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For anyone with a Saturday, Sunday, Weekend and/or Power Pass, you will be e-mailed your Power-Con invoice tomorrow, Wednesday, May 25th.

This invoice will have multiple barcodes on it. The barcodes are for the items you pre-purchased, including passes, t-shirts and toy exclusives.

You MUST print this out and bring it with you to the convention to redeem your passes and other items at Registration! You cannot show it to us digitally via a smartphone, tablet or other e-device. This new barcode invoice replaces the receipt you got when you first placed your order.

Depending on your mail settings, it’s possible that your barcode invoice may go into your Spam or Junk folder. So be sure to check that for your barcode invoice if you do not receive yours in your Inbox by the end-of-the-day tomorrow, May 25th. Also, please note that the barcode invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you used when you placed your original order.

This does not pertain to press, volunteers, exhibitors, or non-attendees. This is only for people with Saturday, Sunday, Weekend and/or Power Passes. As of Friday, May 27th, if you have not received your barcode invoice, then you may contact us with your first/last name and order number and we’ll help sort things out. BUT, be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder, as 99% of the time, that’s where your barcode invoice has ended up.

We look forward to seeing you at Power-Con on June 4th and 5th at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach hotel in Torrance, California (South Bay, Los Angeles)!

Exclusive 5" tall Beast Man soft vinyl figure from Gargamel and Super7 at Power-Con! For this Power-Con exclusive, Beast Man comes in prototype unpainted light green vinyl and armed with his imposing whip. The Prototype Green Beast Man Vinyl will ONLY be available while supplies last at Power-Con in Los Angeles on June 4th & 5th.
Click here for Power-Con info.
And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums

Darren Sander attending Power-Con 2016 May 24, 2016 5:35 pm by JVS3

Darren Sander is a Project Designer at Mattel having worked on as a Packaging Designer,  and in Consumer Products on Packaging, Publishing, Illustrations, and Product Design; covering brands from Max Steel to Polly Pocket to Barbie to Monster High to Hot Wheels. He is also a co-contributor to the creation of the Monster High Brand. Currently he is a Packaging Designer for DC Superhero Girls and had the honor of being the packaging designer for the MOTU SDCC 2016 item.

Join Darren at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Exhibiting at Power-Con 2016: Playtime Masters May 24, 2016 12:04 pm by JVS3

Playtime Masters will explore the stories and experiences of Masters of the Universe fans and their childhood memories connected to the brand. You can meet John Carroll at Power-Con, where he will be filming for Playtime Masters at his table during the show. Be sure to stop by and find out how you can participate!

And please click here to contribute to his crowdfunding campaign, which will help with the production of this documentary! Get it on a great thing while you can.

Join Playtime Masters at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Get more info!

Schedule and Program for Power-Con 2016 May 22, 2016 8:23 pm by JVS3


6:00PM – 8:00PM   Early Attendee Pick-up – STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!
Pre-ordered passes are available for pick up on Friday, June 3, 2016 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. All items for which you’re eligible must be picked up at the same time you claim your passes.

6:00PM – 8:30PM   Early Toy Exclusives Pick-up – STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!
The Toy Room (located in the Jasmine’s Room of the hotel, directly behind the elevators), is where you will pick up your pre-paid exclusives. You must FIRST check in at Registration and get your passes and other items. You will also be given your toy redemption tickets during Registration check-in to redeem at the Toy Room. More info will be posted at Power-Con.


8:00AM   Registration re-opens. Toy Room re-opens.

9:30AM   Power Pass holders allowed into the convention.

10:00AM   Power-Con officially opens to the public.

10:30AM – 11:30AM   Introduction to German Audio Plays
Released in Germany, the audioplays took the place of the Filmation cartoons for many German children. For decades, the audioplays and their stories have been a mystery for most English-speaking fans. With the release of Anti-Eternia He-Man from Mattycollector, interest has peaked. So come learn all about these stories thanks to audioplay expert Gunnar Sadlowski!
Featuring: Gunnar Sadlowski

11:30AM – 12:30PM   The Design of MOTU
MOTU toys are loved by many. But what went into taking them from a concept to final product in the stores? Find out about the design and production process of these action figures thanks to the creators who helped make them.
Featuring: Martin Arriola, Four Horsemen

12:30PM – 1:30PM   Voices of Eternia and Etheria
From the cartoons of your youth to a new generation of entertainment in 2002, these are the actors who brought the characters to life on the small screen. Come hear their stories and relive memories of the voices that you love so much!
Featuring: Melendy Britt, Brian Dobson, Gabe Khouth, Alan Oppenheimer

