. Goyer has passed on directing a new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie due to other commitments.
Click here to read the article on Variety,
and click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.

2018 MOTUC accessories poll ROUND 3 is live! February 9, 2018 11:10 am by JVS3

Here's the link to vote on ROUND 3 of the accessories poll which will have three rounds.

ALSO, there will be one more poll after the Accessories polls. That poll will let you pick which characters released thus far in MOTUC you'd like to see in Super7's upcoming retro-styled 5" action figure line. You won't want to miss that!

When all the voting is done, we'll be announcing random winners from each round who each get a free gift from Super7. So be sure to enter your e-mail address when you vote.

And be sure to join the discussion on the forums,
and to vote in Round 3 of the accessories item poll!

Do YOU want to help shape the future of the MOTU Classics line and what action figures we get? Then voting in this poll is mandatory for you!

The results of this poll will be reviewed and considered by Super7 and the Four Horsemen. It covers nearly all possible, official candidates for 6" figures, over-sized items (beast, vehicles, etc), and accessories.

This poll is open to EVERYONE. You do not need to be logged in or signed up to He-Man.Org to vote. So please spread the world about this poll to every He-Man and She-Ra fan you know who is interested in buying the Classics toy line.

You can also win a free prize from Super7 in each Round just by voting and providing your e-mail address! More info is on the poll.

click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums,
and a special thanks to Adam Tyner, David "AdultCollector" Clark, and Danielle "Penny Dreadful" Gelehrter for their help in making this poll happen!

Matt Tyree taking art commissions February 9, 2018 3:11 am by JVS3

Matt Tyree, MVCreations art director and Power-Con art manager, is now taking commissions for the creation of fantastic art! Want a great piece of art like this He-Man holding the Grayskull flag, that was illustrated by Matt? Then reach out to him today to get awesome art at a great price.
Click here to reach out to Matt for more info.

Gallery of Funko's MOTU Pint Sized Heroes February 8, 2018 6:05 pm by JVS3

Hordak.de and Die Welt Der Meister has shared with He-Man.Org fans a gallery of MOTU Pint Sized Heroes coming from Funko. These shots are from the 2018 Nurnberg International Toy Fair in Germany.
Click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums!

Der Horspielband (Audioplay Anthology) special issue of the magazine Die Welt Der Meister (The World of Masters) is now available to ship!

Die Welt der Meister is a German magazine aimed at MOTU fans, created by Miriam Kassner and Mark Knobloch.
NOTE: It is only in German.

This time it contains 332 pages (biggest MEIAMG project) complete with content such as:
• All about the Masters of the Universe & Princess of Power audioplays from the label EUROPA
• EPISODE GUIDE of all  He-Man & She-Ra audioplays
• Investigative Agency MEIMAG: narrator and character ovierview
• Orko's KNOW CRATE: facts, backgrounds and trivia XL – the full droning
• HEIKEDINE KORTING: two wonderful interviews with the German "Audioplay queen" (director of so many series such as MotU, PoP, Knight Rider, The Three Investigators... / sold over 200 million audioplays) + official foreword
• and much more!

It costs approximately $30.00 plus $9.00 shipping/handling, and they accept PayPal or bank transfer.
Price for one: $30.00
Shipping $9.00
Shipping NOW

Contact meimag@hordak.de to order. And click here to visit their Facebook page or their website.

Fans of Power episode 116 February 7, 2018 9:32 pm by JVS3

The Fans of Power podcast, featuring Joe Amato and Tyler Baker, is back with episode 116! They cover Orko in their character discussion, review the Revenge of the Snake Men mini-comic, a brief discussion on what Scareglow is and more.
Click here to watch or listen to the episode.
NOTICE: the episode might contain some adult language. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of He-Man.Org.

Super7 warns against eBay scammers February 6, 2018 9:30 pm by JVS3

Much like with the 2017 Power-Con exclusives, it looks like the overseas eBay scammers are back with fake auctions, primarily from Hong Kong. And Super7 sent us a warning about it to pass along to fans.

