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Errol McCarthy interview and art gallery June 27, 2016 9:06 pm by JVS3

Errol McCarthy and Mattel have provided He-Man.Org with a gallery of incredible He-Man and MOTU artwork illustrated by Mr. McCarthy during the 80s. This artwork was originally shown by Mattel at the 2016 Power-Con convention. The gallery includes some very interesting, unproduced figure designs.

Click here to check out the gallery and an interview with Errol McCarthy.
And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums. 

Sideshow and He-Man.org have teamed up again for another Masters of the Universe giveaway! Enter before June 30th for your chance to win an Exclusive Skeletor Statue!
Click here to enter.

And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.

A Power-Con 2016 Thank You! June 26, 2016 1:57 am by JVS3

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three weeks since Power-Con was in full swing! And I wish I was back at the show, as it was a fantastic time. Even though it’s been over two years since the last show, attendance was up 30% from our last Power-Con. And the line going outside of the main entrance of the hotel on Saturday morning was a telltale factor of how busy the event would be.

This year’s show saw the inclusion of official Masters of the Universe Classics Power-Con exclusives from Mattycollector and Mattel. And they proved to be an important attraction for new attendees. And based on the feedback we all received during the convention and then afterwards online from fans who came because of the exclusives, they were glad they came to the show. And many of you who attended sound like you’re ready to come back for another Power-Con which lifts my spirits immensely.

I’m not even going to sugar coat it: Power-Con is a LOT of work. It’s organized and put on by fans of He-Man and She-Ra. We all aim to put on a show that we’d want to see, and we feel we’ve been successful in doing that. Much like past shows, offering the exclusives was a learning experience. It was our first time doing it and I think, all things considered, it was smooth sailing.

Speaking of which, the future of a show like Power-Con is tied to things like toy exclusives. Since Power-Con focuses specifically on He-Man and She-Ra, it means we’ll have a more focused audience. So to put on a well-organized, professional show, that doesn’t have the attendance of a large-scale comic book convention, we will rely on exclusives moving forward. Therefore, if you had a great time at Power-Con, or you were happy with your shipment as a Non-Attendee, please let Mattycollector know. You taking a few minutes out of your schedule to share your positive feedback directly with Mattel about Power-Con and its exclusives via Mattel’s company website, or their Mattycollector Facebook page or Twitter account, is a big help to Power-Con.

While we’re talking about exclusives, I am so grateful for the help from other fans who took time out of their schedule to help pack and ship these figures out to Non-Attendees. If you had exclusives delivered, I think it’s clear we cared about the condition and shipping of your figure. They were well-packed and we all strove to get them out the door to you as quickly as possible. So I hope you’ll join me in thanking all the fans who helped pack and ship these, including:
• Daniel Benedict
• Johnny Bilson
• Chuck Bowles
• John Carroll
• Casi Clark
• Rachel Crockett
• Paul Justice Fletcher
• Danielle Gelehrter
• Bethalyn McKie
• Gunnar Sadlowski
• Matt Tyree
• Jill Vasquez
• Mark Vasquez
• Tim Wiess
• Mike Zolotorow
…and a number of other fans who helped us move boxes and product around during the show.

These fans wore themselves out to help. It just shows what an awesome community we have, where fans chip in to help other fans.

Along those lines, I’m asking every Non-Attendee to consider donating to the campaign for John Carroll’s Playtime Masters documentary. John came out and worked for an entire week, non-stop, to help pack and ship. He’s creating a documentary that archives memories about growing up with He-Man and She-Ra. He’s not going to reach his original $10,000.00 goal which was to also create and ship DVDs and Blu-Rays. But if he can reach around $3000.00, he can still create a fantastic documentary that he can share online with everyone. And who knows, he might interview you as well! So, if you are a Non-Attendee who is happy with your order, and how it was packed and shipped, please consider showing your appreciation to John by donating $5, $10 or even more to his crowd-funding campaign. You all can help make this awesome documentary a reality!
His campaign ends tonight, Saturday, June 25, 2016! So please click here to donate.

For the show itself, I want to thank the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach for once again going above and beyond for Power-Con. The staff there is the nicest and most generous group of people I’ve ever worked with at a hotel in all my years. And they always look forward to having us at their hotel. I may post the video of them unloading the exclusives for us out of the delivery truck. They had an assembly line of staff moving those into storage for us. Some were even wearing high heels while they did it. That’s just one of MANY examples of how amazing they are at the Torrance Marriott.

That brings me to the guest talent and exhibitors who came out to Power-Con. We had a number of repeat vendors, which is fantastic. It means a lot that so many people continue to support our small, yet very strong show, and we’re thrilled they do the type of business at Power-Con that has them coming back year after year. We also appreciate all the amazing talent who came out to meet fans, speak at panels, and hang out afterwards at the bar and in the hallways to give fans memories to last forever.