2:30PM – 3:30PM   Mattel Power Panel
Mattel will be sharing info on the MOTU SDCC 2016 item. They will also have never-before-seen She-Ra: Princess of Power items, including photos and drawings for an unproduced playset, unreleased character descriptions, never-before-seen packaging artwork, and the actual prototypes for the Star Sisters! And that’s not all. You will also get to view black & white and color artwork created for the Masters Of The Universe line, including a few new surprises!
Featuring: Garrett Sander, Darren Sander

3:30PM – 4:30PM   Memories of Lou Scheimer
He helped define a generation of fans. Now you can learn more about the legacy of the late, great Lou Scheimer directly from his daughter Erika, who also played an important part in the history of Filmation.
Featuring: Erika Scheimer

4:30PM – 5:30PM   The Power of Dark Horse Books
Dark Horse has delivered two incredible Masters of the Universe books and a third is on the way. What else could they have in store? Come find out about the creation of the books released and what is yet to come.
Featuring: Nick McWhorter

6:00PM   Main Showroom closes to the public for the day

Cosplay embodies the creativity of fans, who spend countless hours making toy and cartoon character designs a reality! Come see those cosplayers bring their creations to life on the stage before your eyes.
Master of Ceremonies: Dan Eardley

6:30PM   Main Showroom Locked Down

8:00PM – 9:00PM   He-Man: The Definitive Panel
With a successful Kickstarter campaign under their belt, the team behind it lets you know what’s in store for the upcoming documentary focusing on the definitive history of the He-Man and She-Ra franchises!
Featuring: Isaac Elliot-Fisher, Mark Hussey, Randall Lobb, Rob McCallum

9:00PM – 10:30PM   ‘The Trials of Darksmoke’ Fan-Film
He’s brought you two fun fan-films already. Now come see the third and final film in John F Carroll’s fan trilogy, which explored many of your favorite He-Man and She-Ra characters!
Featuring: John F Carroll

10:30PM – 11:30PM   Fall of Grayskull Fan-Film & Double-Down Dan 2-pack Panel Package
With help from a successful Kickstarter campaign, Daniel Benedict created a short fan-film that brings new energy to the big screen for He-Man. Now you can see it live. But it doesn’t end there. Daniel and “Pixel Dan” Eardley have something else up their sleeve to show off as well!
Featuring: Daniel Benedict, Dan Eardley

11:30PM – 1:00AM   Roasted Masters
What happens with you mix two He-Man and She-Ra podcasts, late night hours, and some adult refreshments? A lot of entertaining chaos as fans know oh so well from prior years of Roasted Masters! Come join in the fun and win some prizes in the process.
Featuring: Nate Baertsch, Rob Base, Daniel Benedict, Dan Eardley, Danielle Gelehrter, Katy Cartee Haile, Jon Kallis, Val Staples


9:30AM   Power Pass holders allowed into the convention.

10:00AM   Power-Con officially re-opens to the public.

10:30AM – 11:30AM   Super7 Super Awesome Panel
They have created licensed product for MOTU that fans have either dreamed about for years or just never expected! And they’ve always been a lot of fun. Find out what other surprises Super7 has around the corner for He-Man and She-Ra.
Featuring: Brian Flynn, Josh Herbolsheimer

11:30AM – 12:30PM   MOTU DC Comics Panel
DC Comics has created the longest running licensed He-Man comic of all time. And the last story, Eternity War, was a fan favorite. Now you can learn more about what went into the comic from some of the creators behind it.
Featuring: Rob David, Pop Mhan, Mark Roberts

12:30PM – 1:30PM   MOTU Classics Minicomics Panel
Fans wanted the return of the minicomics to MOTU and Mattycollector made the dream reality with a series of eight different minicomics. Now you can hear all about their stories and creation from the talent who helped make them.
Featuring: Scott Neitlich, Axel Gimenez, Nate Baertsch

1:30PM – 2:30PM   The Origins of She-Ra
Fans have wondered for years how She-Ra got her start. Well, wonder no longer. The artist who helped create She-Ra tells the Princess of Power’s origin story for the first time!

2:30PM – 3:30PM   “Help Make an Episode” Interactive Panel
Have you ever wondered what goes into making a script for an episode of a cartoon? Now you can find out directly with an interactive panel that gives fans insight to what it takes to create a story for animation, thanks to 2002 He-Man cartoon story editor Dean Stefan.
Featuring: Dean Stefan

3:30PM – 4:30PM   The Loyal Subjects Spectacular
Blind bag/Blind box figures are hot! But what makes them better? Masters of the Universe, of course! And thanks to the Loyal Subjects, that’s exactly what’s happening. Find out more about this fantastic line from the people behind it.
Featuring: Jonathan Cathey, Eamon Ronayne

5:00PM   Main Exhibitor Hall Closes and the Convention as a whole closes to the public.

