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Opening the Vault 2.1: Vintage Gygor prototype revealed!
November 21, 2009 6:38 pm by Emiliano

Opening the Vault, the popular feature from He-Man.org's early days is back!
For this new series' debut, MOTU collector extraordinare Josh Van Pelt has revealed an awesome piece from his amazing collection of He-Man pre-production art: two photos of the never seen before Gygor prototype!
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Gygor is one of the most famous legends among He-Fans:
Artists on He-Man.org recently started a redesign contest in our Fan Art section, and just last month, one of our news hunters, Tallstar, found out Mattel has filed trademark for a new batch of MOTU/NA related names including Gygor! (you can read more about it here)
Could that mean there is actually a Gygor figure coming in the MOTUC line?

While the hype grows, we thought it was the perfect time to finally reveal some rare images of the original yellow gorilla prototype from the classic MOTU line.

If you are among those not who do not know who Gygor is, here is a quote from Roger Sweet's book Mastering the Universe:
"Another misfit from Big Jim was the Big Jim gorilla. I suggested redoing the creature for Masters and mocked up a prototype. I changed the ape's body color from black to bright yellow and gave him a dark olive-green face and chest. His face was contorted, with white teeth snarling in an open mouth of blood red. I gave him a black body harness. From his shoulders, I hung a dark maroon cape."

But was this the finalized version of Gygor?
Seems as though it was not. Both Ted Mayers and Ed Watts later made other designs for Gygor, evolving from the original concept to a saddle mounted beast He-Man could ride or as a techno organic monster.
Those designs will be revealed in the future!

In the meantime, enjoy the prototype pics and don't forget to check out and contribute to our prototype section.

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