And then we have the incredible volunteers who bust their backsides to help out with Registration, watch and manage the lines, and much more. We appreciate all the volunteers who would take time from enjoying panels or walking around the show to come help us make it an amazing event for fellow fans. And we’re extremely appreciative of all the volunteers who help out year to year.

We’re also fortunate to have the members of the press who come out to report on Power-Con. From reports on the overall show, to interviews and panel coverage, they let others know what they were missing while also sharing some things you could have only seen at Power-Con. So thank you again to the fourth and fifth estates!

I can’t go without giving a special thanks to John Dorries (dorrmann, the Admin of the He-Man.Org forums). I can’t go into exact details, but if it had not been for John’s help on something major, we would NOT have had a Power-Con. So a huge thank you to John!

And we couldn’t have the show without the volunteer staff for Power-Con. We have a regular crew that many of you know by now. This year saw the return of Rachel Crockett, Daniel Benedict, Christina Eardley, Dan Eardley, Danielle Gelehrter, Jon Kallis, Bethalyn McKie, Matt Tyree and Tim Wiess, and the new addition of Casi Clark. They all help with planning before and during the show, and help to make sure the event runs smooth for attendees. If you know them online, or see them at a future show, please consider letting them know how you feel about all they have done for Power-Con.

Most importantly, thank you to all the fans who came out to the show. There were many first-timers this year and based on their feedback, I think we’ve picked up a number of new regulars for Power-Con. So I hope Power-Con 2017 is around the corner! And for everyone who attended, if you had a great time, please spread the word! Let other fans know what the show is like and hopefully you can help encourage them to come. Word-of-mouth is our biggest advertising tool, and we hope as many He-Man and She-Ra fans possible from across the globe will come out to experience what makes Power-Con so special for the rest of us.

It means so much that so many of you enjoy and support Power-Con. And it’s amazing that our fandom is so strong that a show like Power-Con can continue to grow despite not currently having a new movie for He-Man, or not having had a new cartoon in twelve years. He-Man and She-Ra have a special place in the hearts for so many fans across the globe. And I am eagerly awaiting the day when we can all get together at Power-Con to celebrate new entertainment on the big or small screen!

We’ll be doing a special Power-Con recap episode on the Roast Gooble Dinner podcast to talk about everything that happened at the show, including some fun stories many of you don’t know about. For example, wait until you find out why the Torrance Bakery made cookies depicting He-Man lifting a stack of pallets over his head.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to this year’s show, and we hope to see you all again at a future show, along with a lot of new faces. So, here’s hoping for Power-Con 2017. Until then, I wish you all a good journey!

Val Staples, AKA: JVS3
Power-Con Event Director

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the Power-Con exclusive MOTUSCLE Slime Can from Super7!
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There's only ONE day left to donate to John Carroll's Playtime Masters documentary film project. This documentary will showcase memories from fans just like you about growing up with He-Man and She-Ra... it might even include YOUR memories, if you are one of the fans John interviews!

John won't hit the original 10,000.00 goal that would have allowed him to release Blu-ray and DVD sets, which is what the bulk of the money would be for. But he can still make an awesome documentary if he can hit around 3000.00. He's just about to hit 1000.00. Please donate today to help make this project a reality.
Click here to donate to his Go Fund Me campaign 

Kellan Lutz meets McG to talk He-Man movie June 24, 2016 9:08 pm by JVS3

Today, actor Kellan Lutz (shown here from his role as Hercules in 2014), tweeted that he met with director McG and Mary Viola from Wonderland Sound and Vision to talk about the He-Man movie!

Click here to discuss with other fans,
and click here to see his original Tweet! 

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Join Pixel Dan for a look at the Power-Con green minicomic Granamyr from the MOTU Classics line!
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MOTUC Camo Khan review by Pixel Dan! June 22, 2016 3:55 pm by JVS3

Join Pixel Dan for a look at Camo Khan from the MOTU Classics line!
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Join Pixel Dan for a look at red minicomic Beast Man from the MOTU Classics line!
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MOTUC Darius Video Review by Pixel Dan June 20, 2016 3:08 pm by JVS3

Join Pixel Dan for a look at Darius from the MOTU Classics line!
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Mattycollector All Access details for June 2016 June 15, 2016 1:15 pm by JVS3

June's All Access is today, Wednesday, June 15th at 9am Pacific (everyone).
• Masters of the Universe Classics Skeletor*
• Masters of the Universe Classics Flogg
• Masters of the Universe Classics Multi-Bot
• Masters of the Universe Classics Sssqueeze
• Masters of the Universe Classics Tung Lashor
Click here to access the MattyCollector store.

*Unfortunately, Skeletor said “MYAAH!” to his shipping deadline. As a result, he won’t be arriving in the Mattycollector warehouse until Monday 6/13. You may receive a backorder notification as a result. Make sure he’s given swift justice when he reaches your collection!

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