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Latest issue #16 of the Ongoing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe from DC Comics comes out today! From writer Dan Abnett and art by Pop Mhan, with colours by Mark Roberts!

Get your copy from a local comicbook-store or via comiXology.

See what the fans have to say!

Read the solicitation for the latest issue below!

“Wanted: He-Man and Adora!” After reaching the mystical island of Anwat Gar, He-Man and Adora are still on the run from Hordak and his villainous Horde. And He-Man can’t shake the suspicion they’re being hunted – but by whom? Fan favorite villain Tri-Klops returns in the latest chapter of “The Origin of She-Ra!”

See the announcement below from MattyCollector, and see what other fans have to say on the Org forums!

"Yes, you do have the power! The fans have spoken, and it’s official… we’ve reached our subscription goal for the final Club Eternia! That means we’ll be seeing Lizard Man, Ninja Warrior, Huntara, club-exclusive Oo-Larr, and the rest of the lineup for 2015.

It’s been an amazing journey for the Masters of the Universe Classics line, starting in 2008 with King Grayskull at San Diego Comic-Con, followed by He-Man, Beast Man, Skeletor, and all the others leading up to this final year. We can’t wait to get started on 2015, when we’ll wrap up the vintage and A-list characters and the “Fall of Eternia” mini comic storyline. We thank each and every one of you who subscribed and made it possible. We’ll have more news about the rest of the lineup in the months ahead, so make sure you sign up to get email updates!"

Win up to $1000 if you subscribe tonight! August 25, 2014 10:19 pm by Penny Dreadful

As of this morning, the subs are still up for sale. If it's like last time, they will close in a couple of hours for good.

So with that in mind, forum member PuffyVinze really wants the 2015 Masters of the Universe Classics Subscription to happen! He is offering major cash prizes to subscribers. First prize is $1000, 2nd prize is $500, and 3rd & 4th prizes are $250 apiece.

Check out his THREAD for more information on how to win.

Order your subscriptions HERE.


Take a walk-through with Pixel Dan of the vintage MOTU and POP figures we could get in a 2015 line! Sub sales end tonight, with only a 10% gap remaining in sales. Please click here to sub. It's the final year and the LAST chance for MOTUC! And check out Dan's video below!

Now There Is A Multi-Bot Teaser! August 25, 2014 11:45 am by MegaGearMax

Mattel isn't showing us images showing full-on figures, but there are fans who presume that Mattel IS leaking "bit and pieces" teasers of upcoming figures on the net! Last time we had Angella, this time we have pictures of Multi-Bot's two heads! You can see the heads in News Images below!

Had fun with Modulok last year? Well, subscribe HERE to ensure that you get Multi-Bot THIS year! Combine the two to come up with all sorts of terrifying combinations to menace He-Man and She-Ra!

See what the fans have to say HERE!

Even though Power-Con has been cancelled for 2014, there are fans out there who are still travelling to New York the weekend of September 13th. You may be one of those fans!

So Kelly Edmonds, AKA Princess Adora NJ on the Org forums, has helped organize the Masters Bash at the Protection Party! Below are the details from Kelly along with a video with additional details.

You can RVSP on the Protection Party thread here on He-Man.org, or on the corresponding Facebook event.

"Since Power-Con was cancelled, I been talking to many members on what can we do. I understand some of you had non refundable tickets, and others never had a chance to see what was so great about Power-Con.... meet ups and the friendships that were made. So Grouchor and myself have planned the first Masters Bash at the Protection Party NYC. and we encourage everyone who is in the area to come out and hang out with us.

Masters Bash at the Protection Party NYC
September 13, 2014
Session House
1009 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022
7 pm to til ?"

Council of the First Ones - Episode 83 August 24, 2014 11:34 am by EuroCoin

Council of the First Ones is a podcast done by people from The Great Rebellion - Collector's Club.

In Episode 83 topic is: 
* San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Aftermath a.k.a Kelly's SDCC report

Council members present in this episode are Kelly Edmonds, Rene Chavez, N. Ahmed Crespo and Joni Koivisto.

Direct download: Episode 83 [mp3]

Duration: 1 hour 14 min

See what the fans have to say

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Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 125 Discussion August 23, 2014 11:21 pm by JVS3

Are you hungry for Episode 125 of He-Man.org's Roast Gooble Dinner?

Val Staples, Danielle Gelehrter, and Nate Baertsch are back to discuss He-Man and She-Ra.

***Apologies for the audio quality. A lot of this episode was done over the phone.
Pixel Dan couldn't make it due to prior family commitments.

In this episode they are joined by Scott Neitlich and Eric Treadaway to discuss
the 2015 subscription sales,
Scott going on vacation,
subs re-opening on the weekend,
why subs aren't pushed through at 90%,
sub limits reached VS decline in sales,
knowing what is coming VS surprises,
lack of interest in final year characters,
the future of figures already sculpted,
subs VS day of sale,
two week sale limits and storage,
international shipping expense and pen pals,
potential beyond 2015,
more mini-comics,
add-on mini-sub for 2015,
MOTUC making history,
MOTUC: a passion project,
fear mongering,
working with characters you don't want,
rarity of 2015 vs early in the line,
and much more!

Intro/Outro info:

Another fan contribution are episode wallpapers and backgrounds, created by Matt Tyree also know as Tyree on the forums. Matt is commercial illustrator who you can find out more about at www.tyreeonline.com

Also, don't forget the Roast Gooble Dinner iPhone App, which is great for organizing and downloading current and past episodes. Click here to get yours today!

And if you have a comment or a question, please call us at (310) 933-5993 or at our Skype account "roastgooble" and leave a voicemail (in Skype, please go to Call Phones and enter roastgooble as the phone number and dial in. Please do not add roastgooble to your contact list as we won't accept the request. Sorry!) We'll try to work your voicemail into the show, so please call! Otherwise, you can e-mail us at gooble (at) he-man (dot) org. One or more of the hosts will read your e-mail on the show. Please keep e-mails short and sweet!