For Non-Attendees who ordered their MOTUC exclusives through Power-Con, please make sure your shipping address is correct on your order. If your mailing address has changed since you made your preorder, please click here to contact Power-Con immediately.

Make sure to use the e-mail address with which you placed your original order, and include your order number and new shipping address. No shipping address updates will be accepted after Friday, May 27th.

A look at Evil Seed from Club Grayskull! May 19, 2016 11:16 am by JVS3

He-Man fan bat4life1 shared some images of Evil Seed on the He-Man.Org forums!
Check them out at the bottom of this article, and join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums

Third She-Ra SDCC teaser from Mattycollector! May 18, 2016 9:37 pm by JVS3

Mattycollector.com has posted a third teaser of their SDCC She-Ra item! Check out the image below.More details soon.

And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.

Exhibiting at Power-Con 2016: TheGodBeast May 18, 2016 8:53 pm by JVS3

Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen has worked 20+ years in the independent toy world, working with companies big and small. Based out of Kansas City, Marty brings his own mass produced action figure toy line the Kabuto Mushi and Titan Mushi Vinyl to Power-Con for the first time!

Join TheGodBeast at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Purchase your tickets today!

Second She-Ra SDCC teaser from Mattycollector! May 17, 2016 8:29 pm by JVS3

Mattycollector.com has posted a second teaser of their SDCC She-Ra item, this time with Adora pieces! Check out the image below.

More details soon. And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.

Status of MOTUC Snake Mountain? May 17, 2016 12:18 am by JVS3

Fans are worried that the Snake Mountain playset may be cancelled.

So far, what we've seen is someone from the Mattel Facebook account saying Snake Mountain hasn't gone into production. And we all already knew that it won't go into production until they do preorders.

Just recently, Mattycollector answered the Q&As on He-Man.org on April 22nd and said they are currently working on Snake Mountain.

Until we actually hear something official about cancellation, our advice is not to assume the worst, and instead hope for the best! :-)

Join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums

All Access details for May 2016 May 16, 2016 9:48 pm by JVS3

May's All Access is today, Monday, May 16th at 9am Pacific (everyone). It has already started so head over and get your items today!
• Masters of the Universe Classics Darius*
• Masters of the Universe Classics Blade
• Masters of the Universe Classics Huntara
• Masters of the Universe Classics Ninja Warrior
Click here to access the MattyCollector store.

*Unfortunately, Darius’s work on the Galactic Council has been pretty hectic these days! (Must be all the villains coming out of the woodwork in Collector’s Choice this year.) As a result, shipments for our Darius action figure will be delayed to the beginning of June, 2016. In addition, in order to avoid logistical & shipping issues, those ordering Darius and other figures during our May sale will receive their full shipment at the beginning of June, 2016.

Please note: Due to production issues, Night Stalker is now expected to arrive in September. 

She-Ra SDCC teaser from Mattycollector! May 16, 2016 9:11 pm by JVS3

Mattycollector has posted a teaser of their SDCC She-Ra item! Check out the image below.
What could it be? It sure does look awesome, whatever it is!

More details soon. And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.
And thanks to Seahawk for sharing this information. 

Mystical Warriors of the Ring make their return to Power-Con! This Midwestern based independent toy line launched at Power-Con 2013 and produces a line of animal wrestling figures and comics that are enjoyed by fans around the world.

Join Mystical Warriors of the Ring at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Purchase your tickets today!

Power Morphicon and Robo Toy Fest are two southern California conventions ran by Scott Zillner. One about Power Rangers the second a robot and toy convention. When those conventions aren’t going, they are on the road hitting all of the other great toys shows and conventions possible. This Power Con is going to be very special as Scott is bringing a whole bunch of never-seen-before prototypes and test-shot He-Man and She-Ra action figures.

Join Power Morphicon and Robo Toy Fest at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Purchase your tickets today!

Exhibiting at Power-Con 2016: ToysAndToons.com May 11, 2016 4:44 pm by JVS3

Pete LeRose and ToysandToons has brought many high value and rare MOTU items to market over the past 18 years. He’s been a staple vendor at every Power-Con show to date, and is known for having a wide variety of MOTU rarities and merchandise for collectors to choose from.

Join ToysAndToons.com at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Purchase your tickets today!

Answers to WTFWTK 2.162 May 9, 2016 11:04 pm by JVS3

Mattel has once again provided answers to your questions.
Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
Check out their answers to your Round 162 questions!

This round of questions were selected by blackiecats.
Thanks to that fan for their help!

1. Blade: Does Mattel's current Filmation license also include the Blackstar and Bravestarr series, or is it just Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power?

We’ve had some interest in those as potential collector lines, but not sure about the full details yet. If that’s something we decide we can actually execute on, we will make announcements.

2. blackiecats: Are the SDCC 2015 Rotar and Twistoid completely sold out or will remaining customer service stock eventually appear on MattyCollector?

