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Is King Hsss's Newspaper Look Possible for Figure, Meteorbs, Point Dread Voice Cast and More Answers
September 15, 2010 1:40 pm by MegaGearMax

It's sale time again and while we wait for Carnivus and Gygor to go on sale, you can check out the latest answers from Mattycollector.com's "Ask Matty" page!

Newspaper King Hiss.

I know you have been using older and never before seen material for a lot of new upcoming MOTUC figures, so I thought I would ask you about another source for possible upcoming figures. I have an old Newspaper Comic clipping for an old MOTU comic, and in it there is a very different version of King Hiss. If there is any way of giving him a backstory of being a different version of King Hiss, who took over the role of the first King Hiss after being defeated by Hordak, is it possible to get him somewhere down the line?

(See Newspaper Hsss Pic in News Images!)

No plans right now for this newspaper version of Hssss. But it is a cool look!
Power Sword Weapons Pak suggestion

Since you have The Sword of He turning from He-Ro's sword to Grayskull's Sword, how about having two weapons pak swords like this, but for He-Man and Skeletor? How about having a grey to purple sword (from He-Man's sword to Skeletor's sword) or purple to grey sword (from Skeletor's sword to He-Man's sword)?

Certainly a cool idea, but nothing planned at this time.
MOTUC Movie He-man?

I was wondering if it is possible to get a Movie He-man figure for MOTUC based off of Earl Norems art from the vintage MOTU magazine? I know we can not get a new head sculpt, but what about at least getting the armor and weapon with the existing He-man buck. I thought I heard that Teela's blaster from the movie was used as Adora's MOTUC weapon, so I thought maybe you could do He-man's armor and weapon too.

(See Norem Movie He-Man Pic in News Images!)

No, we do not have access to the 1987 movie at this time, even if that style characters appeared in art. We only have access to the three characters who appeared in the vintage toy line.
The Power of Point Dread/Danger at Castle Grayskull voice cast?

The Power of Point Dread/Danger at Castle Grayskull (book and record that came with the Talon Fight and Point Dread) was one of the first times MOTU fans had voices to place with the various characters on Eternia.

Would you happen to know if Mattel has way back documentation as to who exactly voiced the various characters?

I did look into this when doing research for the art book, but was unable to locate any info in the records.
Character Bios

I know you can't talk about figures in 2011 beyond what you've shown us, but for the already revealed 2011 characters, and even Buzz Off in December, when can we expect to see their Bios previewed?
I'm very curious about their revealed 'real names', specifically Bow.
I'm wondering if that's simply a moniker based on his weapon and skill with it, or if it actually factors into his given name. Also, I'm anxious to learn more about him, outside of what we already know from watching the PoP series.

Are there set times before a figures release that you post the bio info (i.e. two months before release date) or is it just random, and whenever you can get around to it?

We'll reveal the bios once we have a final package sample.
Questions and suggestions for Meteorbs in Classics

I tried to look for something on this, but nothing came close to what I've been thinking, so here goes.

How do you plan to introduce the Meteorbs in the the MOTU classics line?

I have had a few thoughts about how it could be done floating around in my head, so I thought I'd throw them out there.

As we all know, the meteorbs are those little meteor (or egg like) creatures which basically turned into little oval shaped animals and such, and inevitably got thrown at siblings now and again. They were one of the last additions to the original MOTU line, and always seemed a bit out of place in my mind.

Now obviously if these were redone the transforming would be gone, since most action features are already. I think the easiest and most simplistic way of re doing them would be to make small plastic versions of them in their animal forms. Smaller than Orko I would guess, and non articulated, they would make fun pack-ins for some of the regular characters.

An alternate route would be to base them on some of the larger beasts and figures already made.

Cometroid = Roboto

Gore-illa = Gygor

comet cat, astro lion, ty-grr = battle cat

It would take minimal work to redo these few characters, but the rest would be difficult to swing.

looking back to the original models, you could design a basic oval buck, and then make attachments for all the diffrent characters, coloring it accordingly.

My dream of course would to have them all as large ornate beasts, with a HUGE Tuskor and Rhinorb for He-man and Skeletor to ride. they would look like giant rock creatures which resemble animals, and the horsemen would do an AMAZING job on them! (I'm basing this on the fact that they have done amazing job on everything)

Well, that's my contribution. Hopefully something there put a thought in your head. Thanks, and keep the great stuff comin!!

WE would love to get to the Meteorbs in time, but nothing to announce right now. Stay tuned!
Aquaman vs. Merman 2 pack

I just like to know when should we be seening the 2 packs of Aquaman vs. Merman at Toys R Us?

Hopefully in late fall of 2010 but it is hard to pin down a release date as there are tons of logistical issues that effect when product hits shelves and many of these are beyond out control.

See what the fans are saying HERE!

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Newspaper Hsss PicNorem Movie He-Man Pic
Newspaper Hsss PicNorem Movie He-Man Pic
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