So pull up your chair and fill up your plate! It's time to chow down on a tasty serving of fandom here on He-Man.org's Roast Gooble Dinner!

Recorded on August 22, 2014
Runtime: 1 hours, 10 minutes, 02 seconds

Direct link for Episode 125

Discussion thread on the forums

Subscription options:

Link to subscribe with iTunes
Direct link to RSS feed

Queen Angella Teasers Have Hit The 'Net August 23, 2014 9:19 pm by MegaGearMax

Do you need another reason to subscribe to 2015 Club Eternia?

We have gotten another glimpse of of the upcoming white winged MOTU character that was teased at SDCC 2014. This time the view is much more substantial, all but confirming that Queen Angella might be the next figure released in the Classics line!

See the Angella teaser pictures in News Images below!

See what the fans have to say HERE!

From Dark Horse:

"This is Daniel Chabon, editor of the Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe art book coming out from Dark Horse Comics next spring. We've already received a ton of fantastic art that's going to be featured in the book.

But we thought we would do one final call out to see if there are any fans or collectors out there who have art from the franchise that they think would be great to feature in the art book. If your art is picked to be included in this book you will be rewarded with
• a special thanks in the art book
• a free copy of the book

Below is a list of a few items we are still on the hunt for, but we are definitely open to review any art that you think would be cool to feature in this official art book.

The only art we will not accept for review is fan art.

Here is our dream list. All scans of art would need to be high res, between 400-600 dpi:
• Unproduced toy art--particularly for the vintage toys
• Art from the Son of He-Man
• Filmation storyboard art
• She-Ra art like character sketches and maybe early concept stuff, unreleased art, etc
• Original card back art
• Vintage obscure he-man products/merchandise. [watches, suitcases, crayons, Halloween masks, and any other unique items]

Any fan with a potential art donation can contact us at heman@darkhorse.com

Thank you!

See what other fans have to say on the Org forums!

With all the subscription news out there right now, it's good to give a congrats to the SDCC "Show Us Your She-Ra" cosplay winners,
one of which is Org regular Kelly Edmonds, AKA: Princess Adora NJ!

See what other fans have to say on the Org forums.
And here's the complete story from MattyCollector.com:

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con we asked all fans of She-Ra® to cosplay with us in our Show Us Your She-Ra® Contest. Of those who answered the call, our judges decreed that these two stood out and will each receive a 2015 Club Eternia® subscription! Meet our winners…

Congratulations, Michelle Jackman (Best Overall) and Kelly Edmonds (Most Creative). Fellow fans might recognize Kelly as one of the dedicated members of our fan community, who helps administer The Great Rebellion – Collector’s Club on Facebook. Nicely done, Michelle and Kelly. Enjoy your subscriptions

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and joined the fun. Michelle and Kelly are now part of the final year of Club Eternia®… but only if the sub goes forward! The subscription period has been extended and will reopen Friday, 8/22 at 9:00 a.m. PT through Monday, 8/25 at 11:59 only! Get all the details here!

Daniel Benedict has released a video urging fans to subscribe to the 2015 Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.

Subscriptions are now re-open! Click here to subscribe. We only have 10% more to go to make 2015 a reality! The extended sub sales are open until this Monday, August 25th, at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

One of the highlights of the recent Mattypalooza event at San Diego Comic Con 2014 was the announcement that Dark Horse would be creating an art book dedicated to everything Masters of the Universe. So far, fans have been shown the cover and a few select preview pages. The book will cover every era of the Masters of the Universe mythos from the vintage 80s line (and Princess of Power!) through New Adventures, the 2002 relaunch and Masters of the Universe Classics.

The information Dark Horse released had many MOTU fans eager to hear more about the project, and left people with a few questions. The team at Dark Horse graciously agreed to an interview about the The Art of He-man and the Masters of the Universe, so that fans could learn more about the project. Interviewed are Dark Horse editor Daniel Chabon, as well as writers and coordinators Tim and Steve Seeley.

Read the interview below and see what other fans have to say on the Org forums!

Interview by Jon Wesley Huff.

Q: How did the project to create an Art of He-man book start?

Daniel Chabon: In 2011, Dark Horse was working with Mattel on three Masters of the Universe mini-comics that were to be collected with their Classics line action figures. We hired Tim Seeley to write the comics because we knew he was a huge fan and expert of the media franchise. We had a lot of fun working on those and had brought in fantastic artists to participate such as Eric Powell, Raymond Swanland, and Wellinton Alves.
Following that we had been pitching the idea of an MOTU art book to Mattel over the last couple of years. There is over thirty years of material to choose from by many great artists. We thought that it would be a real treat for MOTU fans if we published an official and comprehensive retrospective chronicling the art from this pop culture phenomenon.

Q: How did you go about assembling the creative team working on the book?

DC: We had such a great time working with Tim on the MOTU mini-comics and on several Dark Horse comic book series (more recently on his creator-owned ongoing title Sundowners) that when we had began pitching writers for the art book we had Tim at the top of the list. Mattel agreed that he was a great choice and Tim brought in his brother Steve to help us with organizing and writing the book. Both of them have been absolutely fundamental. They are both MOTU experts and have a lot of friends in the MOTU community who have been extremely helpful and beneficial to the book. My assistant on the book, Ian Tucker, and the book designer, Jimmy Presler, are both MOTU fans and experts as well and have been indispensable.

Q: It's great to hear so many fans are working on this book! I'd love to hear how you guys came to discover MOTU. What's your first MOTU memory?

Tim Seeley: For my sixth birthday, in 1983, my aunt bought me the very first He-Man and Battle Cat set. It blew my mind. I immediately read, and reread the mini comic until it fell apart.

