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Octopus Woman, Grizzlor's Second Head and Other Answers!
October 2, 2010 10:09 pm by MegaGearMax
A MOTU of your own!

I think this question is a little personal but I still would like to know if you don't mind.

One of the two palace guards has your face so it's like you entered inthe MOTU world and won a place in history. I guess we could say thatyou got, in a certain way, your imortality in the greatest way possible.

Entering in the MOTU toy line for me would be better than have a statue on the principal av. of my city so...

How does it feel to have your won avatar in MOTU, once this toys are amark in many peoples childhood and life trough all the world?

I must admit it is a huge honor. I don't pretend at all to takecredit away from the whole team including of course the Four Horsemen,but MOTUC as an adult collector aimed MOTU line was originally my pitchto management (to which the Horsemen created the actual specific"look") I've become (if you will) the "producer" for the line while theHorsemen and Bill Benecke are the "directors" and I have spent manylong hours outside of work (and my regular work load as brand managerfor the GL movie line) dedicated to this passion project (I am ofcourse a life long MOTU fan!).

I tend to think of this as my "production credit" for sticking with itand was really honored that the Horsemen wanted to put me as a guard.(although I am glad you can also cover his face with a mouth guard sofans don't HAVE to stare at my visage on there shelf if they don't wantto!).

It is not unusual for dedicate brand managers to get this type oftreatment. I seem to recall Jesse at Toy Biz was an Elf in the LOTRline and David over at Hasbro was the comic style War Machine head!

Either way it is a dream come true and I will always treasure my Lt Spector figure!
One Day!

Will we see a MOTUC of Queen Marlena to go with King Randor?

Sorry, we can't comment past King Hssss for now.
Netossa's net/cape

Just curious whether or not you guys have put any thought into how Netossa's cape/net would be constructed? Cloth? Plastic?

You know...if and when you get to her.

Sorry, we can't comment past King Hssss for now.
What's a Mantenna ?

What kind of animal is Mantenna based on in your opinion ?
I myself was thinking he might be some kind of insect (minus the ears...)

-> he has six legs

-> regarding his name:

Man / antenna
Mantis /antenna
Man / ant / antenna

What do you think ?

You'll just need to keep reading the bios!
Techno Vest Prince Adam

The bios mention that Adam wore the same vest as He-Man during his quest to reunite the two halves of the power sword.

Since it is such an important part of the new Classics storyline, andas the Classics Adam figure cannot use the vest that came with theGoddess (due to the fact that his tunic is non-removable), will we everget a figure of Adam actually wearing the Techno Vest?

Maybe. But nothing to announce past King Hssss for now. (and really,that is just the standard He-Man figure you are describing, unless youwant him in pink shorts and boots)
KIDS N MOTUC ... What's your position ?

I can tell you that kids love MOTUC , at least in France ...
OK ...
You once said that you ( MATTEL ) encourage kids to play with MOTUC ...
But there are boys N girls ...

Is keeping the interest for this public is part of your plan ?
I mean do you have this public in mind when you choose who's next ?
( almost a full year between two females figures seems to indicate NO ,but i still have hope to see more " POP love in MOTUC " from Mattel ...

The MOTUC line is aimed at adult collectors. If kids are buying them too, all the better!
Matty/Faker Matty question?

This might sound like a crazy question/suggestion, but here it goes.Any chance that we might ever get a Matty and Faker Matty figuresomeday? They could be a joke character like Mo-Larr. Matty could beEternia's version of Santa Claus who brings gifts to all of thechildren, while Faker Matty could be Eternia's version of The Grinch.Could be a unique Christmas exclusive 2-pack.

This would be fun but it would likely not be in the MOTUC line if it ever happened. Matty is not a MOTU character!
all the vintage characters?

on a recent Q&A session regarding MOTUC a user asked about theplans until 2016 and asks about a rough percentage of roster completionregarding the other MOTU lines such as PoP or NA and this was theanswer:

Our end goal is to get to all the vintage figures in time, but thereare TONS of logistical issues that come into play and in no way can wegive any date when this goal will be reached.

Does the phrase "ALL THE VINTAGE FIGURES" include PoP and NA or it only applies to the Original MOTU line?

We were referring to all 3 vintage lines. Our goal is to completethem in time, but there are two many unknown factors to announce anytype of "completion" date.
What can we expect from CM

I was wondering could you please just say how many MOTU Classics will be on sale on Cyber Monday?

I'm a new collector and I have to buy many of the figures so it wouldbe much appreciated to know how much money I will need to buy all ofthat day figures and how many will be on sale.

Please give just a number for the characters, I don't need names.

We'll have more details on Cyber Monday soon. Stay tuned.
Grizzlor's second head

Seriously can we ever get this extra head of Grizzlor's? What's ourchances? It is frustrating seeing something as perfect as that head andnot getting it with the figure.

That is why we try our best to not show items that are not being tool'd. The same thing happened with Batman Beyond's wings.

There are no plans right now to include a second head as it was nevercosted in to the figure. The Horsemen often oversculpt parts and we doour best to try and only show the parts that will actually be tool'dbut sometimes an image slips out causing fan confusion.

A second head might be a good way to refresh Grizzlor down the road in the future but no plans right now.

I noticed that armor like Tri-klops and Mer-man come with, the backsdon't connect to the belts like the vintage figures do. I also noticedthat they flop all over the place and start to rise up above thefigures shoulders over time, making it looked warped and unpleasant tolook at. Why is there no straps to these kind of armors? Can this befixed in the future releases or what's done is done?

This is how the Horsemen designed the figures. We are always lookingfor ways to improve designs and will work with them on yoursuggestions. Nothing to announce right now.
about royal guards

now that the royal guards were postponed until 2011, is supposed that they will be part of the subscription?

No they will not. We were required for legal reasons to be upfrontwith everything that is included in the subscription at the time itwent on sale. Any 2010 product slipping out to 2011 or developedoutside of the subscription like a vehicle or weapon rack will not beincluded.
New Evdience regarding the Mattel Octopus Woman design!

Following the interview of a previous Mattel employee Ted Mayer inhe-man.org's Roast Gooble Dinner (podcast #18) has there been anypossible change on Mattel's official position on the Octopus Woman toydesign?

Ted clearly states in the interview that he designed the Octopus Womanin question whilst working at Mattel on the vintage MOTU toyline. Thiswould explane why the design sheet for this character has "Mattel Toy"stamped on it. Hopefully the light Mr Mayer has shead on this issuewill help Mattel find a way to weave this character into the MOTUC toyline in the future.


Even if Mattel employees or former employees had a hand in acharacter's creation, it is the first appearance of that characterwhich makes it available. In the case of Octavia, she appeared first inFilmation and did not make it into the vintage line and is thereforenot available at this time for MOTUC.
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