We don’t have any quantity left for this item.

3. DrumMaster: We were told in recent Q&As that certain items would be better suited for a future weapons pack. Is there going to be another weapons pack?

That is still to be determined, but something that is top of the list for a most wanted offering.

4. Shecky: At NY Toy Fair, the Horde Trooper displayed was shown with the crossbow and staff, but without the baton and shield that were in the 2-pack. Will all of the 2-pack accessories be included with the single carded Trooper, or will it just be the crossbow and staff?

It will come with all accessories, as well as a battle damage label sheet.

5. Zodac: There is concern among a number of fans that the face of the recently revealed Roton, while being a novel and interesting re-imagining, is perhaps too much of a departure from the original design. Is there any chance that the face could be revised to be more faithful to the classic look of the Roton, or that a swappable "vintage" face-piece could be included with the vehicle so fans have an option for which look they'd like to display? The inclusion of interchangeable parts has been such a great feature of this line, and would also be great on the Roton!

Sorry but it is what it is. This line is also about reimagining the vintage figures, not just recreating them. While a swappable faceplate would be a cool idea, it's not something that we can do at this time. We think this is going to be an awesome offering and a great new take on the vintage vehicle.

Check out what fans have to say about the answers to the WTFWTK 2.162, as well as find links to all the previous WTFWTK sessions!

Battle Ram Blog has posted an interview with Mark & Rebecca Taylor about the origins of Masters of the Universe. Click here to check it out!
And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums. 

Turbines to Speed Comics and Toys will be visiting from North Carolina and is looking forward to offering a variety of vintage and modern action figures at Power-Con. This will include Masters of the Universe (naturally), Bravestarr, Sectaurs, Marvel Legends, Transformers, M.A.S.K. and more, along with a few Seventh Kingdom and Gothitropolis figures from the Four Horsemen.

Join Turbines to Speed Comics and Toys at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Purchase your tickets today!

Join Pixel Dan for a look at Anti-Eternia He-Man from the MOTU Classics line!
And see what other fans have to say on the Org forums.


John F. Carroll will be campaigning to raise funds throughthe crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for his documentary "PlaytimeMasters", which will explore the stories and experiences of Masters of theUniverse fans and their childhood memories connected to the brand,starting on May 6, 2016.

Contributions can be made to the Indiegogo Campaign through May 5, 2016. Click here to donate!

Playtime Masters is being produced by independent film director JohnCarroll. Carroll has also produced the web series, "Varney the Vampire (orthe Feast of Blood)" and the feature fan-film trilogy about Masters of theUniverse.

Playtime Masters is scheduled to be released sometime in late 2017 or 2018pending successful funding through the Indiegogo campaign.

You can meet John Carroll at Power-Con this June 4th and 5th in Los Angeles, where he will be filming for Playtime Masters at his table during the show. Be sure to stop by and find out how you can participate! And please help spread the word about this project. 

MOTU anime style animated posters by 2-bad May 6, 2016 5:03 pm by JVS3

Check out this cool anime-style Skeletor by 2-Bad, that's animated as well! And click here to see more.

Murray Brothers Creative is the collaborative work of twin brothers Jason and Sean Murray, featuring fantasy, science fiction, and fan based vector art. They will be premiering new MOTU pin up art along with cartoon parody art. Also they plan to have a special series of buttons related to the original cartoon’s characters.

Join Murray Brothers Creative at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Purchase your tickets today!

Dr. Chris' Radio of Horror - Power of Grayskull documentary May 6, 2016 1:22 am by Penny Dreadful

Dr. Chris of 'Radio of Horror' recently interviewed Rob McCallum and Randall Lobb, the filmmakers behind the 'Power of Grayskull' documentary. Check it out here.

And check out Dr. Chris' Radio of Horror at: https://radioofhorror.wordpress.com/

Lamont Hunt is a local Los Angeles animator and illustrator, with work ranging from commercials to short films to work on the upcoming feature film, “The Nut Job 2.” A child of the 80s, Lamont tries to bring childhood and innocence through his artwork. He pulls much of his inspiration for his drawings from the pop culture he grew up on, such as He-Man, Transformers and ThunderCats. You will find his originals and prints at the DakotaKid Creations table.

Join DakotaKid Creations at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Purchase your tickets today!

Jose Luis Mourelle has created sculpts based on many brands such as Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Marvel, Disney, DreamWorks, and Televisa producing their promo figures. He has dedicated his free time to sculpting figures never released in 80s toy lines such as MOTU, ThunderCats and Star Wars, and he has received praise and the recognition of the fans at many forums for the pristine work he has produced.

Join Hombre X Customs at Power-Con: June 4 & 5, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Purchase your tickets today!

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