Steve Seeley: We were obsessed from the beginning. I remember all of the Seeley boys getting Man At Arms and being upset that the figure didn't have a mustache like the cartoon, so my dad drew one on. I'm pretty sure Tim still has that one.

DC: I had most of the original series toys when I was a kid. I remember trying the remove the fake blood from the Mosquitor toy.

Q: So, I have to ask… what's your all-time favorite MOTU toy?

TS: Faker or Teela. It's a tough call for me. I think Faker is maybe the coolest looking action figure of all time. But I have a special place in my heart for Teela.

SS: Oh god. So many. I'd have to agree with Tim, Faker is definitely up there. The colors on him are so ingrained in me and all aspects of my creativity. So classic. So weird. I'm also a huge Hordak fan, especially the original figure (Buzzsaw and Hurricane ain’t got nothing on him!). Other toppers: Clamp Champ, Blast Attak, Scareglow and Spikor.

DC: Modulok! Hands down. I also liked Roboto.

Q: So how far along are you on the project at this point?

DC: I’d say we’re about 60% completed. We anticipate completion around October or November.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the process for tracking down the artwork?

DC: We hit up a bunch of different people who were super kind and willing to donate art from their private collections. Art that I had never seen before. We met some of these folks at conventions or tracked them down through the internet and through Tim, Steve, and Val Staples.

Q: Any idea of what rough percentage has come from Mattel and how much came from individual collectors?

DC: It is hard to tell at this point. Mattel sent us a bunch of great material from their archives to use. They sent boxes and boxes of great pieces to be scanned from their archives. It was a treasure trove of MOTU material. It took us a long time to get all of it scanned for use in the art book.

Q: Was there a piece that you were particularly excited about discovering or finding?

DC: There’s an Alex Ross pencil piece I never knew existed. We also managed to track down a lot of the McQuarrie art and a nice image of the 2002 Frank Quitely cover.

Q: Do you have an all-time favorite piece of MOTU art? Is there one that just really struck you as a kid, for instance? What about as an adult?

TS: My favorite of all time is a weird one, but I think it's the back cover to the original Alfredo Alcala mini comics. It was the first stuff I saw, and that drawing just filled me with imagination and wonder.

SS: Both as a kid and as an adult, the cover/poster of He-man magazine issue #14, where He-man is fighting Skeletor in space, by Earl Norem. Brilliant. Also, Earl's Hordak and the Horde poster from issue # 3 is incredible.

Q: Masters of the Universe fans seem particularly drawn to the art that has been featured over the years in association with the line, do you have any theories about why that might be? What draws you to it, personally?

DC: There were so many great names attached to the art. Rudy Obrero, Earl Norem, Ralph McQuarrie, Dave Stevens, Moebius, William Stout. The list goes on and on. It’s amazing to see how many talented people participated in one franchise. There are so many creative characters to draw that were a part of MOTU. I think it provided the artists with a lot of fun characters to choose from when they drew them.

TS: I think it's because MOTU is so versatile. It can be portrayed in so many different ways from dark fantasy to sci-fi to cartoony and kiddy. Everyone can have their own MOTU, and let their imagination run wild.

SS: Tim nailed it. Also, it really was the first of its kind. Something truly new for our generation. In a time before the internet and message boards and blogs, you didn't know how cool something was until you saw it on the shelf and I think so many of us had that jaw-dropping moment when we first saw He-man (or Skeletor, etc) in the store. And then later, you had the toy in your hand and it was in a cartoon on TV. It was so gratifying.

Q: So, Tim and Steve—as brothers, you both grew up in the same house with MOTU... did you have one big collection you shared? Did you keep them separate? And, be honest... did MOTU ever lead to any fights?

TS: We had separate collections. Steve and I were the MotU guys while our youngest brother Brad was a dabbler who had some He-Man figures but was primarily into G.I.JOE. We mostly all played together pretty well, but I do remember arguments with Brad over which was the superior toy line.

SS: We had a lot of duplicates among us, but we were pretty good at keeping stuff separate, however between all three of us we had everything. The only thing we never got of the US releases was Eternia. I don't think we argued too much, but I know for a fact, over the years, I acquired some of Brad and Tim's figures. Hell, I still have "my" original Sorceress, which I'm pretty sure was Tim's. I still feel guilty looking at her.

Q: Do you still have any of your other original vintage figures?

TS: I have my original He-Man, my original Battle Cat, and my King Hiss and Tyrantisaurus. Everything else I stupidly sold when I was 13 because...well..13. I have since collected the entire series, and replaced all my lost toys, with Steve's assistance.

SS: I have a few originals, my Faker, Clamp Champ, and Scareglow. Like Tim said, when he was 13, I was 11 and Brad was 10, we decided to "grow up" and we sold all our stuff (minus a few keepers) to one lucky ******* at a garage sale at our grandparents. It took like three years for me to release how stupid that was and to start recollecting again. Today, I have a toy problem. And I have way, way to many vintage toys, all because I still kick myself for selling that original collection...to that *******!

Q: Have you guys followed MOTU through all it's various incarnations (New Adventures, 2002 relaunch and Classics) over the years?

TS: Yeah! It was tough to follow New Adventures, as I was a teenager, and it was hard to find. But I watched the 200x cartoon, and collected the toys, and my studio is full of MotUC figures.

SS: Absolutely. Even though NA was a huge departure, it was still fun as hell. I was in college when 200x came out, so I was chasing the ladies and drinking the booze more than I was watching the He-man. My priorities were all out of whack.

Q: Certainly with some of the projects you've done in the past (Colt Noble, Mini Comics Included,) one can see the MOTU influence quite clearly. Would you say the art of MOTU is an influence or inspiration for you? If so, in what way?