So far, Super7 has not had problems with MOTU items getting out of the factory they use. Last year, eBay was flooded with listings of Power-Con exclusives at rock-bottom prices, only for those auctions to be a complete bust. And now those scammers are back with it again with the 2017 MOTUC figures (Super7 Wave 1). Please be wary of auctions that seem too good to be true!

James Eatock's 100 eBay auctions end soon! February 4, 2018 1:23 pm by Busta Toons

This afternoon, evening, and into the night, James Eatock's 100 He-Man/She-Ra eBay auctions come to an end! 77 pieces of original animation art, 16 storyboards, books, and a few other items!

Hotel reservation information for Power-Con 2018 February 2, 2018 4:56 pm by JVS3

From Power-Con:

"The Power-Con convention is being held on August 25th & 26th, 2018 at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach! We have secured a special room rate for Power-Con attendees!

• Single or Double Standard Room, $147 USD per night; up to 4 people per room

You will be charged the first night’s room cost. This is a NON-refundable advanced deposit for (1) night room and tax. It will be charged within 48 hours after placing your reservation, to the credit card you have on file.

For the reservation link, and links to other nearby hotel options in the surrounding Torrance area, please visit our Hotel section."

Answers to Super7 Fan Q&A round 3.4 February 2, 2018 1:15 am by JVS3

Super7 has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 4 questions!

This round of questions were selected by wayne-klops.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. wayne-klops: In a future Club Grayskull release, would you consider including a Tri-Klops head and armor in the darker colors originally shown on the prototype? Many of us prefer (and were expecting) the darker shade of green that looks more like what we saw on the TV screen or in the DVDs.

We have had a bunch of requests for various accessory/weapon expansion items, and would certainly consider them. This would likely be a mixed assortment of the most requested items as well as some surprises to make it a really fun package, and we would add Tri-Klops' if the fan interest warrants.

2. T-man: How important is it to you guys to produce the fan-demanded 200x variants in the Collectors' Choice line? We haven't see main characters variants such as He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Evil-Lyn, Tri-Klops, Sorceress and King Randor.

On the Collector's Choice line, we do take some cues from the online polls and conversations we have with fans to produce the characters people want, and if there is a ton of interest in the 200x variants we would consider it. The latest polls however seemed to prioritize other characters higher than these, and we listen. After all, the line is called Collector's Choice!

3. Blade: Are we getting any closer to the possibility of a new MOTUC vehicle release or pre-order?

Yes, we are working on a project now. The tricky part is gaining access to the bank of existing tooling produced by Mattel, as that makes the project far more feasible than starting from scratch. We hope to have an update soon!

4. mjw41: When and if Super7 gets to weapons packs, will they be all new accessories or just existing weapons released in different colors? There's a lot of weapons and accessories that have yet to be released.

This falls into the same territory as the previous question on releasing Tri-Klops' armor and others. Yes, we would pursue both recolors and new accessories, it all depends on what is possible and what people want to see.

5. Sebastiaan: You've confirmed that you'll be including additional heads as extras in future releases. But will you also consider doing a "head pack" release the way MattyCollector did in the past with the 200x heads?

Same answer as above. Ha! We think the best option is an accessory expansion pack that could include armor/weapons/heads. Anything that feels right and would be a fun addition to the line or a something missing.

Check out what fans have to say about the answers to the WTFWTK 3.4, as well as find links to all the previous Fan Q&A sessions!

Check out the cardbacks from all the soon-to-arrive MOTUC 2017 figures (Super7 Wave 1)!
Click here to visit Lulu-Berlu to see more photos in their MOTUC toy sections,
and click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.

Early photos of Super7's MOTUC Wave 1 February 1, 2018 6:15 pm by JVS3

Lulu-Berlu, an awesome French retailer, has received their air shipment of the MOTUC 2017 figures (Super7 Wave 1). Which means the boat shipment is definitely in transit to Super7 in the USA and should be arriving in a couple of weeks to the docks and customs.

Check out the images below that they shared,
and click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums!

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