TS: Oh for sure. I learned how to draw from those mini-comics, and MOTU got me INTO comics. I got He-Man first, THEN Spider-Man & Batman. The stuff I've done that homages MOTU comes from a recognition of how much it changed my life.

SS: It's been a huge inspiration, and besides family and other important people in my life, it's been my biggest influence. As an artist, my color theory is based on the MOTU palette. And like Tim said, all of us Seeley boys learned to draw because of He-man. 100% honesty here, but when we used to draw our family, both Brad and I would give ourselves, Tim and Mom and Dad furry underpants and boots. That's what we thought everyone wore, since we based everything off He-man. I'm sure Ma still has some drawings to prove it.

Q: Can you talk a little about how you're preparing the artwork for publication? For instance, how much restoration (if any) is the art having to undergo?

DC: Dark Horse had a large production department and we will be taking some steps to do some mild restoration, but nothing too overbearing on the art. We scanned some of the Earl Norem posters from the He-Man magazines and we’re cleaning high res scans of those so they are perfect for print.

Q: A lot of the art appears to be cropped on the pages we've seen thus far. Is this cropping of art typical of the book, and would you talk a little bit about how you're approaching the design and layout of the book in that regard?

DC: We don’t want to crop too much because the art is so good as is. Chip Kidd’s Batman Animated has been somewhat influential towards the design work and there was a fair amount of cropping you can see in that book. We want to achieve a design that looks good aesthetically while giving us some room to include innovative commentary on the franchise along with pages for some interviews. We certainly want to show as much of those Earl Norem pieces as possible. Erika Scheimer, Gary Goddard, Alan Oppenheimer, and many, many more have contributed text pieces to the collection.

Q: It sounds as though you had a wealth of art to choose from between what Mattel sent and what private collectors shared with you. Can you talk a little bit about what went into selecting the pieces that made it into the book?

TS: Steve and I went through the assets and tried to pick the stuff that best represented a diverse array of great MOTU art from every media we could think of. We also tried to grab "little-seen' stuff, and I think we pretty much decided if WE hadn't seen it, it must be quite a treasure.

Q: That’s an impressive list of contributors to the text of the book. Can you talk a little about what you're hoping to bring to the book, text-wise?

TS: Basically, we're just there in service to the art. We'll make sure to let ya know who did what, and add a few observations and factoids. But otherwise, this is about the art, 100%.

SS: Its an art book, first and foremost. We supplied the facts and interviewed the plethora of superstar guests, but Tim is right. It's really all about the art.

Q: Just for fun—who’s the best MOTU villain? Skeletor, King Hiss, or Hordak?

TS: Skeletor. No competition. Skeletor is one of the best villains of all time, period.

SS: Best: Skeletor. Coolest and most bad-ass: Hordak.

Q: If the book is a success, does Dark Horse have any ideas for further MOTU books? I know, for instance, that many fans have been dying for a complete book of re-printed mini-comics.

TS: I'd love to able to do one that focus completely on the stuff that never came to be...figures that were pitched that didn't make it, the SON OF HE-MAN cartoon...the stuff we never got to see!

SS: Or a book of all the MOTU knock off figures!! Eh?? Anyone? Sigh. But seriously, I would kill for that.

Q: Any last words for all the MOTU fans out there about the project you'd like to share?

TS: Dark Horse is totally behind this book, and they're going all out in getting every bit of art that they can. It's gonna be awesome.

I’d like to thank Daniel, Tim and Steve once again for their time. The Art of He-man and the Masters of the Universe will be a presented in a hardcover 9’’ x 12’’ format and is currently scheduled for release on April 14 2015. You can pre-order the book on Amazon.

The 2015 #SaveHeMan Twitter Campaign Is Extended! August 21, 2014 9:12 pm by MegaGearMax

So close! Club Eternia 2015 has only hit 90% and Mattel has extended the subscription window to this weekend. As a result, The All American's #SaveHeMan Twitter campaign will also continue!!!

The All American says:

Those who have been tweeting and retweeting since Friday, I can't thank you enough. You were awesome! And we still need you. But we're going into extra innings now. Now is not the time to give up. We fight!

The subs re-open on Friday August 22nd at 12PM Eastern/9AM Pacific and will last through Monday August 25th. With that said, so will the Twitter campaign. But our goal should be a little different this go around. I need to be honest with myself and realize we're not going to be able to make a trending topic the way we've been doing it before.

Instead, we need to just go bananas with #SaveHeMan tweeting and retweeting each other. Target some celebrity pages, ones you may get a retweet from, perhaps something will catch like wildfire. Put up something light hearted or funny in a tasteful manner, something that will intrigue another person online to take a look at the line and possibly sub. There are a lot of people who loved Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power as a kid, who knows, we may rekindle that spark for someone else (as this line has done for us). This is about creating awareness and exposure for MOTUC, and sharing your passion for the line. Have fun with it!

So please join me again on Friday August 22nd at 12PM Eastern/9AM Pacific and throughout the weekend at https://twitter.com/MOTU2015 as we #SaveHeMan

See the thread HERE!

Four Horsemen Official Statement about the 2015 Sub August 21, 2014 8:04 pm by JonWes


Hey all of you Masters of the Universe Classics fans out there! Well, as I’m sure you’re well aware of by now, we got some pretty unsettling news this week. Even though during the San Diego Comic Con it looked like the 2015 Club Eternia subscriptions were selling really well and it looked as if we were going to sail really easily right through the end. We were all amazed at the huge amount of support fans were showing for the line. The 2015 Club Eternia looked like such an early success at that point that we’d even already been discussing with Mattel what we were possibly going to do with 2016 MotU Classics line-ups.

Unfortunately, things seemed to have stalled out just before the end of the original end date for the subscriptions, and we ended up about 10% short of the goal needed to make the 2015 line a reality. We’ve seen people speculating that this might be some sort of ploy by Mattel to boost sales even farther over the percentage needed, but that’s simply not true. We discussed the actual numbers with Scott Neitlich (Mattel’s own ToyGuru) yesterday, and we can assure you that we are indeed just a small amount short of hitting the goal needed to make the 2015 Club Eternia subscription happen.

We’re about 90% there and we just need one little extra bump to get us over the edge. Obviously that’s where you come in, He-Fans and She-Ravers! If you’ve already bought a 2015 Club Eternia subscription – thank you! But your work here isn’t done. Please help to spread the word and let other people know that it’s not to late to jump onboard and help to make MotU Classics one of the most spectacular action figure lines in toy history.

The 2015 MotU Classics: Club Eternia subscriptions are going to re-open tomorrow, Friday, 8/22 at 9:00 am pst, and close on Monday, 8/25 at 11:59pm pst

I mean c’mon… Did you ever think you’d get a Madame Razz or Broom figure in MotU Classics? What about Lizard Man? Gwildor? A New Adventures She-Ra? That awesome Tung Lashor? Mermista? The fan-chosen Huntara? If we don’t make that subscription happen some of those figures may never see the light of day, and we might have to shave O-Dawg’s head just to make us all feel better.

So please, if you can, go over to http://www.mattycollector.com/ tomorrow and sign up for your MotU Classics: Club Eternia subscription! Let’s wrap this thing up with a bang, not a whimper. Thanks a TON!!

Jim, Eric, Cornboy, Shane, Sherri and O-Dawg


You can discuss this story in this thread

From MattyCollector below.
And see what other fans have to say on the Org forums!

"We’ve got a special note from ToyGuru!

Hey He-Fans and She-Ravers,

We are sooooo close! 2015 subs ended with about 90%. A great showing but not quite close enough to go forward. With the end of the vintage line (redone in Classics) in question, we truly do believe in our fan base. We’re going to reopen the subs for an extension window from Friday, 8/22 at 9:00 a.m. PT through Monday, 8/25 at 11:59 PT.

Now is the time to rally! If everyone who sub’d last year would renew, we’d be golden. If you’re on the fence or were thinking of cherry-picking, remember… if the sub does not get that last critical 10% there won’t be a line to cherry-pick.Club Eternia

So please, let’s all come together! All MOTU fans of all eras truly make Classics the greatest MOTU (if not all brands) toy line of all time! I know we can do it! If you’re holding out, remember, unlike any previous year you pretty much know exactly who you’re getting, with our absolute promise to finish the vintage MOTU line, MOTU variants, original POP characters, and A-list New Adventures and media characters.

Let’s come together and make this happen! We really believe in our fans, and we’ve got one last chance. All our cards are on the table… it’s time to go all in!

Subscriptions open Friday, 8/22 at 9:00 a.m. PT through Monday, 8/25 at 11:59 PT.

Here’s (hopefully) to a great 2015!

Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich"

Behind the Scenes of 'Dueling Skeletors' August 19, 2014 2:53 pm by Penny Dreadful

Here's the live version of 'Dueling Skeletors' with extra behind-the-scenes fun included. Starring Alan Oppenheimer (80s Filmation Skeletor) and Brian Dobson (2002 MYP Skeletor).

Watch the original cartoon short HERE.

Discussion thread HERE.

He-Man.org Forums now accessible via the Tapatalk app! August 19, 2014 2:11 pm by TheShadow

Our forum is now accessible on Tapatalk! Tapatalk is a free forum app for your smartphone that lets you share photos, post, and reply to discussions on our community easily on-the-go.

Download Tapatalk here:


Add this community to Tapatalk:

If this link doesn't work, simply search "www.he-man.org" from the Tapatalk Explore tab. Then you are ready for on-the-go mobile discussion of your favorite He-Man and She-Ra topics!

The final year of MOTUC is upon us. The MOTUC line is unprecedented in its scope and longevity. No other toy line has recreated almost its entire vintage counterpart with nothing else to fuel interest other than fan passion.

Remember that there is little mystery of who is coming in 2015. Even though we have not seen all the reveals, we all have a good idea of who will be in the line such as the remaining vintage MOTU figures and variants, and original POP vintage figures.

Some fans may want to cherry pick on day of sale. But if the subs don't go through, there will be nothing to cherry pick from.

It would be a huge disappointment if the final year of MOTUC did not occur. Given rising costs in production, a line like this will never happen again. This is your last chance in history to see figures like Dragstor, Queen Angella, Saurod and Sssqueeze in this scale and articulation.

If you haven't subscribed, please consider doing so. This could be our final battle!

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The Masters of the Universe Classics toy line is ending. Today is the last day to sign up for Club Eternia, and guarantee you’ll get all the Club figures released in 2015. This is your final chance to prove that you have the power!

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From IGN.com:

War has come to Eternia. It's He-Man, She-Ra and the Masters of the Universe versus Skeletor, King Hsss and Hordak!

Dan Abnett and Pop Mhan will take on DC Comics' He-Man franchise in December with "He-Man: The Eternity War." The new series will be helmed by He-Man veterans - writer Dan Abnett, interior artist Pop Mhan, and cover artist Stjepan Šeji?. The story for Eternity War was developed by Rob David, who serves as Head Writer for the Masters of the Universe franchise for Mattel's Playground Productions studio.

"This is the big one! The epic! So much 'Masters of the Universe' lore and mythology sweeping together in one epic storyline! He-Man, She-Ra and their allies combine to take Eternia back from Hordak in the war to end all wars.... and there are other sinister threats lurking in the shadows,” Abnett said via press release. "Did I say epic? I think I did. Twice. And Pop is a genius! His art is amazing. He's the sort of artist that writers long to write for! I can't properly express how excited I am about this book."

David said, “This is our Ragnarok, our Twilight of the Gods, the epic showdown He-Man fans have been waiting for. It’s He-Man vs. Skeletor, She-Ra vs. Hordak, Masters vs. Dark Masters – all fighting for control over Castle Grayskull. In the end, winner takes all. Who will become the Master of the Universe? Nothing will be the same after this.”

Abnett and Mhan have already made their mark on the "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" ongoing series, with the duo's current arc, "The Origin of She-Ra," delving into the origins of Princess Adora. Although DC's November solicitations have yet to surface, it's likely that the new "He-Man: The Eternia War" series will replace "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" #20 when it debuts in December.


See what the fans have to say HERE!

Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 124 Discussion August 18, 2014 1:45 pm by JVS3

Are you hungry for Episode 124 of He-Man.org's Roast Gooble Dinner?

Val Staples, Danielle Gelehrter, "Pixel Dan" Eardley and Nate Baertsch are back to discuss He-Man and She-Ra.

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In this episode they are joined by Craig Tello to answer your questions about
TMNT & Guardians of the Galaxy,
Son of He-Man pitch,
Power Party trivia contest,
Mini-Figures shipping bundles,
Mini-figures for 2014,
New mini-figures for 2015,
MOTU Giants,
MOTU 2014 & 2015,
Sweet Bee,
Battle Ram w/Man-at-Arms,
Tung Lashor,
Galactic Protector She-Ra,
Nate's design,
Lizard Man,
Snake Armor He-Man VS Battle Armor King Hsss,
Skeletor's hover bots,
2014 Power Party,
and much more!

Intro/Outro info:

Another fan contribution are episode wallpapers and backgrounds, created by Matt Tyree also know as Tyree on the forums. Matt is commercial illustrator who you can find out more about at www.tyreeonline.com

Also, don't forget the Roast Gooble Dinner iPhone App, which is great for organizing and downloading current and past episodes. Click here to get yours today!

And if you have a comment or a question, please call us at (310) 933-5993 or at our Skype account "roastgooble" and leave a voicemail (in Skype, please go to Call Phones and enter roastgooble as the phone number and dial in. Please do not add roastgooble to your contact list as we won't accept the request. Sorry!) We'll try to work your voicemail into the show, so please call! Otherwise, you can e-mail us at gooble (at) he-man (dot) org. One or more of the hosts will read your e-mail on the show. Please keep e-mails short and sweet!

So pull up your chair and fill up your plate! It's time to chow down on a tasty serving of fandom here on He-Man.org's Roast Gooble Dinner!

Recorded on August 14, 2014
Runtime: 2 hours, 21 minutes, 27 seconds

Direct link for Episode 124

Discussion thread on the forums

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'Dueling Skeletors' starring Alan Oppenheimer & Brian Dobson! August 17, 2014 3:16 pm by Penny Dreadful

Skeletor says SUBSCRIBE!

‘Dueling Skeletors’ is a cartoon starring the voices of Alan Oppenheimer (80s Filmation Skeletor) and Brian Dobson (2002 MYP Skeletor). Thec artoon was animated/directed by the talented Tom Bryski (aka King Tamusk) and written by Danielle Gelehrter (aka Penny Dreadful). Audio recording by Daniel Benedict (aka Masque) and “Pixel” Dan Eardley!

See what other fans have to say on the Org forums.

Subscriptions are available until Monday August 18that 11:59 PM Pacific Time at MattyCollector.com

Answers to WTFWTK 2.129 August 16, 2014 4:25 pm by JVS3

Mattel has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 129 questions!

 This round of questions were selected by wayne-klops.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. Barbecue17: Oo-lar was one of the best reveals at SDCC and one of my most anticipated figures in this line. So where does the name come from? I've heard rumors that it was originally a misspelling of Mo-larr that fans jumped onboard with. Is that true or is there some other source for origin the name?

Despite the persistent rumor, the "jungle/mini comic He-Man" (who is clearly NOT Prince Adam!) was always named Oo-lar for Classics and his bio/name was written back in 2009. The name comes from looking for a "jungle" like name and is a bit of an homage to popular Jungle hero screams and jungle noises animals make. His only relationship to “Mo-Larr” is that both characters naturally use the MOTU naming convention of adding a “ar” or “or” at the end of the name. Quite a lot of figures have this. But Oo-Lar was named by Mattel and Mo-Larr was named separately by Robot Chicken in their sketch years ago. There is no other relationship other then both being “MOTU names” using MOTU naming conventions.

2. Wayne-klops: Is there any chance for figures who lost fan votes (Lord Masque, Tuskador, and Darius) to be made in some form in 2015 (out of sub, at SDCC, in mini sub?), or are these figures completely off the table at least until a hypothetical 2016 line?

No, these figures would have needed to win the vote to be in 2015. We simple did not have enough slots to include them, and, for example, we wanted to include both Lord Masque And Huntara but just did not have room for them both so we let the fans at conventions make the call that was too difficult for us to make! Only one per fan vote had a chance to be in the line. The others will not be, even as non sub items.

3. Ivan: We hear that it takes over a year (even two years) to produce a figure (from initial pitch to execs to final product in the store). Knowing this, is there a cutoff date for a decision on 2016? It would seem like it's approaching, if not here already?

Yes, we are waiting to see how the 2015 sub sells to move forward with 2016. But we have already started some prelim conversations should we get the green light.

4. Zodak's new shoes: Are there any plans to create vehicles or giants for the mini line?

Potentially. Nothing to confirm right now but if they continue to sell the mini scale is a great line for these type of items as a price friendly cost!

5. Lord_Of_Destruction: Who came up with Despara? Was the concept created by DC and worked into the Classics bios, or was she planned for the MOTUC story from the start and DC saw the concept and brought it into the comic beforehand?

The concept came from the Mattel franchise team (as discussed at this year's SDCC panel) and used by DC in their monthly comics and by the Classics team in the mini comics.

Check out what fans have to say about the answers to the WTFWTK 2.129, as well as find links to all the previous WTFWTK sessions!

See below for what is on sale now! Click here to order yours whlie they last.

• MOTU Minis with Faker and Man-At-Arms
• MOTUC Castaspella
• MOTUC Faker
• MOTUC Flutterina (Club Eternia monthly figure)
• MOTUC IntergalacticSkeletor (Club Eternia variant figure)
• MOTUC Madame Razz & Broom (Club Etheria monthly figure)

Minis Pre-Order Sale
• Products Available: Catch Up Bundle, Think Ahead Bundle, Full Minis Bundle

He-Man.org member The All American is hosting another Twitter campaign to raise awareness of the 2015 MOTUC subscription, to ensure that the line survives another year! The All American writes:

If you love Masters of the Universe Classics like I do, I hope you will join me on Friday August 15, 2014 at 12:00PM Eastern/9:00AM Pacific for a Twitter campaign to raise awareness and hopefully bring in a few more fans as we #SaveHeMan!

2015 is slated to finish the vintage Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power characters, as well as the remaining A-lister Filmation, 200x, mini-comics, NA, etc... We can't go this far only to lose out on MOTUC's official last year. Together, we can finish this thing!

Click on this link HERE to find out how to participate in the 2015 MOTUC Subscription Twitter Campaign!

And feel free to add in a link to the MattyCollector page so fans can go right to the site. And if you want, retweet on and on after the initial tweet. It’s up to you, but every little bit helps! And thank you for joining in; together we "have the power" to make a difference!

Kowlometer at 76% with only 6 days left to subscribe! August 12, 2014 5:09 pm by motuportugal

The Kowlometer has bean updated to 76%. We have only 6 days until the subscription sale ends and we still have 24% to go.

If you're planning on subscribing, now is the time. Let's make this happen! He-fans and She-Ravers... UNITE!!

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The MOTU fan short film "Fall of Grayskull" began principle photography last Thursday.

Daniel Benedict states, "The past several days have literally been the most grueling of my life. Over 100 hours spent on movie stuff. We were seriously on set between 18-20 hours a day, and I've never been so tired in my life. But looking back, it was worth it. The time spent doing something I love.. about something I love.. being around people I love. To see all these people pour their everything into this was utterly amazing."

Approx. 65-70% of the live action shots have currently been filmed. For updates keep checking the film's facebook page!

See what other fans have to say!

MOTU Classics Light Hope Video Review by Pixel Dan August 10, 2014 3:06 am by Pixel Dan

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the Club Etheria Subscription exclusive figure Light Hope!


MOTU Classics Madame Razz & Broom Video Review by Pixel Dan August 10, 2014 12:11 am by Pixel Dan

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the upcoming MOTU Classics Madame Razz and Broom from Mattel!


When the New MOTU Film Director Crashed the Org SDCC Power Party August 7, 2014 3:49 pm by Penny Dreadful

Fans were surprised to learn that Jeff Wadlow, the director of Sony’s upcoming Masters of the Universe film, was hanging out at the 2014 SDCC Power-Party and geeking out with the other party-goers. It turns out that Wadlow is a collector and life-long MOTU fan himself. “I’ve been following the development of this movie for years,” Wadlow said. He explained that he was eager to be involved with the film, and was very enthusiastic about directing it.

Jeff stood around with several fans at the party and talked about all manner of things. Topics included Prince Adam & He-Man, He-Man’s strength level, furry shorts, She-Ra, Battle Cat, the importance of magic in MOTU, yes or no on Zodac, character relationships, Teela, Duncan, the Sorceress, and Castle Grayskull.

His description of Orko was particularly fun. “He’s like the ultimate magic enthusiast. He’s the guy who really, really loves baseball, and really wants to play baseball, but just isn’t any good at it.”

Jeff asked for input as well. He gathered some attendees around and asked, “okay, so which third tier character do each of you guys want to see in the film? I don’t mean popular guys like Beast Man. I’m talking some of the lesser-known characters.” Fans each took turns naming characters they’d like to see in the movie. After they did so, Jeff let them know that he wants to see if he can get a bunch of the MOTU characters in the film. He also talked about how he had ideas for a sequel.

Some of the things discussed may be in the film, and some won’t. The picture is still very much in development, but based on Jeff’s comments and insights, the movie is in good hands. The fans who spoke to Wadlow were pretty excited that there’s a bonafide fan in charge of the film. Of course, there are many factors that go into the production of a blockbuster movie and the proof will be in the pudding, but if Jeff gets his way, this will be an epic film filled with magic and action.

Discussion thread HERE.

MOTU Classics Entrapta Video Review by Pixel Dan August 6, 2014 11:45 pm by Pixel Dan

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the upcoming MOTU Classics Entrapta figure from Mattel!


MOTU Classics Rio Blast Video Review by Pixel Dan August 6, 2014 11:44 pm by Pixel Dan

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the upcoming MOTU Classics Rio Blast figure from Mattel!


Ninjor Disappears From Day of Sale in 2015! August 6, 2014 1:58 am by MegaGearMax

Mattycollector.com's Facebook page has just dropped some news about Ninjor, the February 2015 figure. Matty shows a picture of Jitsu wearing the rope belt that comes with Ninjor and also mentions that there is a new armor clasp that makes for a tighter fit!

But the biggest news is that the ever elusive Ninjor will not be available for Day of Sale.

See what the fans what to say HERE!

Cam Clarke on the 2015 Club Eternia Subscription August 5, 2014 11:55 pm by Penny Dreadful

Cam Clarke, the voice of 2002 MYP He-Man, has a message about the 2015 Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia Subscription, which is available only until August 18th at www.mattycollector.com

Kowlometer is now at 71%! August 5, 2014 3:57 pm by motuportugal

The Kowlometer has bean updated to 71%. We have only 13 days until the subcription sale ends and we still have 29% to go.

If you're planning on subscribing, now is the time. Let's make this happen! He-fans and She-Ravers... UNITE!!

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And click here to see what other fans have to say!

Answers to WTFWTK 2.128 August 5, 2014 2:09 pm by JVS3

Mattel has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 128 questions!

 This round of questions were selected by guy-dude.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. guy-dude: In years past, the number of subs ordered would determine how much could be included in that year's product distribution (more subs = more product). How is that being handled this year now that there is a cap on the number of subs?

The cap is well above and beyond the min and even the actual from last year. Once we see how the 2015 sub sells we can determine if and how many non sub items can potentially be added.

2. he-dad: With the line wrapping up, will the last mini-comic and final bios wrap up the current Classics storyline?

Yes, we deliberately looked into this. While there are bios written for characters not in the 2015 wrap up, the main bulk of the Classics cannon and the major questions should be revealed by the end of 2015.

3. TUC138: Is tooling an unique torso (body buck) more expensive compared to tooling an armour piece? I ask because when you go with the armour route, you've got to tool and produce an armour piece plus produce a standard male torso which results in two pieces, versus tooling and producing just an unique torso. Doing just a unique torso would solve the bulky armour issue once and for all!

Yes, a torso is a lot more expensive vs armor which is why we often need to go with armor over a torso.

4. Shokoti's Slave: In a past Q&A, you stated that by the time Teela becomes queen, Castle Grayskull is no more. Did you find this hard to write into your mythos? Because aside from He-Man and Skeletor, I find Grayskull to be the corner stone of MOTU.

Hard to write? Not at all. It just required hitting the right keys in the right order to form words on the computer screen. It was basic hand eye coordination followed by spell check. Just kidding. :-)

Yes it was a big moment but once we get there we think this event will be a big payoff for fans.

5. OnlyOneSkeletor: As almost each faction has been represented to date (vehicles, playsets, beasts and of course characters), can we still holding our breath that late in the game for a Turbodactyl and a Slime Pit?

You can hold your breath as long as you do not pass out and cause any bodily harm to oneself or others. :-)

Check out what fans have to say about the answers to the WTFWTK 2.128, as well as find links to all the previous WTFWTK sessions!

Both the exclusive edition and the regular edition of the lifesize He-Man bust are now up for preorder at PCS! See what other fans have to say on the Org forums. And here are the ordering details:

Prince Adam of Eternia, son of King Randor and Queen Marlena, is here to protect Kingdom of Eternia from the evil forces of Skeletor!

“The 1:1 He-Man life-sized bust is probably one of our most requested items,” said Jerry Macaluso, President of Pop Culture Shock, “I’m finally glad we can bring this stellar product to the fans.”

The courageous Eternian is brought to life in exquisite detail by the Pop Culture Shock creative team, sure to please even the most die-hard Masters of the Universe fanatic. With a quasi-realistic craftsmanship, the enormous 1:1 scale bust is destined to be the signature flagship item in your own Castle Greyskull. Be sure to check out the PCS exclusive edition which features theatrical sfx quality, moveable acrylic eyes and an attachable 'Power Sword' hilt !

Pre-order this magnificent bust and proclaim...I HAVE THE POWER!

Only available through the PCS website
Price - $679.99
Edition Size - 125 pcs
Est Ship - Summer 2015
Height - 29" (74 cm) tall

Includes positionable acrylic eyes and Power Sword hilt (not shown)!
Up to 20% discount for pre-ordering

Regular Edition
Price - $679.99
Edition Size - 300 pcs
Est Ship - Summer 2015
Height - 29" (74 cm) tall

Includes non-positionable painted eyes
Up to 10% discount for pre-ordering

MOTU vintage UK Comic Writer interview - Mike Wild August 5, 2014 9:39 am by Jukka

Mike Wild worked on the "Masters of the Universe" comic for London Editions. He was kind enough to answer couple questions, including who created Scrollos. ;)

Click here to read the interview and see what the fans have to say

If you haven't heard already, Dark Horse has a brand new Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe book due out April, 2015!
Click here to preorder your copy today.
And click here to see what other fans have to say on the Org forums.
And here are more details on the book itself:

"In 1983, the world was introduced to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. What followed was a cultural sensation that changed the landscape of children's entertainment forever! Join Mattel and Dark Horse in this comprehensive retrospective chronicling He-Man's decades-long epic journey from toy, to television, to film, to a true pop culture phenomenon!"

From Matty Collector:

Couldn’t make it San Diego Comic-Con? Here’s your chance to get a few of the products fans were able to purchase at the show. Early Access and All Access dates and times are right here…

Early Access: Monday, 8/4 from 8 a.m. Pacific Time to Tuesday, 8/5 at 8 a.m. PT (subscribers only)
All Access: Tuesday, 8/5 at 9 a.m. PT (everyone)
Ends: Monday, 8/11 11:59 p.m. PT

• MOTUC Hordak with Imp 2-pack ($30)
Click here to see other non-MOTUC product available

If you see products you want, grab ‘em, because quantities are limited! All products are subject to sell-out to subscribers during Early Access* on Monday 8/4. Any remaining products will be available to everyone starting Tuesday 8/5 at 9:00 a.m. PT.

*Early Access is a subscriber-only benefit through our clubs. Not a subscriber? Make sure you have the chance to purchase hot items like these and many more before non-subscribers in 2015. Get your Club Eternia subscription today!

See what other users have to say on the Org forums.

Pixel Dan catches up with Scott Neitlich at Mattel to take a closer look at all of the new Masters of the Universe Classics reveals at the 2014 SDCC!


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